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Some Speedometer Gauge Questions

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Just a few updates today. The cows were involved in some shenanigans when I switched around their Hotwire, which dashed my hopes to provide updates. So, blame the cows!

Over the past few days I was able to finally clear out the wiring. I expect the under dash area to be this free of wiring when I’m finished. I also want the dash to be as easily removable as I can make it.

I also removed the gauges and extra wide mirror across the top of the windshield (don’t have a good before-pic). I wanted to free the top of the windshield for some sun visors for those drives into the late evening sun.

Still to be built is a piece the bolts under the dash, wraps around the steering column, and attaches to the other side of the dash. That will be a challenge for me (I think a stock piece might be too small?)!



In my quest to preserve some sense of stock-ness to the cab, I am hoping to learn more about the the stock speedometer’s features as possible. But, I do have some questions.

These questions refer to this Stewart Warner 0-9 speedometer:


  1. MATCHING GAS GAUGE AND SENDER. Given the stock gas gauge reads from 73 ohms empty to 10ohms full, while the Ford tank sender varies from 16 ohms empty to 158 ohms full, I have a great mismatch.  If I want to use the stock gas gauge, which I’d prefer, I could try changing the sender. Or, I could try manipulating the resistance by adding resistors. I don’t want to do either of those things. Instead, I ran across this product called “MeterMatch” by Tanks, Inc.. Anyone familiar with it??
  2. BETTER SPEEDOMETER INDICATOR/WARNING LIGHTS: Has anyone tried replacing the stock indicator lights with LEDs. Or, has anyone tried this kit? https://www.amazon.com/Aero-Lites-Speedometer-LED-Retrofit-Scrambler/dp/B0BVMWLY8C
  3. OIL WARNING LIGHT: Anyone know offhand what the trigger pressure is that sets off the large Stewart Warner Speedometer oil pressure light?
  4. AMP WARNING LIGHT: Anyone know offhand what sets off the AMP warning light?
  5. ENGINE TEMPERATURE GAUGE: Anyone know if these temp/ohm numbers are correct for this gauge?

    Thanks for any help!

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Smokey Bear Jeep Puzzle

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John shared this puzzle that includes Smokey Bear and, as he also noted, a somewhat inaccurate jeep. Still, looks fun!

I found a used version on eBay, which I bought. There are some others on eBay, but watch the shipping prices! You can buy this new at Cabelas (closest one to us is 2+ hours away) for $29.99 or Amazon for $39.99 or other sellers at varying prices.


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FC Tour Jeep Progress

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There were lots more internet searches, measurements, and disassembly over the past two days. One of my goals is to have the option to put in an original heater into the heater space, so keeping that area free has been a goal. In keeping with that, I decided to remove the power switch and put it in the spot where the vacuum hub switch was located (Just to the right of the driver’s seat). Meanwhile, the hub vacuum switch is removed and sitting temporarily on the engine; it will eventually go near the transfercase shifter to make it clear they work together.

Here’s where the switches were originally located:


Here’s another diagram. Here I have test-installed the switch, which fills the hole left by the vacuum switch, but sits lower than the vacuum switch. Meanwhile, I’ve mocked up how the transfercase lever should look once it is installed, with an arrow showing approximately where the vacuum switch will land next to the shifter.


Moving the power switch shortens the run from the battery and starter to the switch, it also cleans up the area behind the grille. In addition, when looking through the grill from the front you could see the wiring crossing the tunnel to the bottom of the switch.

Yesterday, I spent time staring up at the tunnel area from the ground, measuring tape in hand, pondering and plotting. I discovered that the water pump fan, used in this case to cool the transmission cooler, will not allow any of the after-market transfercase shifters to fit. Given the fan doesn’t really align all that well with the cooler anyway, I have decided to get a transmission cooler-electric fan combo. I can position in under the tunnel in a way that is more flexible.

So, things seem to be coming together. I still want to find a place for the extra gauges and am pondering a 4-in-1 gauges which will be a more compact and less obtrusive option, but haven’t found one that satisfies the specs.



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May 1980 Cracked Magazine Cover M*A*S*H & Jeep

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Barney Goodwin shared this May 1980 issue of Cracked Magazine that features an illustration of M*A*S*H folks riding in a WWII jeep. I was a big fan of Mad Magazine, but don’t remember trying out Cracked.

