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Craig’s ‘new’ Trav-L-Aire Camper

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After a 570 mile journey, Craig nabs himself “the ever elusive FC-170 with the ‘Jeep’ Factory Approved “Trav-L-Aire Camper.” See a brochure about the camper here. You can read more about the purchase at the Forward Control Forum. Congrats Craig.

Here are some exclusive pics:

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1957 Diesel Truck w/Camper Top St. George, UT **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  **Status Unknown** Was on eBay

This is unusual.  It could use some work.

“1957 Willys Diesel Truck this Truck has the Mitsubishi 6DR5 factory straight 6 cylinder Turbo Diesel conversion with less than 25,000 miles on it. It gets 30 miles per gallon and is very dependable. It has a brand new 4 core radiator, has a block heater, new starter, alarm on motor compartment, Stock t 90 transmission know as the twin stick, it has a Warn overdrive splitter that splits all gears, so makes this truck a 6 speed, electric air horn, spot light, 6000 pound American made (Portland Oregon) Bellevue Winch with a 135-1 ration, dual batteries $250 each, duel tanks, UHF and VHF two way radio with a scanner This truck has had two owners, and has 55,000 original miles. This is an original Nevada truck and has no rust except for the drivers door and I have another door. Call if you would like more info.”

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A Couple Willys Trucks

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Robin emailed me the other day asking how rare Willys trucks with tow packages are.  Before answering her question, I did some searches to make sure my answer, which was yes, was correct.  That’s when I came across these two pictures.  One is a beautiful Willys Tow Truck and the other is entirely odd ball.

This is a picture that is being auctioned on eBay:

This image was taken by Randy Brown on February of 2010:

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1920 Trip of 25,000 Miles

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A few days ago in Omaha Ann took me to a favorite local chain called PepperJax.  Somebody decided to turn the concept of a buritto shop — where the customer moves down from station to station as someone builds their burrito — into a philly steak shop.  So, you can get steak over rice, in a sandwich, in a salad, and more.  It was quite good, with the bun made fresh minutes before my sandwich was built and piled high with steak.

After devouring my sandwich, I was admiring some of the old pictures hanging on the wall when I spotted this interesting photo.  I tried to find more information about it, but the story escaped my searches.  A caption underneath the picture states the image was of an Auto Camp taken September 23, 1920 at Elmwood Park in Omaha, Nebraska,.  On the car, which appears to sport all metal spoke wheels (or maybe part wood), were the following phrases:

2. 25,000 Miles in 1 YR
3. OVER – 11,000 M in 3 months
4. over 5,000 towns and cities
5. ______ OR BUST (I couldn’t make out the first word).

The car is pretty strange.  There must be a good story here.  Below is the whole picture followed by a closeup of the car.

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1960 FC-170 Pueblo, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The camper isn’t original to the FC, but fits pretty well I think.

“This is a forward control FC-170 (1-ton) that has a camper built on the back.  It was converted to a camper sometime in the early seventies.  The interior of the camper has new paint, counters and cushions. It makes into two double beds and two single so it sleeps a total of six. Has original 1950s propane stove with an oven (there is a normal removable propane tank in an exterior compartment).  Gas and DC lights, ice box and sink.  The water tank has been removed but there is a place underneath to mount a tank.  The engine was changed at some point and replaced with a 302 Ford V-8.  The engine fires up and sounds good.  The truck drives fine but has been parked for quite some time.  I purchased from the person who had built the camper and had owned it for many years.  He had used it for camping with the family and hunting but not in recent years due to his age.  There is an overdrive unit that goes with the vehicle but needs to be repaired and was removed.  I was told by the previous owner that the windshield was recently replaced and it does appear to have been.  The tires are pretty old and hard.  There is also a set of black spoked 15″ rims are included. There is also a box of misc. gaskets and parts included.  The truck has quite a bit of power with the V-8 and would probably get up just about anywhere and has plenty of clearance.  There were not many of these trucks made and they have become very collectible.  As you can see from the photos the paint is faded but there does not appear to be any serious corrosion anywhere.”

