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RIP Zollie 2009-2022

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Ann and Zollie

On Tuesday, we lost internet for the entire day, so I just took the day off the computer.

Well, that was part of the reason. The other part was that on Monday it rained all day, so Ann, the dogs, and I enjoyed some quiet time listening to the rain. It was a good day to decompress.

However, our 13-year-old elderly dog Zollie did not enjoy it quite as much. He struggled on and off most of the day, coughing and spitting up some phlegm. Despite his medication, his failing heart seemed to be failing a little more than usual. Eventually, we went to the animal hospital, hoping that whatever Zollie was fighting was something that could be cleared up, but it was not to be. While his will and attitude were very much intact, his body was failing him. He had life left in him, but he’d be in pain and uncomfortable. So, we held him as he was put to sleep…

In 2010, before I entered Ann’s life, she was living in Omaha and on her own after her ex bf chose to date their babysitter (awkward). Between her already existing PTSD and that tumultuous event, she decided to get a PTSD service dog.

She had always been a big-dog type of girl, but her lingering injuries meant she could only handle a small dog. After searching, she found herself at a Humane Society kennel where she spotted a tiny dog with a big attitude, a foo-foo shitzu-pomeranian mix, exactly the kind of dog she never thought she’d own. The precocious little pup was keeping the rest of the other dogs in the kennel under control and at bay. She liked his toughness and confident attitude, so she took him home.


Zollie at Four Corners. He was always patient with his Momma’s photography.

Her new dog’s role was to help calm her when she she felt her anxieties building. So, she named him after a drug with a similar purpose: Zoloft; but altered it slightly to Zollie.

When I entered the picture in 2011, Zollie was already a well-trained and well-behaved little dog. He could sit through a movie at a movie theatre without making a peep. He could fetch her inhaler on command. If you made the whistle sound of a bomb falling he would duck under the nearest chair (one of Ann’s favorite tricks and a reflection of her sometimes-sick humor). He was so well mannered that you could put him in the front yard and he wouldn’t wander away, even if dogs walked past the yard. He travelled well and rarely complained.


Zollie, Ann and I going camping in 2014. He really didn’t like camping (dirt, fires, slick camper floors …)

I wasn’t all that interested in having a dog when I met Ann. And, she warned me that Zollie hadn’t liked her last boyfriend. So, I think we were both surprised when Zollie and I bonded right away. Though he could be a little jealous when Ann and I kissed, he seemed very supportive of our relationship.

Zollie was a “pretty” dog, often mistaken for a female. The natural shape of his mouth always made it seemed like he was smiling whenever he opened it. He also had a very precise sense of time [by the end of his life, he seemed to know exactly when 6am (food and meds), 2pm (meds), 5pm (dinner), and 8pm (meds) was and he kept us on track by sitting in the kitchen and grunting when it was those times].

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1960 CJ-5 Elgin, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000.

This has a few extras, including a Meyer hardtop, a Warn(?) OD, and a custom(?) bed extension. The video below must be from the previous owner.

“1960 Jeep Cj5 225 dauntless V6 3 speed with gear vendor overdrive Twin stick Dana 20 transfer case Runs and drives great, breaks work plenty. Rides great at 45-50mph Do not ask if it’s still available.”




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1966 CJ-5 Norton Shores, MI $1800

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The hardtop has been patched, but looks in reasonable shape. There seems to be some value here.

“Old army jeep everything original and it’s all there needs to be towed, put a battery in it and it did nothing”

1966-cj5-mi5 1966-cj5-mi6 1966-cj5-mi7 1966-cj5-mi8 1966-cj5-mi9

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Use of the “4-Purpose Jeep” Term in Newspaper Ads

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Barry discovered that there was a variant of the “4-in-1 Jeep” campaign that used the term “4-Purpose Jeep”. It appears the term only appeared in newspaper ads (I have not extensively confirmed this). Here are some examples.

From the May 19, 1946, issue of the Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper (Beatrice, Nebraska):


From the June 12, 1946, Issue of the South Alabamian (Jackson, Alabama):


From the May 12, 1948, issue of the Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois):


From the May 03, 1951, issue of the Valentine Newspaper (Valentine, Nebraska):


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No Updates Today

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Ann and I spent yesterday moving more stuff from Mom’s place to our place. We have one more load to go, so we will be back there around the 12th. Mom’s place goes up for sale on April 15th and, most likely, will sell within a week. Hopefully, the sale of the property marks the ending of a transformative three years that began with Dad’s passing in 2019. Even without a pandemic this would have been a strange time for us, but add that and other external happenings and it’s been a crazy few years!