You can have your own copy, as there are several for sale on eBay. (here is the cheapest I found).


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1962 Photo of Sprayer on CJ-3B on eBay

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The caption reads “Fruit Fly Spraying: Dick Burke getting things set on jeep sprayer before going out to the home where fruit flys were found”

View all the information on eBay

“This 7.5 x 9.25 inch photo has corner and edge wear. The image has spotting, creasing, and scratching. June 16, 1962. George Wheeler, Miami Herald Staff Photo.”



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FC Updates

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The weather over the weekend was beautiful, so progress was made on all fronts, from the first mow of the year, to spraying the fence line, to dragging the pasture, to building the “grow” op. Because of all that, the FC progress was a little slower, especially as I went round and round on an accelerator solution.

I created a couple gas pedal linkage prototypes that didn’t work like I’d hoped, so back to the internet I went. Finally, I landed upon a late-1960s VW bus linkage from the British company Butty Bits that gave me a clear path forward. Below is one example. I discovered I have room under the cab to construct something similar to what I show below.

This pic of the linkage comes from the Heritage parts center. The top of the linkage bolts to a pedal, then travels through the floor to a lever that rotates counter clockwise as the pedal is pushed down. I plan to build and test something later today with some small Heim joints I already have.


I also had a chance to modify the stock FC support bracket so that it will hold a 2″ column. Here I’m testing together the column, the brake setup, and the dash. It’s all fitting together (whew). I also experimented with my flip-up fuse-box idea, which will go on under the left of the dash. The idea is to have fuse box that can rotate down when needed, but otherwise remain mostly hidden (no pics of that just yet). We’ll see how that idea plays out ….


Among the other spring side projects was this “grow” operation in the master bath, built from leftover steel for max functionality and minimum beauty. Ann wanted a green house, so we build a mini-version atop the whirlpool tub we never use (we plan to turn this area into a larger shower at some point). Ann has grown these plants (beets, peppers, spinach and others) from seeds from last year’s plants.


Finally, yesterday my son reminded me that March Madness had started. It’s the first time I’ve tried to watch it without cable or dish TV (we don’t get cable and cut the dish last fall).

It turns out, Youtube TV has got this figured out! There was an automatic four-panel setup on Youtube TVs Home Screen showing each of the channels’ games. Not all of our cord cutting has been a great experience, but this feature was really useful and easy to use.


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FC Seat Differences

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While spring cleaning, Craig took some photos of various FC seats he has so he could assemble a primer on the differences between seats. You’ll need Facebook to see this and join his “Jeep Forward Control FC-150 FC-170 & M-series. Buy/Sell/Trade/Tech Talk” group. He hopes to have this on the FC Connection in the future.


Here is one example: “FC150 Narrow-track Drivers seat. This one needs a little mount fixing but you can see that it bolts down on all 4 corners. Front mounts 13″ center to center.”



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1943 Press Photo Demoing the Jeep on eBay

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The date of this photo could probably be tracked down more precisely given the description below.

View all the information on eBay

“Soviet official show guest with Secretary Morgenthau. Washington, D.C. Major General A.I. Belyaev of the Soviet Air Force, now chairman of the government purchasing division of Russia in the United States, second from right, and Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, right, visited the Army-Treasury Back The Attack War Show at the Monument grounds. Here they are watching a jeep perform. The monument is in the background. USA-Army history. Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Photo Is dated 1943.”



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October 11, 1954, CJ-3B Pricing Trade Letter on eBay

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This CJ-3B pricing document includes special equipment pricing as well.

View all the information on eBay

1954-10-11-cj3b-pricing-willys-motors1 1954-10-11-cj3b-pricing-willys-motors2 1954-10-11-cj3b-pricing-willys-motors3 1954-10-11-cj3b-pricing-willys-motors4

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February 1955 Pricing Document from Willys Motors on eBay

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This 3-page item is a pricing document for dealers, but also contains some detailed model information.

View all the information on eBay

1955-02-11-kaiser-willys-document1 1955-02-11-kaiser-willys-document2 1955-02-11-kaiser-willys-document3 1955-02-11-kaiser-willys-document4


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1962 Photo of Jeep Truck with Tall Ladder in Florida

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Tom Jirik posted this photo to Facebook. That ladder had to have been wobbly??


