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Flattie Body on S-10 Blazer Shepardsville, Ky eBay

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hmm ..

“1948 Willys Jeep – Too many new items to list.  1989 Chevy s-10 Blazer Chasis and running gear, transmission. 4.3 liter, V-6 engine.  Electric cooling fan. Black interior with diamond plate flooring in front and wooden bed in rear. Roll bar with lights. 32x11x15 Aluminum Wheels and tires.  Blue metallic paint. Custom made bumpers in black metallic paint. Please feel free to call with questions  502-428-7591 (Eastern Standard Time), no calls after 9:00 PM PLEASE. Jeep located in Shepherdsville, KY.”

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1950 CJV-35U Raymond, Me $5100

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This is very much a project.  Despite what the seller says, I’m less certain that grille is stock.  It looks like a MB grille to me.  The body, along with the V35U specific data plate, appear to be correct.  Here are some pics I was using from the G503as a comparison.

“I am selling a VERY RARE military jeep. Here is an article on them: http://www.cj-3a.com/CJ-V35U.htm

It is a 1950 Willys CJ-V35-U. They made only 1000 of these jeeps for the USMC in 1950. It is factory built using a mixture of MB, And CJ3A parts, and is very very rare. The one that i am selling is in VERY restore-able condition, and mostly complete, and un-molested.  It has been stored indoors for several years.  This jeep retains a lot of the original, hard to find parts, like: Ram horn tow hooks, Starter, generator, voltage regulator, front seats, pintle hook, Fuel tank, front bumper, bumperetts, tail gate, lower spare tire carrier half, air cleaner, cross over tube, fording exhaust with shroud, head light switch, Transmission locking chain, all gauges (minus temp), two correct windshield frames. NOS voltage regulator, NOS fording tail pipe bracket.

It comes with the following reproduction parts: Upper spare tire carrier, Lift rings, and antenna mount. This is a NUMBERS MATCHING JEEP, the engine is the correct serial number for this jeep!! the engine number is V-10125, and the chassi is believed to be chassi number V-10115. They started production @ number V-10101, so this was #115 of 1000 to be built. It has the correct hood, fenders, grill, body. There is a little controversy over the nose of this jeep, but there are things i can point out that are factory and that no one would have been able to change. It is very early production in a very limited production run. Asking $5100.00, Sorry no trades”


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1967 DKW Munga Troy, MI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: International, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2995.

“Selling a 1967 DKW MUNGA jeep. These jeeps were manufactured by DKW, 1 of the 4 rings of the Auto Union. this car was imported from Europe a few years ago, it has a 1000cc 3 cylinder 2 stroke motor and is 4 wheel drive. the engine was running but was low in power ( and you need all you can out of the 1000cc engine to move the beast!). My mechanic tested it and the seals need to be replaced, i ordered the parts from Europe and they will be included. many in Europe were fitted with Ford V4 engines, Renault 12 engines or Opel 4 cylinder engine for more power.  You will surely be the only one on the block with a Munga. Also delivery can be made by plane, they were equipped with a parachuting hook! just in case! selling for $2995, that is less than the shipping and importing fees from Europe, must make room. Thank you for looking, contact me for more photos or info. Happy motoring. John”

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1959 Custom Truck Graham, Wa **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $22,000.

Here’s a beautiful truck.  Check the dual door setup.  Very nice.

“One of a kind four door truck, multiple show winner, 351 windsor, automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, mustang II front suspension, ford 9″ rear.  Lost sight and cant drive anymore. Tom”

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Usual Car/Jeep Custom Project

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I ran across this today at the Jeep Forum.  Posted last year, someone was trying to identify it.  This is the closest thing I have seen to a Wally Cohn Jeep.

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Willys Sporting Tracks

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Doug suggested I do a search at Youtube on “Willys  Jeep  Tracks”.  I found two interesting videos.

In this video, a CJ-2A is fitted with tracks, one track on each side.

In this video, a jeep wrangler is fitted with tracks on each wheel

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Porcellana Maua Jeep Tea Cups Phoenixville, Pa eBay


Thanks to Dave (Hog) for pointing out this unusual item — Jeep Tea cups.  First off, the price on these seems nuts –$9999 — seriously?  Maybe I just don’t know the market for tea cups.  Also, the seller claims these are WWII tea cups, but, based on the jeep, those are Korean War Cups at the earliest.

“World War II Porcellana Maua Jeep Tea Cups and Saucers. Owned by United States Rear Admiral Raymond Schneider who was stationed in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mint condition.”

