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1947 Ad For Caravan Visit

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A discussion with Barry Thomas of Farm Jeep has led to us looking deeper into the relationship between the Schenecker and the Glenn M. Rogers companies, which led to me finding this ad.

There’s no wind today, so just a few updates as  I need to get to work outside.


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Customers Stage Demo in Plattsburg, NY

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UPDATE: Here’s one from the archives …

Originally Posted July 24, 2015: This Willys News article from July 1955 highlights an annual customer jeep demonstration in Plattsburg, New York. That’s the biggest teeter-totter that I’ve ever seen. We used to do something similar back in the 70s as part of payday events.

1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing3 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing2 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing4

article continues below . . .

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Ranger & Remodeling

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We’ve had some family visiting this weekend, which is why updates have been thin the last few days. More updates Monday.

First, earlier this week some nearby folks who were moving to the west-side of the state posted their 2015 Full-size Polaris Ranger with Turf mode and low miles (1800mi) plus spray equipment for sale for $7000. The price was too good for us to pass up, so we brought this rig home.


One big reason we got this was that Ann’s knees preclude her from using a stiff clutch (like that of a jeep), so this is a much more practical vehicle for her to enter/exit and drive around the property. In two days it has already proven its value (for fun and work).

The weather hit the mid-60s yesterday, so I’ve been able to get more of the old dove-cage removed. the next step will be to move the propane tank. Meanwhile, I’ll be leveling the dirt in anticipation of adding gravel and then raised garden beds. Here is a before and after comparison (the wood had has been removed and the area is actually partly dug out).


In the meantime, during a cold stretch in late Feb/Early March, we made more progress inside. This time, we’ve completed the remodel of a room that was, under the previous owner, an entertainment room, then it became our bedroom when we moved into he house. Now that we’ve moved into the master bedroom, it has become Ann’s craft room.

Here is a before pic taken by the previous owner:


This photo shows roughly the same angle:


And a few other photos. It is kind of any odd room. We didn’t want to change too much as we are may be remodeling this whole area in a couple years.2022-03-08-craft-room-remodel2

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Stratton Lift @ FarmJeep.com

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Barry updated a Land Rover post that takes a look at a Stratton-lift-like 3-point lift behind a Land Rover.



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Newest Authenticast Surrey DJ-3A

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eBay has been a bit frustrating lately as there has been a dearth of interesting vintage jeep items to purchase (especially interesting brochures). However, I did spot this Authenticast jeep for sale. The front bumper is broken (which seems the norm), but I do have the broken piece, so I will try to put it back together. Importantly, the straps, fringe and spare tire are all there (these are the three things most often missing).

authenticast-surrey-dj3a-0-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-1-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-2-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-3-lores

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Signage @ eWillys

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The other day I replaced an old antique yoke the previous owner had hung over the shop door with this eWillys sign. The sign was given to me back in 2013 by the Spring Willys Reunion committee, along with a Toledo Brick award, as a thanks for my work with eWillys. It’s hard to believe that that event was nine years ago!


Now that I have additional wall space in the shop, if anyone has some vintage jeep signs that you just don’t know what to do with them, drop me a note at d@deilers.com and maybe we can work something out.


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Year? Mil-Ner Ambulance Model 475-4WD Brochure

I missed out on winning this brochure on eBay. Though stamped “1960”, the early grille plus the Willys-Overland branding on the brochure suggests Mil-Ner’s ambulance modifications may have been one of the earliest example of the Jeep being turned into an ambulance.

There is only printing on the front of the page. The back was blank.


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Early 1960s Dualmatic Hub Information

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Dave found and shared these photos of a Dualmatic hub box with an information sheet inside it.

dualmatic-box-dave-franz1-lores1 dualmatic-box-dave-franz2-lores2 dualmatic-box-dave-franz4-lores3 dualmatic-box-dave-franz3-lores4

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The 4-in-1 Advertising Campaign

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UPDATE: A twist on the 4-in-1 campaign shared below was the use of the term “4-Purpose Jeep” in some newspaper ads.

A few months after the introduction of the CJ-2A in July of 1945 Willys-Overland introduced the 4-in-1-functional vehicle advertising concept for the Willys Universal ‘Jeep’, which was an effort to quickly explain how Swiss-army-knife-like the new jeep could be. Perhaps, speculatively speaking, it was even a play off of the “4” in the 4-wheel-drive aspects of the jeep as well? Either way, for a short-time, in late-1945 and early 1946 Willys-Overland pushed the idea of the jeep as having 4 different functions for farm and industry.