“From the 1962 Yearbook of Agriculture published by the USDA. Caption: “In Olustee Experimental Forest in Florida, slash pines selected for high yield of naval stores gum are control-pollinated to produce superior trees.””

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Circa 1956 Jeep 4-Wheel-Drive Sign dothan, AL $5000

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This sign appears in good shape.


“49 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ x 8″ Original Willy’s Jeep dealership flickering flashing sign”



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September 1947 WO Sales News

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Thanks to Matt for sharing this document. This 16-page September 1947 issue of WO Sales News begins by announcing the addition of the “step” on CJ-2As. In an older comment by Bill Norris, “According to the 49 parts manual they [the steps] were available on 2As after serial number 129806”. This seems in relative accordance with the timing of the article.

The next story introduces the Laurel C. Worman hardtops, followed by another introduction, the Jeep-A-Trench.

On page six is an interesting story about a caravan of wagons that brought television to smaller towns across the country. To that point, television was only available to areas within a fifty mile radius of a large tower. When the jeep caravan arrived in towns, it offered twice-daily shows via a portable studio setup.

On page eight is a discussion of how to arrange and display jeeps. There are many car museums that could benefit from these insights! I’m not much of a fan of “parking lot” style museums.

The remainder of the pages discuss dealer info, marketing, testimonials, and other highlights.l

1947-09-WO-Sales-News-01 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-02 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-03 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-04 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-05 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-06 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-07 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-08 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-09 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-10 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-11 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-12 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-13 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-14 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-15 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-16

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Annual CT Military Vehicle Show June 15, 2024

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The Comvec-Connecticut Military Vehicle Collectors Club will be holding its annual military vehicle show and flea market June 15, 2024.


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Year? Photo of PFC Richard Schweers in Jeep

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I tried to find out more information about Richard Schweers, but had no luck linking a person with this name to military service.

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original press photo. Pfc Richard Schweers uses field radio in Army jeep. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated”



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1986 Deux Enforces A St. Tropez Poster w/ Jeep on eBay

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I’m not familiar with this movie, but if you collect jeep posters, this is probably a hard one to find.

View all the information on eBay

Original french movie poster by : Max Pecas
Year : 1986
Size : 63×47 inch (160×120 cm) comes originally folded
Condition : Near mint”


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19 Dispatcher Magazine Back Issues on eBay

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If you want some back issues of Dispatcher Magazine, here are nineteen for sale.

View all the information on eBay

“This listing is for a lot of 19 ‘ The Dispatcher Classic Willys Jeep Magazine’. These magazines are in good condition but may have wear or blemishes,  as shown in the actual images of the items. Please message me for additional photos or questions before ordering.”


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NOS Jeep (and other vehicle?) Parts West Haven, CT Make Offer

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John spotted these parts for sale. Unclear if these are jeep only or various military vehicles.


“Old military new/old stock jeep truck parts wire harnesses, lights, carbs,canvas, racks, accessories so much to list come take a look make an offer there is alot”

jeep-parts-westhaven-ct4 jeep-parts-westhaven-ct5 jeep-parts-westhaven-ct6 jeep-parts-westhaven-ct7 jeep-parts-westhaven-ct8 jeep-parts-westhaven-ct9

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Early Jeep News, WO Sales News, and Salesbuilder

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UPDATE: Matt provides some insightful comments in posted comment at the bottom. Per his comment, I added a small blurb that (I hope) clarifies that the Jeep News issues discussed below were more consumer-oriented, similar to The Willys War News, rather than dealer-oriented periodicals like the WO Sales News and Salesbuilder. Still, it would be interesting to get more WO Sales News issues and compare the content to the Jeep News issues to see if there is any reuse of content, which would suggest some kind of coordination between those two periodicals. That the Jeep News seems to have stopped about the same time the Salesbuilder launched is also curious, but perhaps just a coincidence?


L to R News Periodical Covers –>1945 The Willys War News, 1945 The Willys News, 1946 Fergason’s Jeep News, 1947 WO Sales News, 1947 Milt. Henry’s Jeep News, 1947 Russ Borg’s Jeep News, 1948 WO Sales News, 1948 Salesbuilder, 1948 Cristie’s Jeep News

I sent Barry Thomas the following information the other day. He found it very interesting, so I thought I would republish (and fix the errors, ugh) the info here. If anyone can add to this or correct it, I’d appreciate it!