View all the info on eBay

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Russian Amphibian ATV Virginia Beach, Va eBay

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Dave spotted this unusual vehicle; This might be the ultimate hunter … It creeps, it floats, it works on natural gas.

“This auction is for Russian army creeper all-terrain vehicle – amphibious GAZ-61-S.
Represents the floating all-terrain vehicle combining the cabin of the driver and awning cargo-and-passenger cabin. Was made in 1968 at the secret Gorkiy military plant and is created for exploitation in especially difficult road climatic conditions, for the delivery of the polar explorers and cargoes, to make surveys in such places as taiga, tundra, to deliver shift services on the objects of work, for the delivery of the supply and various goods.”

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Year? CJ-2A Jamul, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $600. **SOLD**

“Willys Jeep. 49-51 Willys Jeep CJ-l. Customer fiberglass cab. Local San Diego Truc, 4cly, 4SP, P.T.O- 4WD. All there, Black plates, Not running. Project, lots of potential. Former Glass Truck. RARE- No paperwork. $600 OBO.”

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A Willys of Frankenstinian Proportions $1500 (OD)

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

On a trip to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, Dan discovered this unusual project.   Underneath all the modifications is a 1943 GPW.  What’s amazing to me is that, all things considered, it doesn’t look all that bad.  Someone certainly cobbled together a variety of vehicles, along with a healthy supply of diamond plating to keep this vehicle on the road.  No doubt it was better than sporting a soft top in cold weather.

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Paul finds a MB with an unusual Ford Cab Mod

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Paul writes that the days are getting longer and the temperatures warmer, allowing him to check in on friends across Alaska.  While looking over one collection recently, he spotted this unusually well done transformation. Those terra tires sure looking in good condition, too! Paul, be sure to thank your friend for sharing this with us!

Paul writes, “I’ll try to remember what he told me concerning the construction / modification of this Jeep but it appears a Ford pickup cab was grafted onto the Jeep body, the four cylinder engine was replaced with a V8, Scout axles replaced the original axles and I think he said the transmission was replaced with a T90 along with numerous other modifications but you can see for yourself when you check out the pictures.  With the power of the V8 this little Jeep can quickly dig holes with the tires while in low range and gassing it just about makes the Jeep jump in high range…”


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1982 CJ-3B Mitsubishi Oklahoma $8688

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UPDATE:  Was on eBay in Nov 2009. Now priced at $8688

“They are right hand drive. (Can be converted) Other than that all other parts interchange. We carry a full line of replacement parts. This Jeep is equipped with a 2″ lift, 32″ tires, aluminum mag wheels, bucket wrap around contour seats, It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. Soft Top & Doors. We have been completely thru this Jeep & found it to be in excellent mechanical condition.  With No Rust. The engine will out perform even a 6 cylinder & even  V-8’S in most any terrain. It has a throttle set for climbing the steepest grades with ease & no bouncing accelerator pedal. Diesel engine means long life, depenability &  excellant braking desending the steepest of grades…..”



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CJ-2A BBQ Fort Worth, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was  Make Offer.

Now, this is cool!  Mark spotted this beauty.

“im selling or trading this jeep grill i need a running jeep or a nice four wheeler for trade or if you are intrested shoot me a pic and a offer. it does not have a motor, title, front wheels this is a custom made jeep whillys 1952 and lights work and everything is legal call but (ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS) and make yur offer thanks. by the way if you see it i still have it thanks.”

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1948 Swamp Buggy Avon Park, Fl **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Was $2500. Status Unknown

“1948 willys jeep turned platform swamp buggy on 38″ ground hawgs. pistons need rings.. it smokes but runs good. Wiring going from starter to battery needs to be replaced and 3 out of 4 axles need to be swapped (they are 48$ each and can be swapped without taking of the rim/tire.. 8 easy bolts). I don’t have time or money to play with it. I paid 3800 as is and have driven it around the property.. it does run good besides the smoke.”

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1969 Sand Toy Marcellus, In **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Other 4x4s, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer.

This engine sounds interesting, though it’s seized with rust. I’d sure like to tear it apart and check it out.


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1947 ‘Willys’ish Dolores, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

Here’s a wild rig.

“1947 Willys jeep 4×4 , inline 2 seater, custom body with lots of diamond plate, Chevy feul injected v6, winch , good tires, modified suspension for a smoother ride. Asking $8000 OBo.”

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Mitsubishi J-52 Jacksonville, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $9500 **SOLD**

This is an interesting jeep.  I am not familiar with the J-52, though I haven’t researched the early history of Mitsubishi.  The seller of this has been doing research of his own on this jeep for several years, as a post on the Willys M Jeeps forums as early as 2006 notes his search efforts.  The photos of this jeep are worth reviewing as it is a combination of some unusual features.  A quick search did reveal the J-53/54.  Finally, I found this table that shows the J-52 had the KE47 engine.