Speaking of changes, we have a couple contractors coming this morning to bid on a couple projects, so no updates today. There will be updates Wednesday.

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1942(?) Custom Jeep Bend, OR $1800

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TJ shared this unusual-bodied jeep. It certainly could be an MB.

“Custom built body on Willys Jeep frame with Willys MB block with matching head. Check photos. No Title. Not running. Have tons of parts.Great and unique project. Lots of time and money. Shoot me an offer. Feel free to ask questions”

1942-custom-jeep-bend-or2 1942-custom-jeep-bend-or3 1942-custom-jeep-bend-or4 1942-custom-jeep-bend-or5

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Updates continue to dribble out, so sorry about that.

We are still working steadily on the master bedroom. I am hoping to be finished with the trim by Saturday, but little things keep delaying us (ex: Ann got a flat tire two days ago, which caused me to use up half-a-day getting it changed and fixed). Once that is done, we can redo the TV/study room (which is currently our bedroom). I hope to get all of the phase one interior changes done by the end of Feb. Phase II will be the remodel of the master bathroom (this summer or fall?). Phase III will be a major remodel of the common rooms of the house, but that is probably a year+ away.

I am also busy documenting the various issues with my sister vis-a-vis mom’s estate in case my sister goes through with her recent threat to sue the estate. The crux of the issue is that my sister doesn’t believe the horses, which she inherits and which my parents bought and owned (and she rode, trained and cared for), have any value to the estate and that she should be gifted them free and clear of the estate distributions. Given my parents put six figures into the horses over two decades, and the fact they own them 100%, the horses do indeed have value to the estate and, thus, part of my sister’s inheritance should include some value placed on the horses. Since she knows this means she will get less cash from the estate, she believes this unfair and is very upset about it (even though the current plan is to give her the horses at half the market value to recognize her contribution to their value, but she refuses to have any conversation about this). Ugh!

We are still awaiting a date for Ann’s semi-emergency gallbladder surgery, but our local hospitals are very busy with COVID patients, so we aren’t sure when she can get in. At this pace, it will likely be an emergency procedure at some point!

Perhaps the best news of the year is that I have the shop heater running … oh boy, does it warm up the shop quickly!!!

Vernon asked about the heater. It is propane powered (we have a 1000 gallon tank). It is connected to a thermometer on the wall: :



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M-38A1 Body PA No Price

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Jim’s selling this M-38A1 body. Note that the first M-38A1 was produced in 1952.


“I have decided to buy a new Philippine made reproduction body for my U.S.M.C. Military Jeep Project.

So I am selling my Original U.S. made Willys M38A1 or Cj5 Military/ U.S.M.C Jeep body tub as used by the United States Military from 1955 until 1982.

These Jeeps bodies are getting very hard to come by and becoming very collectible, they go for a nice chunk of change when finished.

I am including the flooring patch panels and hat support that I bought intending to fix this tub floor.

Also included are both front fenders, the hood, a M38A1 grill and a M38A1 dashboard all steel parts.

I am also including a steel hardtop and doors made by KOENIG Co. Model 508 use by the military for colder weather aka ( ARTIC CAB ).

All parts for a 1955 – 1972 Military M38A1 or Cj5 body restoration.

Will sell parts separately.
Price is negotiable.
May have other part available.
Will post photos soon.”

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Back In Seattle ….

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UPDATE 12/05: Sorry there haven’t been many updates. I’ve been catching up on the home front in Prosser. Now, I am back in Seattle for a couple days. We’ve made good progress with mom and she is testing out her new home today. Hopefully, it will work for her. 


UPDATE 12/02: (oops, put the wrong update-date on this) We stayed with mom through yesterday (Wednesday), then returned home. On Tuesday night, I started coming down with what I believe is some kind of flu (tested negative for covid), so thought I should go home. Ann followed me home a little later. Meanwhile, my aunt found mom a 24/hour elder-home run with a limited number of tenants run by a nurse that is just a few minutes from my aunt’s house; it sounds like a nice place for mom to stay for a while. It is by no means cheap, but they take and accompany her to doc appointments and offers a doctor that will make visit the house. All this will relieve huge burdens on all of us. 

