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Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders

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UPDATE II: There’s another 1954 Metamet 12-page brochure for sale on eBay (see bottom of post for pics)

View all the information on eBay


UPDATE Posted July 04, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect some more information and images. It was originally posted in March of 2013.


Metamet was a British company that refurbished WWII jeeps and civilian jeeps, creating a slew of different models. According to the G503 Forum, “Metamet was run by an expat Pole, and latterly his son. It was a wonderful Aladdin’s caves of wartime Jeeps and Jeep bits and pieces located in a series of old mews stables in Daleham Mews. These places were commonly garage workshops in post-horse London, but nowdays are worth untold fortunes as residences.”

At one point in the early 1950s there were twelve different models of jeeps offered by Metamet, only one of which was the standard production model jeep. The rest were all customizations of one type or another. Seven models were 80″ wheel base, while the other five had 100″ wheel bases.  The models include, the Standard, De-luxe, Farmer, Five-in-one, Saloon, Shooting Brake, 10 CWT Truck, Metaplan, Station Wagon, 15 CWT Van, 20 CWT Lorry, and a 2 Ton Loadmaster.


Metamet’s early 1950s models. There were seven 80″ wheel base jeeps and five 100″ wheel base jeeps.


Here’s an example of Metamet’s advertising.

A 1952 Ad posted to Flicker by Johnathan confirms there were twelve models also:


Finally, here’s a 1954 12 page brochure that provides examples of different models that used to be linked to on the jeep farm website:


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1963? LBJ Tux Park IV Everett, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Joe spotted this Flickr photo from 1965 that may just show this jeep when brand new.

“January 1965 Kaiser Jeep Corporation press photo of new CJ5s being delivered to Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Presidential Inauguration of Lyndon Johnson on January 20, 1965. Each float in the parade would be towed by a new 1965 CJ5.”

I hoped to find the above photo in a newspaper, but didn’t have any luck. I did find this short article from the January 30th, 1965, issue of the San Angelo Standard-Times:


Based on this article, I would guess that the white showing through from underneath the green suggests this was one of the white jeeps for the parade.


Originally posted May 04, 2022: Listed as a 1963, this was more likely a 1965 as that’s when the Tux Park IV first arrived. This jeep has a plaque indicating it was used in Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration parade. This was listed for $800 on FB and sold within a day. Thanks to Jordan for forwarding it to me.

“HistoricalJeep- metal tag on glove box says it was in the 1965 inaugural parade,no title,runs good, good working four wheel drive, no breaks”

1963-cj5-tuxparkiv-lbj-jeep1 1963-cj5-tuxparkiv-lbj-jeep2 1963-cj5-tuxparkiv-lbj-jeep3 1963-cj5-tuxparkiv-lbj-jeep4


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A Quick Road Trip to MN

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In about a week and a half I will be making a quick trip to Minnesota (about an hour north of Minneapolis) to finally pick up a wrecked former racing jeep with a fiberglass Parkette body. David Franz has been great about storing this while I found a time to snag it.

The timing of this hasn’t been finalized, because mom’s title issues have been solved to the satisfaction of a title insurance company, so we’ll be listed her place this coming Wednesday, which means renting a U-haul to complete one last cleanup, but that will only take one day.

So, if you need something moved between Washington and Minnesota, I may be able to trailer it on my way to or from Minnesota.

Steve Carter mentioned that, coincidently, this race rig is a sister rig of sorts to my racing jeep. Mine sounds great and feels read to race, but it is just too tight of squeeze in the driver and passenger seat. Rather than rework the space, body, and cage with my race jeep, my plan is to drop the cage and body below onto my racer, which will give me more room (the body and cage are both wider). This also has a better clutch/brake setup than mine.

1954-flattie-parkette-crash0 1954-flattie-parkette-crash3 1954-flattie-parkette-crash1


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May 1952 Miller Tools Willys Overland Catalog

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I received my second booster shop on Thursday, the result of which kept me hunkered down yesterday with a few chills and aches, so I took the time to scan the following document.

This unusual catalog from Miller Tools highlights tools specifically for Willys vehicles, both jeeps and automobiles. It is catalog F-618 printed in May of 1952. There are 92 pages in the book, including three order forms. I’ve broken it up into multiple sections for easy of downloading and zipped the PDFs together in one file (63mb), should you want to check it out. Unfortunately, my PDF management/editing apps don’t work under the newest Mac OS, which is another reason I didn’t combine them (have to locate a new PDF capable app). If you have a problem dealing with the zip file, then I can send you independent links for the various sections.


Here are a few pages:

miller-tools-willys-booklet1 miller-tools-willys-booklet2 miller-tools-willys-booklet3 miller-tools-willys-booklet4


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1961 Koenig King Winches Brochure

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This brochure, No. 761, highlights Koenig’s King brand of winches in a single sheet with three folds.



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Nov 1960 Koenig King Winch Brochure

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I picked this November 1960 Koenig King Winch brochure with a from number of 11-60 off of ebay.