I would argue that the campaign wasn’t very successful, or at least didn’t work for me, because just this morning I had to once again look up what constituted the “4”. In case you can’t remember, let’s take a quick look at how this campaign might have originated.

WHAT THE JEEP CAN DO: The earliest mention I have of the four functions was in the Saturday Evening Post’s November 10, 1945, two-page-ad, the first big splash of advertising for the new Universal Jeep, where W-O claims in bold at the top of the ad that the ‘Jeep’ is a vehicle capable of doing a “thousand jobs”:

1945-11-10-sat-evening-post-willys-jeep-2page-ad-pg71-lores 1945-11-10-sat-evening-post-willys-jeep-2page-ad-pg70-lores

Looking more closely ad the ad text, W-O never gets around to listing all 1,000 possible jobs for their new vehicle, but, after claiming the Universal “Jeep” can do almost Anything, the company breaks down the CJ-2A’s functionality into four categories: 1) As a Truck, 2) As a Runabout, 3) As a Mobile Power Unit, and 4) As a Tractor. But, absent from this page is the 4-in-1 branding.

The Four-Function Jeep: The very next month, Willys-Overland inches closer to the 4-in-1 concept by proclaiming in a second two-page ad on December 02, 1945, in the Saturday Evening Post, that the ‘Jeep’ was a “The Four-Function” vehicle.

Once again, Willys-Overland listed four categories, but this time a) changed the order,  2) softened the “truck” claim, changing it to a Light Truck, and c) softened the “tractor” claim, changing it to Light Tractor as the following category headers show: 1) Use it as a Runabout, 2) Use it as a Light Tractor, 3) Use it as a Mobile Power Unit, and 4) Use it as a Light Truck.

1945-12-2-sat-evening-post-willys-builds-the-worlds-most-versatile-vehicle-pg61-lores 1945-12-2-sat-evening-post-willys-builds-the-worlds-most-versatile-vehicle-pg60-lores

Still, as of December 1945, the term 4-in-1 still wasn’t used in the company’s major advertising campaigns.

The 4-IN-1 Jeep: That changed on January 19, 1945, when W-O published a third two-page-ad with the title “For Business Or Farm, The 4-IN-1 ‘Jeep’ Does More Jobs … Tougher Jobs“.

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The Land Rover’s History

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Bill shared this video about the origins of the Land Rover. The early footage is particularly interesting.

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1965 Ad for a Farm Jeep

Barry Thomas (Farmjeep.com) shared this 1965 ad that shows a CJ-5 being used as an extra farm hand. If anyone happens to have any ads showing a CJ-5 on the farm or with a lift, Barry would be very interested in it.


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Camping in the 1970s

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Blaine shared this post showing a vintage camping thread from the 1970s. If like me, you camped with a motor home, I expect this will feel very nostalgic. There are even a few jeep pictured. There’s some great Utah/Colorado scenery as well.


1970-camping2 1970-camping

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1944 VMail Letter With a Jeep Drawing on eBay

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This 1944 letter looks like it appeared in a newspaper. The eBay description isn’t very helpful.

View all the information on ebay


Christmas V-Mail
Art Letter
63rd Signal Battalion
Willys Jeep

Named: T4 Robert Glashauser

Look over pictures to see the exact item you will receive and to determine the overall condition of this item.:

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Cool Lego Jeep Video

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Cool lego jeep, but things didn’t quite go as planned….

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The Commando “Farm Hand” jeep?

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Barry shared this June 1971 Ad from “The Progressive Farmer”. It touts the Jeepster Commando as a “Farm Hand” jeep, a term used as far back as the February 03, 1945, Willys-Overland Ad (at bottom). While off-road capable, I never pictured this model being used regularly as a Farm Jeep (maybe it was?).


From February, 1945:


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Anyone Know This Under/Overdrive? Gear Box

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, Transmissions

UPDATE: The consensus seems to be that this bolts to the back fo the transfercase like a type of PTO, but no one has recognized it yet.

David picked up this gear box at RFJP’s shop. Anyone recognize it?

pto-transmission-under-overdrive5 pto-transmission-under-overdrive2


pto-transmission-under-overdrive4 pto-transmission-under-overdrive3

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1944 Schramm W-O Powered Generator Booklet on eBay

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I haven’t run across many Schramm generators for sale. I’m not sure how many are left. But, I imagine this booklet could be useful for someone.