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1951 M-38 Hemet, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The seller provides a long, detailed list about this jeep.  It also includes a food storage box  (grub box).  I think that is a custom top.

“It has a 4-speed gearbox with the lowest gear ratio of 6:1.  The 4-cylinder, 2.3 liter Ford engine was rebuilt less than 5,000 miles ago.  The Saturn overdrive was rebuilt about 1,500 miles ago.  It was purchased by the current non-smoking owner in 1977 and complete maintenance records are included.  The jeep is fully operational, licensed through January 2012 and can be driven as is . . .  visit the bay ad to learn more.”

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1969 CJ-5 w/ Camper Harpers Ferry, WV **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“We have a 1969 Jeep CJ Camper They only made 336 of these  I have found on the  internet there only a hand ful of them left. they are rare as hens teeth. this a V6 engine with a three speed trans. It needs a complete restoration as you can see from the pics. it is being sold on a Bill of sale only it looks to be about 95% complete we do see it is missing some hub caps/ gear shifter knob/ some camper parts/  It did run when parked any questions please call me my name is Dannon”

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The Overland Tent Trailers

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HOG pointed out these unusual tent trailers.  This comes from an article at about outfitting a multi-day adventure.

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Ready to go Camping ….

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UPDATE:  I did a little more research and finally found this photo at the CJ-3B Page.  There is a complete discussion of the history of the CJ-3B, including a note that the CJ-3B has a custom body extension and a Sears top was purchased that was also custom extended. It’s a good story to read.

I’m not sure where this image might have originated, but I spotted it at

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1963 FC-170 Camper Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Brian spotted this great project.  The seller also took the time to document this build. View all the pics and the build process at

“Thinking it is time to sell my awesome Motorhome. 1963 4×4 Jeep (Willys FC170) with a 1976 Trillium Trailer. Truck has ~50,000 miles on it.

Frame up build, Specs:
Engine: Mercedes OM617 Turbo Diesel (5 cylinder) ~200,000 km, great economy 500km per 50lt tank.
Transmission: Mercedes 4 Speed Automatic
Transfer Case: Divorced NP 205 new seals, yokes
Drive Shafts: 3 custom from Abby Springs
Axles: Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear (1992 axles)
Springs: Stock rebuilt with bushings
Air ride: Front Firestone air bags and rear air assisted shocks
Brakes: 1 ton brakes, Power with dual reservoir (under dash), all new lines
Fuel: New lines, lift pump, and 3 pre-filters.
Wiring: All rewired, new fuses, glow plug timer, electric wiper, etc..

The camper is a Trillium full fiberglass design. Trailer has new 2 burner propane stove, gravity furnace that just got serviced (no fan so it draws no electric and can run for ever), 3 way fridge, sink with hand pump and portable holding tank so you can dump it without moving the camper, it has a spot for a port-i-poti. Comes with Generator, stereo system, Summer camping fly tent and spare parts. $8,200 OBO Call luke 604 967 3333″

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More Postcards from Gerald

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Gerald’s got some more images of postcards from the Oregon Dunes.

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1957 FC-170 Custom Motor Home Idaho Falls, ID **DEAD**

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UPDATE:  Craig reports the following: “ It died a terrible death on the side of the highway sometime back. An electrical fire totally destroyed it. I believe that it was not under its own power at the time. (Being towed or trailered).

Someone put some serious work in this. It was listed at $3500

“22 foot motorhome built on a 1957 Jeep FC-170 chassis. This it a very unique and cool rig. Has Chevy 350, 4×4, 8000lb warn winch, propane furnace, A/C, duel fuel Onan 3500 watt generator that automatically starts when battery gets low, electric leveling jacks, oven, 4 burner stove, gas/electric fridge with small freezer, water heater, and a bathroom. Can sleep six.”