Here’s a history I’ve assembled about the transition from The Willys War News to Willys-Overland’s Salesbuilder.

July 1945: During WW2 Willys-Overland launched The Willys War News (probably in 1942). The last issue appears to have been July 1945: http://www.ewillys.com/2015/03/20/the-willys-war-news-vers-3-3/

Sept. 1945: As far as I can tell, the next issue was also labeled The Willys War News, but with WAR X’d out in red. It is marked Volume 1, No. 1, suggesting it was the beginning of something else. http://www.ewillys.com/2023/10/13/volume-1-issue-1-of-the-willys-war-news/ (It’s unclear to me how many additional issues of The Willys War News were published.

1946: My best guess is that W-O launched WO Sales News in 1946 as a dealer marketing periodical. I don’t have any 1946 issues, but a 1947 issue (below) claims to be Volume II, which likely makes Volume I published in 1946, though how many issues were produced I don’t know.

1946: A magazine, more consumer facing than the WO Sales News, was launched in 1946 called Ferguson’s Jeep News Volume 1 No. 1, but there’s no information (that I have spotted) in the first issue indicating who was producing the magazine: http://www.ewillys.com/2022/08/28/1946-issue-of-jeep-news/. Given the proper use of apostrophes around the name ‘Jeep’ , there could have been some influence by Willys-Overland behind it, but I can’t say for certain.

Importantly, Matt notes in the comments below that he has a Volume 1 No. Jeep News issue with the name C. Denigers, so there was some kind of marketing program likely used to assigned names to the top of these issues. But, who was overseeing such a program isn’t your et clear.

Jan 1947: Willys Overland publishes WO Sales News Volume II No. I. Printed on the cover of the bottom page is “January 1947”, which suggests to me the intent to publish this as a monthly periodical: http://www.ewillys.com/2022/09/06/january-1947-willys-overland-sales-news/

1947: Jeep News Volume 1 No. 3 was published, but this time it was Milt. Henry’s name at the top, replacing Ferguson: http://www.ewillys.com/2022/09/09/1947-jeep-news-vol-1-no-3/ I explain in the post link why I thought this was published in 1947.

1947: The next issue of Jeep News Volume 1 No. 4 has Russ Borg’s name headlining the issue: http://www.ewillys.com/2022/09/11/year-jeep-news-vol-1-no-4/

Jan 1948: The next issue of WO Sales News that I have is WO Sales News Volume III No.1, published January 1948: http://www.ewillys.com/2022/09/12/jan-1948-willys-overland-sales-news/

July 1948: The first issue of Salesbuilder appears in July of 1947 as Volume 1 No. 1. I don’t yet have this full issue: http://www.ewillys.com/2019/05/28/salesbuilder-magazines/

Why the name change from WO Sales News to Salesbuilder? There was a short blurb on google announcing this change published in the 1948 Volume 22 of “Tide”, a marketing and advertising publication, but I can’t find much more info than the screen shot I grabbed (to get to this link, google “salesbuilder jeep news”, then click on the “books” search tab:


Also, about this time, Willys Overland was undergoing a marketing shift, pushing out the “Willys” brand in favor of “Jeep”, a discussion I have documented on eWillys. The company would reverse this trend in 1951 with the introduction of the Willys car and the Willys Makes Sense marketing campaign, also documented on that link above. Both issues are also discussed as part of the Willys Makes Sense Ad Campaign Post.

1948: The last issue of Jeep News (that i know of) shows Cristie’s as the headliner of Volume 1 No. 6. I believe it appeared in 1948 based on pics of two “Lefty” CJ-2As photos in the issue.

Salesbuilder would run throughout 1953, when Kaiser Purchased Willys-Overland’s Assets. To the best of my knowledge, the name was switched to Kaiser Willys News (Unless there was something else between Salesbuilder and KW News that I haven’t seen). .


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Steering Parts Gathered

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The 60 to 70 degree highs the past few days made for some optimal outside work weather, so there was lots of recovering from winter (picking up branches), to restocking with hay for the next month, to spraying fence lines, among other tasks, so there was no time for eWillys. I did get a little work done on the FC, but not much.