Several times during the past few days mom didn’t know where she was. When I brought her back from the hospital on Friday (and I won’t get into how difficult it was to get her into the truck at the hospital), I wheeled her into the house, then the kitchen. She slowly stood up with my help and using her walker, then shuffled towards a back glass door that leads to the back deck. I asked where she was going. She said she was trying to figure out how to get into the house. I said we were in the house. She then asked how she could get to the kitchen. I told her we were in the kitchen. Eventually, she got her bearings. But, these moments of confusion, of having no idea where she was at while in her home of 55 years, happened multiple times over the past few days.

Today, I feel better, but don’t feel 100%. So, I’m on bedrest.


(11/30/2021) Our quick 2 day jaunt to Seattle on Friday has turned into much longer stay. So, things remain on hold on the jeep side of things.

Mom wasn’t taking her LASIX regularly, which led to absorbing water and puffing up. So, not long after we arrived, we were off to the hospital. She stayed two days there, where they managed to get her fluid levels down, but even with lasix and Spiro (short for another drug that helps eliminate water build-up), her heart isn’t keeping up. So, we have her on some bed rest in the hopes we can lower some of the new swelling (not as bad as she was Friday).

Making predictions on how this will play out is difficult. But, one of the best pieces of wisdom we got from one of Ann mother’s doctors was that if the patient’s health decline is over months, the patient likely has months left; if the decline is over weeks, she likely has weeks left; if the decline is over days, she likely has days left. We believe we are well into the weeks category and will plan accordingly.

One the interesting note I read the other day was from a hospice nurse of 6 years, with also 9 years of ICU experience. She said that often folks who are about a month away from passing will imagine seeing or talking with loved ones who have passed or beloved pets, I found it an interesting read, one that’s been consistent with our experiences:

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1947 CJ-2A “Bandito” Edition Great Bend, KS **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: It looks like the seller pulled the jeep from the auction.

Bill shared this auction for a 1947 CJ-2A “Bandito” edition. Based on the video, I think the seller was being sarcastic about it being a “Bandito” edition. It comes with an illustrated “Frito Bandito” on the side of it (the mascot for Fritos from 1967-1971 and voiced by none-other-than Mel Blanc).

View all the information on eBay

“Here we have a good ‘ol 1947 CJ2A. This one came off of a farm in Colorado, where we were lucky enough to find it sitting.

Like most of these old jeeps, it does have some rust, but this one is not rotted away to nothing like so many you see, this one still has a lot to work with. The frame is solid, and the drive train is all there. As you can see – it has been converted to a later valve in head engine, and they added a hood scoop to accommodate this. The scoop could be modified pretty easily to look a little better, but this was pretty common. The engine fires up and sounds great, runs very well. It doesn’t get hot, or leak, and carries good oil pressure. The oil line that goes to the oil pressure gauge did spring a leak, so I pinched it off.

This jeep does go into gear and try to move, but it seems like it is stuck between two gears or stuck in neutral, I’m guessing it’s something pretty simple, as these are very basic to work on.

As you can see in the pictures, this is the extremely rare and highly sought after “bandito” edition. I tried to find the story behind this, but unfortunately it was lost to time. The dash has wood over it, but original steel dash is behind the wood. Has a really cool Austin Healy shift knob! I’m guessing this old jeep could tell some stories! This vehicle will be sold with a State of Kansas dept. of revenue antique bill of sale, I will help with whatever you need if possible.”

1947-cj2a-greatbend-ks0 1947-cj2a-greatbend-ks1 1947-cj2a-greatbend-ks2 1947-cj2a-greatbend-ks3 1947-cj2a-greatbend-ks4

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Anti-Spam Changes Might Result in Spam or Other Issues

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Recently, I learned that Akismet, the plugin I pay $100 year to manage my spam, announced that eWillys get too many spam requests (which isn’t my fault), so I must now upgrade to the $400 a year program.

Yeah, that’s not happening, especially given I’ve shifted into fewer updates and am no longer charging advertisers (thanks again for your past support guys). So, I’m testing out a highly rated, but free, version, called Antispam Bee. I may also need to add a captcha addition window to comments (where you are given 2 + 2 and you have to enter “4” …  I think you fine folks can handle that math).

So, I don’t know how well Antispam Bee will work or if it will interfere with non-spam comments. If you feel like your comments aren’t posting, please email me at d @, and I will see what needs to be adjusted.

For those interested, here are the spam comments from the last few months:


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Updates for the Holidays (or lack thereof)….