“Before I can get into the specifics of this little jeep, I feel I need to explain a little about it because there is very little information about the Mitsubishi J52 on the internet, and there are no photographs I can find depicting the body style like the one you see here. I found this one at a little jeep lot on Okinawa around 2006.  The dealer said it had come with a shipment of used jeeps from Tokyo.  I bought it and restored it there on the island, and the Government shipped it to the US as part of my household goods when my family and I returned from overseas.  I have had it since then and it has enjoyed local acclaim, appearing in several parades and winning “Best All Around” at a local car show.  All guys — and all little kids — absolutely love it!

It is my OPINION that this was one of the original Mitsubishi/Willys collaboration after WWII.  It’s a very early model J52, serial number “J52-00261”, and from this I believe the production number to be #261, or that this jeep was number 261 off the production line.  Because there are radio mount holes and radio table holes in the right rear fender, and because of the rifle mount racks present on the windshield frame, I believe this jeep to have been actually used and maintained by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces after the US stopped occupation in the early 1950’s.  It is also my opinion that they continued to use this jeep until 1973, when it was sold to the civilian market.  I believe this for two reasons:  first, the title says it’s a 1973 model; second, I can’t find a photograph of a 1973 Mitsubishi J52 that looks like this one.  (I also can’t prove a bit of this!)

This jeep was fully restored in 2006, everything was taken off the vehicle and repaired/restored/repainted; however, we did not take the tub off the frame.  I wish we had, because the channels are beginning to rust, and there are a few rust spots beginning to show around the door seams on the tub.  There is also some rust on the inner windshield frame where water collected underneath the glass and rusted it from the inside.  Other than those, there are a few very small bubbles beginning to appear, which I can point out to a serious bidder.  There is no rust on the floor pans or in the bed, the footpads are solid, the frame is undercoated and protected.  This is a solid jeep.

The engine is a Mitsubishi KE-47 gasoline powered four-cyliner.  It runs like a top and purrs like a kitten.  There are no oil leaks, compression is great.  Manual choke.  Transmission shifts great, three-speed with reverse.  Four-wheel drive and high/low transfer cases all work.  All lights work, although it has recently developed a dislike of high-beam headlights – sometimes they won’t come on and lows will have to do.  Front blackout lights work!  Fender-mounted blackout light is not connected.  Vacuum-powered wipers.

Canvas top was made on Okinawa by Mr. Shima, who used the old torn-up one as a pattern.  Seat pads are cordura and were made by Mr. Scott of Texas.

This jeep has been either carported or garaged since it’s been in the States.  Being in the military means moving a lot and sometimes it has had to do its “military share” by spending some time in the elements, but we have taken care of this jeep and it has meant a lot to our family.  We are headed back to Okinawa for another three years, and I think it’s time to send it on its way to another owner who will value and care for it.  If that’s you, you’re getting a good one and you can count on truthful answers to any questions you might have.”

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Overland Train North Pole, Ak **SOLD for $15K

• CATEGORIES: Features, Unusual

Mark spotted this unusual find when it was still available early on Sunday.  However, it sold during the course of the day for $15,000.  I’d love to know where it lands as it is something very unusual and rather fantastical.

“In 1962, the Army tested a machine known as The Overland Train at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. It was designed to carry equipment and supplies over both on- and off-road terrains. The train consisted of the control car, ten self tracking cargo cars, and two power generating cars. It was 565 feet long and could haul 150 tons of cargo. The control car also contained living quarters for a crew of six, complete with sleeping, eating and sanitation facilities.

The enclosed pictures are of a sister unit here in Alaska. It’s important to note this is one of the last existing units of this type anywhere. This unit consists of the control car and 3 trailers (mostly aluminum). All the units have tires and we also have a large amount of extra tires & wheels. This unit does not run and is not operable however according to Le Tourneau, the manufacturer most if not all parts are still available and or re-buildable. Would also make a terrific static display for museum. This unit is for sale as is FOB North Pole, Alaska, to the highest bidder above the reserve set by the estate.  For more information e-mail Jim anytime.

View all the pics on eBay

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1951 CJ-3A Springfield, Oh $4000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Jeep Rods, Unusual

Well, I can tell it is different, but from this one pic I can’t tell how different.

“1951 willys jeep rat rod call 330-285-5066”


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1951 Navy CJ-3A Denver, Co eBay

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Features, Unusual • TAGS: , .