Below is a pic showing how the steering column goes from the rack and pinion’s stock connector (2000 Ford Explorer), switching from the Ford V connection on the R&P to the 3/4 DD shaft (not shown is the 1″DD to 3/4″ DD Borgensen joint that will over the joint). A 3/4″ Heim Joint will help keep the shaft in place, but the mount is yet to be built.

The 3/4 DD shaft enters a 3/4″ DD / 3/4: 36-spline U-Joint, which connects to the VDog 90 degree joint. The V-Dog has an aluminum block mount that will bolt to a yet-to-be made mount to the frame. The V-Dog will also bolt to the bottom of the floor access cover.

Here is the pic from a below. Atop the VDog is a temp plate for testing how it will fit. It’s a close fit between the frame and cab, but everything clears with room to spare.


From the top of the V-Dog another 3/4″ DD / 3/4: 36-spline u Joint connects to the column. The column itself is a IDIDIT 28″ tilt column with hazards and turn signals.  As it sits, it’s a couple inches higher than stock, but it’s at more of an angle, so it looks in the pic like it is sticking up higher than that.


Before I can mount the column, I need to finalize the pedal. I made a prototype today, but it’s pretty ugly. I hope to have a final version in the next couple of days.

The column is larger around (2″) than a stock column, so I might not use the stock column mount as I’d planned to do.

Again, this is all rough work to make sure things fit.

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Original Meyer Snow Plow Poster

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A big thanks to Barney Goodwin for sending me this original Meyer Snow Plow poster. I doubt there are many of these around anymore.


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1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 4

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Well folks, this is the last issue of the big batch of Willys News and Jeep News periodicals that I purchased back in December. From my perspective, it was great to have dependable, easy to produce, interesting content available to post for such a long period. I also am glad to be documenting this type of stuff, as it hasn’t been well-documented (to my knowledge) on the internet to-date. I don’t really have much else in the queue document-wise, but obviously there *should* be ongoing updates about the FC rebuild.

Coinciding with this last issue, the weather here has warmed with highs in the low 60s, which gives me much better weather to work on the FC; it also forces me to juggle that effort with the need to work on the pasture, ready the irrigation systems, and prep the lawn and garden for the growing seasons. Given Ann is still slowly getting better, but still has setbacks physically, this will mostly fall on me. So, updates may slow like they did this time last year.

The eight-page 1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 4 announces on page one that KJC would be sponsoring two major golf games. This continues the KJC’s movements into shifting the jeep vehicles away from their utilitarian and agrarian roots, towards family, luxury and fun. That doesn’t mean there was no utilitarian promotion, as page two reported that KJC officials contacted one thousand mosquito abatement administrators to promote the jeeps. Curiously, next to that utilitarian article are three photos of jeeps on the beach with young adults and surfboards.

Page three goes international, with announcements from Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and India. Page four and five provide stories of travel. Page four published a travel piece to Alaska in a Wagoneer by Bill Thomas, who was a travel editor for The Cincinnati Enquirer. Page five showcases a report by Charles R. Meyer, a freelance writer from New York, who took his family on a trip to Nova Scotia in a camper-equipped Gladiator.

Pages six and seven contain a variety of photos and captions, including the announcement of the Rat Patrol series. Page eight highlighted a different show, noting the success of Daktari.

1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-2-reshoot 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-3 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-4


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Roberto Flores’ Latest Work: FC-170

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Roberto recently completed this commissioned FC-170 illustration. Here’s his website.


You can view some of his illustrative processes in this accompanying video:

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September 1965 Jeep Service and Parts News

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This four-page September 1965 Jeep Service and Parts News includes, on the last page, a list of all models and their Vehicle prefix, which is handy given the scarcity of records for this time period. There’s also a short blurb on page three about how the cross pieces under the hood of a Wagoneer could short out the alternator!

1965-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news1 1965-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news2 1965-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news3

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Mid to Late 1940s Willys-Overland Dealer Pencil

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This early jeep pencil has the J logo, which wasn’t corporately used past early 1946, so I’d say this is *likely* from 1945 or 1946.

View all the information on eBay

“WILLYS-CARS, TRUCKS & JEEP/MASSEY-HARRIS *Henry L. Oldham Imp. Co*Blackwell, OK”
This is a rare pencil from early the post WWII era. The printing is slightly faded but well readable being the type of pencil it is.”





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