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire…..

Unfortunately, having helped my mother-in-law through hospice in September, we won’t get much of a break as now my mother’s health has declined to the point that we have to make other arrangements for her. So, we’ll be doing regular runs over to Seattle to give my aunt a break from the daily care of her, while, also readying her new apartment and clearing the house as best we can.

Meanwhile, against our recommendations, and knowing mom’s health was in decline, my sister chose to put her house on the market in September. She just closed on her house this week and is moving to Texas, abandoning our mother after my mother supported her horse hobby (profession?) for more than 25 years so she can “make a name for herself”. Mom is devastated by my sister’s decision. She is currently in OKC attending a horseshow, because somehow that is more important than caring for mom. Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of family drama….. ughhh.

So, once again, updates may be somewhat become sparse, likely lasting into the New Year.`

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1953 CJ-3B Sutter Creek, CA $5600

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/14/2021) This 3B was probably a cool rig back in the day given the paint job. It’s got some 4Wheel Parts branded Selectro hubs.

“Very solid body good running gear just has been stored for years”


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1947 CJ-2A Amissville, VA $12,900

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This 2A has a variety of updates.

1947-cj2a-amissville-va02 1947-cj2a-amissville-va01 1947-cj2a-amissville-va0 1947-cj2a-amissville-va1

“1947 Willys CJ2A “modified” This Willys was recently built by a Jeep enthusiast. The build has approx. 1200 miles but Jeep is still being driven around town. Everything thing works and there are no mechanical issues. Registered as an antique vehicle. The engine 2.5L 4 cylinder mopar EFI was recently purchased about 600 miles ago from Collin Bros.

Some modifications are:
47 CJ2A tub
CJ5 frame
D30 front axle with lunchbox locker (manual hubs)
D44 rear axle Solid diff covers
D300 transfer case twin sticks
31” BFG KM2 M/T Custom roll cage bolted to frame
New gauges
All LED lights Rock Lights
PIA fog lights

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Year? M-38? Cahone, CO $10,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/22/2021) Has a variety of updates. It’s listed as a 1945, but has M-38 attributes.

“Willys jeep , Chevy 350 , competition cam, electronic ,ignition , Shimed gears, New gauges stainless steel Dash, Newer electric harness, New tires, Warner winch, extra fuel tank in rear, New ball joints in front, disc brakes and back.runs great”

year-m38-cahone-ca1 year-m38-cahone-ca2 year-m38-cahone-ca3 year-m38-cahone-ca4

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JeepRod Project Fort Collins, CO $4000

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Not sure how much value is here.

jeep-rod-fortcollins-co2 jeep-rod-fortcollins-co3 jeep-rod-fortcollins-co4

rolling chassis with air bag suspension
set up for Chevy inline 6 and TH350
8.8 rear end out of a crown vic with disk brakes
Ford front axle and spindles disc brakes from speedway
new radiator
new reverse corvair steering box
rebuilt TH350
1975 chevy 250 inline 6 with four speed out of a pickup”

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1950 CJ-3A Oakdale, CA $5000

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This slightly modified CJ-3A includes a Woman-made Willys Overland half cab.

“On a non op. Starts right up. Just want gone. Possible trades for quads dirt bikes toy hauler etc…”

1950-cj3a-oakdale-ca91 1950-cj3a-oakdale-ca92 1950-cj3a-oakdale-ca93 1950-cj3a-oakdale-ca94

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1953 CJ-3B Archibald, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

It’s rough, but may have at least some parts value.





“I have a 1953 CJ3B I’m looking to trade or sell outright. I’m only interested in Willys pre CJ3B models as trade. I bought this all original (except paint), unmolested Willys as a summer project when I couldn’t find a 2A or 3A at the time. I have $2000 of new parts with receipts installed. I have cleaned/inspected/tested/rebuilt or replaced the complete brake system (replaced), complete fuel system (new tank and lines), starter, generator, clutch, and transfer case. The starter and charging systems work well, still 6 volt. I had it running and drove it in and out of my garage but it won’t stay running now. The front and rear floors need to be replaced but rest of the body is pretty solid. I’m in North Eastern PA with a clear PA title in hand. Let me know if you have any questions or would like specific pictures.”

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This Trailer Followed Us Home Today

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At some point in the near future my mother is selling her place. Her health has deteriorated quite a bit this year. Ann and I have pulled most of my stuff from her place, though there is one last big item … Lost Biscuit. To bring Biscuit home, finally, we’ve purchased a new trailer as seen below.