1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure1 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure2 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure3 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure4 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure5

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1953 US Navy Smalley Port-O-Spot on ProxiBid

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Andy shared this rarely seen US Navy Smalley Port-O-Spot. It’s another odd utility vehicle partly built with Willys-Overland parts. Only a couple hours left in the bidding; the high bid is currently $3100.


“Made by Oxnard Heavy Maintenance & Mfg Co. Oxnard California. It has a Willys drivetrain, and it does run and drive.”

1953-navy-port-o-spot-track-mover-kent-oh0 1953-navy-port-o-spot-track-mover-kent-oh1 1953-navy-port-o-spot-track-mover-kent-oh2 Continue reading

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1976 DJ-5 Smoker/Grill Waxhaw, NC $4500

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Mike shared this DJ-5-transformed-into-a-smoker (in the back) and grille (under the hood).


“Pull up with this at your next party. Built from the shell of an old postal jeep. 18 ga steel welded in the cargo area(back) and sealed and all shelves (2) are on rollers so they pull out. Side back windows have shelf to keep things warm. Under the hood you have a 36″ flat top griddle for cooking. I built a fire box that only uses wood or charcoal. I used only hickory wood. Smoker is mounted on a trailer for easy towing. All lights on jeep except headlights work as they should .”

1976-dj5-smoker-waxhaw-nc1 1976-dj5-smoker-waxhaw-nc3 1976-dj5-smoker-waxhaw-nc4

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Jeep Article from the National WWII Museum in NOLA

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Bill shared this article by Tom Czekanski from the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, a place I have yet to visit (“yet” being the key word).



PHOTO CREDIT: 1941 Ford GP awaits assembly. Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.

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Pat Brady Coloring Book on eBay

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Glenn spotted this Pat Brady coloring book on eBay. The cover shows a great illustration of the Nelly Belle jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“My Husband’s coloring book from his childhood.”


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Jan 1976 Vintage Northeast 4WD Racing Newspaper

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UPDATE: Happy May Day! Below are all the pages from this issue of the newspaper.

This unusual newspaper that popped up on eBay the other day. It was the seventh issue of the Northeast 4WD Racing News. There was no publish date, but one editorial puts this at roughly January 1976. It’s 14 pages published in a full-size newspaper format, so the pics are big! I’d love to see other copies if anyone knows of any (or knows how long this paper lasted).

(The images are extra large to allow folks to read the small text. Click on the image, then most likely you’ll need to click on it again to expand it to full size)

This is the front page:

1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news01 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news02 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news03 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news04

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1962 Price/Parts Catalog for Various Models on eBay

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This pics show that the M-38A1, M-170, Trucks and Wagons are covered by the catalog. I can’t tell if it covered all models, including CJ-5s, CJ-6s, DJs, FJs, or other models.

View all the information on eBay

1962-truck-wagon-m38a1-catalog81-lores 1962-truck-wagon-m38a1-catalog84-lores 1962-truck-wagon-m38a1-catalog83-lores 1962-truck-wagon-m38a1-catalog86-lores

“Vintage 1962 AMC Willys Jeep Military & Utility Vehicle Parts Catalog & Price List. I know very little about this, I am selling it for a friend whose family member was a mechanic.

The large book is marked on the front Parts List / Price Catalog – American Motor Company.It appears to contain two separate books from 1962.

The first is for the Jeep Military M38AI Truck Utility (MD) & M170 Truck Ambulance (MDA) – approx. 116 pages Continue reading

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MOD-AC Ford GPA/SEEP Model Kit Jeep on eBay

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Likely from the 1940s, this seems a good price on an old amphibious model jeep kit. I have one already or I would buy it.

View all the information on eBay

“Welcome welcome for sale we have a VINTAGE U.S. ARMY AMPHIBIAN JEEP WOOD AND PAPER MODEL KIT BY MOD-AC, CA.Also know as the quack! This model has been started and has a few broken pieces so please review the pictures I believe it’s all here and if your going to finish it I am sure you can fix those pieces”

mod-ac-seep-gpa-model0 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model1 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model2 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model3 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model4

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MPC “Bottoms Up” Jeep Model on eBay

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Mike spotted this MPC-brand model that allows for the creation of either a Funny Car or a Service Jeep. It seems pretty pricey at $230. I would have been all over this as a kid, as I built model jeeps, Barret-mobiles, and other 60s rat rods. Note that the directions for this are not original (printed off the internet) and the tires have been altered slightly.