See updated version of this topic here: http://warjeeps.com/articles/APUnavyJeeps/apu-jeeps.html



The first version, which is the one for sale on ebay, was built by Willys Overland for the Navy without many changes from a stock CJ-3A.  The biggest clue I can see is the inclusion of a Navy dataplate on the dash.  You can see the 1951 versions of that plate below:

From the g503 website:

And from this eBay auction (note how close the navy serial numbers of these two jeeps are — 3855 (top) vs. 3874 (bottom)). The willys-overland serial numbers are 18501 vs 18741:


This version of the Navy Jeep was modified by Szekely and includes a plate that states that fact.  Szekely also created the 3 wheeled M-38 APU. Here’s an example of the name plate for the CJ-3A from the G503 site (see the related discussion and many more pics).  A similar thread can be seen at the CJ-3A Board.

Information from the Navy CJ-3A Ad: “This jeep needs a restoration. The frame is in nice shape and not cut on. the body has some  rust but nothing like those east coast vehicles (Colorado vehicle) there is a skin coat of bondo on the outside and it looks like it had a nice paint job done to it which is now faded. I really don’t know whats under the bondo but looking from underneath and behind it does not look like it was used to cover any major rust more like a skin coat to get the body straight. The front floors are good as is the cowl and the tool box, hood and grill are good, windshield frame is solid. The rear floor has plywood on it but I see no holes from underneath. Rear taillight area needs a some rust repair. as do some body brackets.  The engine will need a rebuild, (last owner said he was driving it in his drive and it locked up. the radiator and carb is missing and there are no top bows although I do have the door frames. most everything else looks to be intact.  There is undercoating from the factory. This is dry and easy to peel off and you can see the original Navy Gray paint. It probably had hood numbers but I have not stripped the paint to find out.  The cowl tag and the Navy tag have the same numbers and the engine looks to be close enough to be original (early CJ’s don’t have matching serial number engines) and the casting numbers are correct.(#641087)”

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CJ-5ish custom build Cheney, Wa $12000

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Racing, Unusual • TAGS: .

This would be a fun jeep to check out.

“Every thing about this jeep is custom. Built 350 chevy motor, turbo 400 trans, detroit lockers, 456 gears, five 38″ boggers on and on.  ONLY REPLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS.  I WILL NOT PART A THING OUT ON THIS JEEP, ALL OR NOTHING.”


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1956 Truck Backhoe Pine City, MN $5000

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

Here’s an unusual find.

“How about this boys! A 1956 Willys with backhoe. Someone said it is a factory military, is it? I don’t know, you tell me. Flat head 6 cylinder, 3 speed trans., 4 wheel drive. It runs and drives BUT has no brakes. I have a rebuilt master cylinder for it. The backhoe works great. Need to replace some hydrolic lines but it works the way it is. She is a rare one boys! Bring $5000 cash please-NOTHING LESS-and a trailer and she’s yours! ”

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Hobart Welder Gunlock, Ut $500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator, Machinery, Unusual

Brett spotted this Welder.  These are usually priced between $800 – $1200, so this appears to be a good price (if the fix is easy).

“Hobart Welder. 250 Amp 40 Volt. Willys engine. Welder was not making power when machine was parked. But the Willys jeep engine still ran. no emails. Please call 435-632-2415”


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A ‘Police’ Wagon from the Movie Plumm Summer Bozeman, Mt $4800

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Unusual, Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

UPDATE:  UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4800.

After some searching, I found a movie trailer that shows a short clip of the Police Wagon (shown below).  You can see the entire trailer from this 2008 movie here.

“1960 willys jeep for sale. great condition. 4×4. Flathead Hurricane 6 original motor, ~100,000 miles. Was in the movie, “A Plumm Summer.” Painted like a sheriff vehicle. runs great, and always starts, may need to have the piston rings replaces, but all the seals were just redone. cheep to insure, and a great vehicle, some custom work was done to the back seats to turn them into side benches. this jeep has all original parts, except for 1 missing rear seat, but i have the replacement in storage.”

Plumm Summer Movie Willys Wagon

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Hobart Welder with Willys Engine Alstead, Nh $850

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Industrial-Welder-Generator, Machinery, Unusual

These pop up everyone once in a while.

“Mounted on trailer ,good tires, ball coupler hitch, has Leads 250 Amp. with 110 volt Dc outlet. Lifting ring. Good sheet metal nice older machine working order. Willeys 4 cylinder gas motor. Complete unit ready to go ! Asking $850. or best offer Call Tom Konan for more info 603-352-5131 NO EMAIL DO – NOT – EMAIL ! Thank You”