10-03-2021-trailer-4 10-03-2021-trailer-3 10-03-2021-trailer-2 10-03-2021-trailer-1

It’s a Great Northern tilt trailer with dual 5200 axles and an 18ft bed. It’s arguably overbuilt for carrying a jeep, but we felt that there’s every possibility that we could 1) take another trip to Alaska, which can be a rough ride at times, and/or 2) take a jeep with us cross country for a show or two. In addition, we wanted something capable of carrying our tractor, which weighs around 4500lbs.

Unfortunately, the slowing of the global supply chain combined with the pandemic has hit several trailer manufacturers (according to several dealers I spoke with while researching a trailer). Basically, these companies lack crucial parts to complete trailers, so they are waiting on any parts they can get to assemble trailers and get them to dealers. Multiple dealers told me they couldn’t say when their next delivery of trailers would be or even what models they might get.

The nut of it is, we didn’t have much choice on what we could purchase. But, we got what we could and it should serve us well.

So, on Thursday we’ll head for Seattle and pick up Biscuit and its various parts.


Biscuit from 2013 ….


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Quick Update

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We’ve been extra busy here tending to Ann’s mom. She’s in home hospice and is bed ridden, so Ann and I are trading off evening shifts, with some help from family members during the day. She’s somewhat lucid, better during the day and worse at night and in the morning. We don’t know if she has a day or a week to live, but she doesn’t appear to have long. She’s kept us fairly busy throughout  most of the pandemic (since about Nov 2019). Hopefully, she passes soon in her sleep. This is part of the reason eWillys continues to be on hiatus.

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1946 CJ-2A Wheat Ridge, CO $1000

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This is an unusual build with a tilt hood and raised gauge panel.

“I’m not certain on the year of this Willys. This was purchased at a Estate sale and has NO TITLE, just a bill of sale.
Would make a great off road crawler. Was set up for a small block Chevy. One piece lift off front end. Custom dash.
A few misc. parts come with it, windshield frame, tailgate, some driveshafts and such. What you see is what I have.
Has original axles under it. Newer steering box. This could be a cool crawler.
Has a nice set of 33×12.50 tires on it.
May part out if I get enough interest in parts.”

year-flattie-custom-co01 year-flattie-custom-co0 year-flattie-custom-co1 year-flattie-custom-co2

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New Jeep and Old Tables

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I wanted to give a brief update on things. I know posts have been limited, but I’ve been putting my time away from you all to good use.

Firstly, we bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. We did it because our GC had hit 110,000 miles, yet was still worth about $20k (thanks to the recent jump in used car prices). We decided to take advantage of the hike and strike while we could. We feel we saved about 10% overall (our jeep jumped $8k in price over the past few months, while the new GC jumped about $3k from pre-pandemic prices).


However, the process wasn’t without a hitch. The first local Jeep dealership we stopped at tried to stick us with an extra $5000 market adjustment fee that wasn’t disclosed on their website. They claimed all the dealers were adding that fee.

That turned out to be a half-truth … some were doing it and some weren’t. Those folks were a little surprised at how quickly we walked away from their offer.

The next day I called Bud Clary Jeep in Moses Lake. I talked with a sales guy, Jeremy, and outlined what we had, what we saw online at their dealership (in particular the price), what we were willing to pay in cash, and that we weren’t willing to pay some kind of market adjustment fee (at least not a surprise one that wasn’t included with the online price). True to his word, there was no adjustment fee and we pretty much made the deal on the phone. Ann drove up and closed it. We are satisfied customers.

On Friday we got word through a neighbor that the local high school was giving away a parking lot full of furniture. So, we high tailed it down there and snapped up about 10 desks, three rolling cars, and a tower magazine rack (perfect for my 50 or so issues of Four Wheeler Magazine). About the only downside is that I’m having to scrape gum off some of the desks.

2021-07-23-desks2 2021-07-23-desks1

I finished up our garage-turned-workout gym. Having abandoned workouts during our move, I can now return to them, which should help me avoid the local ER, lol.


My progress in the shop has been less impressive. Still much work to be done.

As far as I know, the Epic Willys Adventure still plans to visit just before Labor Day Weekend. We are looking forward to hosting them for the evening.

We are gearing up for Ann’s surgery on the 29th (stomach surgery). She’ll be recovering most of August and likely won’t be fully recovered for several months.