View all the information on eBay

“WW II Portable Engine Driven Generator manual. WIllys jeep engine. This one book contains the Operations manual, maintenance manual and parts list. 64 pages total. size is 9″ x 6″. My favorite part is the price list, oil pump were listed for $5.50 for replacement cost while the entire engine block was $49.00! LOL You need this book for your MB/GPW or WWII manual collection.”




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Printing 3D Car Parts for Restorations

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Bill shared this Hemmings article that discusses the use of an iPhone as a scanner for car 3D parts. I know that for several years there have been some Willys wagon knobs and other items 3D printed and available for purchase.

But, to take that from a hobbyist endeavor to a commercial scale, with mechanics or parts resellers producing parts with 3D printers in-house is an intriguing idea. Practical? Certainly not now for multiple reasons, but it’s not a stretch to believe that car parts for vintage vehicles will only become more difficult to find. So, I’m hoping that some magnitudinal advances can occur in this arena.



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Ringling Bros. Circus Jeep **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

I tried to win this unusual Ringling Brothers circus jeep (here are a couple real-life examples of a Ringling circus jeep and Charlton Heston in one here), but I was out bid (it went for $31.99 and I bid $31). This has some nice details on it as you can see in the pics.

ringling-brothers-circus-jeep01 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep0 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep1 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep2 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep3

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Archer Motor Company Floating Jeep Pencil on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a rare floating jeep mechanical pencil with an engraving of Archer Motor Company from Burlington, Iowa.

View all the information on eBay

“RARE!!WILLY’S OVERLAND*Archer Motor Co.*Burlington,IA”FLOATING JEEP”Pencil/Works. This is very close to mint if not. I didn’t find anything really wrong with it.This is for the most discriminating collector or someone looking for a center piece for a Jeep display, it’s the origin of the JEEP.”

archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil1 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil2 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil3 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil4 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil5

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Burrillvile (RI) Fire/Brush Jeep Slide on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

This looks like a former M-38 that was modified into a brush jeep. Cool pic!

View all the information on eBay

“Burrillville (RI) 1952 Willys Jeep Brush/Forestry/Wildland – Glendale VFD. Credit to the original photographer, who retains any copyright.”


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Specialized Equip Binder w/Bulletins on eBay

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This is priced at $55. It is a mid-1950s Special Equipment binder into which someone put Willys Motors and Willys Export bulletins from 1957-1962.

View all the information on eBay

special-equip-binder-with-bulletins2 special-equip-binder-with-bulletins3 special-equip-binder-with-bulletins4

“Willys motors Inc. and Willys – Overland export corporation Toledo Ohio kaiser jeep corporation parts and accessories bulletins 1957 to 1962

Shop worn and notebook inside is dirty but pages good overall. – inside notebook cover shows wear, especially where the metal clasps and notebook edges hold the paper – paper pages in good condition- Readable no tears a lot of spotting on the edges yellowing of pages overall all intact and in good condition”

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1958 Mitsubishi Models Booklet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I don’t remember seeing this brochure previously. It is 12 pages, but unclear how many cover the jeep line. I didn’t know Mitsubishi did a Fire Jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“1958 Mitsubishi sales brochure with Willys Jeep, Jupiter Trucks & 500 Sedan. Size is 8.25 x 11.5 with 12 pages. Bent corner, creased.”




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1978 EBRO Bravo L Lincolnton, NC $16,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, CJ-6, Features, International

Rennie spotted this rare jeep. Based on a CJ-3B-Page brochure, this is most likely an EBRO Bravo Model “L”. It seems the jeep below has had some modifications.


“This is a 1978 cj6 made in Spain by visa with a Sofia 74 hp Diesel engine they bought the rights to build from American motors built like a cj3b runs and drives great new tires and engine rebuilt and lots of work done probably the only one in USA interesting trades considered”

1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc03 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc05 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc06 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc07 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc08 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc09 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc10

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Part 3: Epic Willys Oregon Trail Adventure

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Here’s part 3 (days 5&6) of the Epic Willys Adventure from the Oregon Trail. For some reason, the video won’t play within this post. So, you’ll have to go to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/y622iR4g1lg


If not up to date on the videos, catch up on Part I and Part II also.