My hope is that as the weather cools and the work around the place slows, that I’ll be able to return to more consistent updates. But, we’ll see….

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UPDATE: Was it Only Exhaustion? The Answer is Unclear

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I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark over the past week, but I felt it necessary so I could give you the best information I have.


But, before I begin, I just have to say that I greatly appreciate all the kind comments that were attached to the last post.  They were a wonderful counterpoint to an article I read while laying in the emergency room’s hospital bed (for 12 hours). The article stated that men are losing close-male friendships at a greater pace than ever before. So, as each of you added comments, I was a warmly reminded at just how many friends I have, even if we have never seen each other face-to-face.

So, why was I in the ER? The most important reason was to determine whether I was having either a stroke or a heart attack, as I was feeling some numbness along my face, arms, and hands, along with some light chest tension (there is also family history with both strokes and heart issues). Moreover, my ability to control my blood pressure had subsided, meaning when I laid down to rest, it was still high. All this had been preceded by several days of feeling odd.

The initial tests in the ER indicated that I was not having a heart attack (that was a plus), but the EKG suggested I might have had one a few days before.  Skipping over most of the drudgery and boredom that consumed my visit, eventually the next day they had me perform a stress test.

For those unfamiliar with it, imagine a very large ipod strapped to your side, affixed with multiple cables, along with body-hair-wrenching stickers attached to various parts of your body. Then, you climb on a tread mill and fast-walk it (in my head I thought I would be sprinting on it) as the heart tech raises the treadmill’s incline mode.

By the end of the stress test, I didn’t care what the results were: I felt great. It was the best I had felt in a couple weeks; I finally felt normal again. After that, I returned to my room and, while waiting for the results of the test, fell asleep.

Several hours later, I awoke to the nurse telling me I was going home. I guess the results were good enough that the doc didn’t bother to explain them to me. Besides, I had an appointment scheduled for July 1st with my new primary care provider, so I figured he would delve into the results with me.

At home I put myself on bedrest. I felt that if anything was a principal cause of all this, it was EXHAUSTION. So, that meant No eWillys, no computering (though I have been using my phone), and no physical labor for the near future. I am taking a long needed break from life, as best I can.

While waiting for the July 1st appointment to arrive, I also started some blood pressure medication. Unfortunately, that seems to have some side effects, but I can’t tell if it is the BP meds or some other issue causing them. After this third day of taking the meds (and feeling wierd), the first request I planned to make to my new doc was to remove me from the new med so I can establish a baseline of blood pressure and health. I need to know if there are lingering effects from this “Exhaustion” or if there was another factor that is causing some of the issues.

On positive side, my new doc explained to me that he felt I did not have a heart attack. Though he and I may have some debate over the state of my cholesterol (don’t get me started on that topic) and my blood pressure, overall he didn’t seem to have any worries about my health.

And, if you have any wonder as to why I was exhausted, not only had I been working my butt off for 4.5 months (getting the house ready to sell, packing, prepping the new house, then making changes to the new house), but I also stopped exercising (lack of time) and eating more poorly. Add to that, another cancer diagnosis for Ann’s mom (and the general friction we have with her). Then, there’s my own mother’s recent stroke(s) and the need to get her in a better situation, and the result is that I may have become overwhelmed by it all.

So, the plan of action is to get some rest (meaning keep ewillys on Hiatus for longer), start exercising again, start carefully tracking my blood pressure to establish a baseline, and do a sleep study. Hopefully, all this reset’s me back to my ol’ self.

Perhaps in another week or so I can add another report. Until then, I am doing my best to take care of myself.

Best wishes and again, sorry to worry you all (I have certainly been worried) and hopefully all this will work itself out just fine.

– Dave

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Ewillys is on Hiatus

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I am sorry to report that, until further notice, ewillys is on hiatus. I will provide an update in the next few days when I learn more about my health situation.

Thanks for your support, interactions, corrections, and, in many cases, friendship. It has been a most interesting journey.


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No Updates Friday

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No updates today.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions on the Allen bolts. I greatly appreciate them.

I made progress on the shop and garage-gym yesterday, and entertained Ann’s family. There may not be any Saturday morning either, as I need to mow, fix a few sprinklers, then drive Ann to Walla Walla this afternoon for dental surgery, the other guests arrive tonight.

Temps have been adjusted upward. High will now be 116 degrees.