View all the information on eBay

mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep0 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep1 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep2 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep3

“MPC Bottoms Up Jeep 2 versions. Road service or Funny Car with decals, nice-Rare kit seldom seen on eBay and never reproduced. Looks to be mostly complete. Supersize pictures and judge for yourself. I counted 100 white parts alone! All chrome looks to be there too When I found this rare kit someone had already removed all the wheels from the chrome tree and assembled the stock wheels into the stock tires. Some melting had happened over the years. I Dis-assembled the wheels from the tires and trimmed all the excess from the wheels. Once assembled you can hardly notice.Also there is a small tire burn on the drivers door. There were no directions but I was able to locate them on the internet and print a complete set. They look original. Decals look good with no cracking. Item will be carefully packed and arrive as you see it here.”
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Maine Willys Sales Company Bangor, Maine

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The Maine Willys Sales Co, appears to have launched in 1946 in Bangor, Maine. By 1949, the company was located in multiple Maine cities, including Bangor, Rockland, Lewiston, Portland, and Augusta. At some point, circa 1949, the Augusta branch sold six jeeps to the Forestry Department. The below image posted to the Forest Fire Lookout Association’s FB page documents this purchase:


Here’s an ad from the March 30, 1949, issue of the Bangor News. Note that multiple cities are listed under Maine Willys Sales:


It’s likely that 1949 wasn’t kind to the Maine Willys Sales Company, because the February 09, 1950, issue of the Bangor Daily News reported that Chrysler had taken over the Maine Willys Sales Company property, though nothing was mentioned about what happened to the company.

Later that year, on June 15, 1950, a large ad appeared in the Bangor Daily News, but only the Maine Willys Sales Company of Rockland appeared on this list of dealers.


The above ad strongly suggests that Maine Willys had dwindled to just one city in Maine by the summer of 1950. The company’s name was rarely seen in the newspapers after this ad.

The last reference I found for the company was for a July 11, 1953, article in the Bangor Daily News that mentioned an accident where a driver backed into the Rockland Maine Willys Sales showroom, shattering two large windows.

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1945 Article on the Jeep’s Rough Ride

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In his Conner’s Corner column for the Lewiston Evening News on October 16, 1945, Sam Conner didn’t have a “Kind Word For Jeep”, at least in regards to the pounding ride it offered. It was a fair complaint.


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Bird Brains

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UPDATE: When we left for Seattle Friday morning there was no nest. However, upon returning from Seattle robin had fully rebuilt the nest (that would be the third nest in three days). So, grabbed some fending wire and have temporarily installed it over the cross beam. I think the problem is solved for now …

Yesterday on my way out to the shop I noticed a new addition: a Robin’s nest2. That’s it is over the sign really ticks me off. So, I checked for eggs (because I’m not a monster) and, not seeing any, I removed the nest.

This morning, I see ol’ bird-brain back at it, rebuilding the nest in the exact same spot (see pics of the new nest being rebuilt below). Well, that ain’t happening! Looks like there will be a battle of wills!

2022-04-28-bird-nest-shop1 2022-04-28-bird-nest-shop2

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1948 Jeep Station Sedan Wagon Brochure

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This rare wagon brochure popped up on eBay. It’s the first time I’ve seen this one. When fully opened, it is only about 6″ x 9″. the brochure introduces the ‘Jeep’ Station Sedan wagon sporting the lightening inline 6.

This is the front page:


This is the back:1948-wagon-brochure-lores2

This brochure opens horizontally to reveal this page:


This shows the backside fully opened:


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Mid 1960s Cutlas Wheel Cover Brochure

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I don’t have a specific date for this brochure, but it shows that Cutlas Manufacturing was selling a couple different types of wheel covers, including the “J” covers. It is marked Form 105, but is not dated. This was likely published between 1963-1965.



Maury shared this example of a factory photo with the “J” hubcaps. He says, to the best of his knowledge, this was a 1966 CJ-5 factory photo:


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Jeep Pics from Stumptownblogger.com

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Blaine spotted some jeeps on this blogging website with an Oregon State focus. This first photo shows an FC in the background.

This next photo shows an early wagon at the 1948 Strawberry festival:

This photo shows an ad which appeared in magazines, including early Four Wheeler Magazines, so I’m not sure why it appears in this blog.

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The Caissons Go Rolling Along

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UPDATE: Grant spotted this video whose first segment includes the music at the bottom and glimpses of some early prototype jeeps (Bantams various points, mostly between :30 and 2:20 and a Ford GP around mark :50): 



Originally published March 27, 2019:  Carl pointed out that the 1944 sheet music for “The Caissons Go Rolling Along” sheet music included a jeep on the cover (#1 below). After some searching on eBay, some other popped up. I bought the bottom one that features the Ford GP and Willys MA.

  1. This was posted on eBay in 2019:
  2. Also available eon eBay in 2019:
  3. Also available on eBay in 2019:
  4. The music I bought in 2019:
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Birthday Card from the 1970s

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Another little treasure found while looking through the family stuff is this card drawn on heavy stock paper by my aunt. An architect, she was famous within the family for the cards she produced.

The card below was drawn for my dad’s birthday, likely mid 1970s. No doubt folks can relate to it (though I teased my aunt during a phone call yesterday about the poorly drawn jeep … she is usually attentive to details).


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Old Photos and Family Stuff

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On Friday, Ann and I headed over to Seattle to help wind down mom’s house and clean up what’s left (spoiler alert, still more to do …).

The house is pretty much ready to sell, though we still have some odds and ends to remove. We had though the house would hit the market this week, but it turns out that there is a title snag with one of the two parcels. One parcel was some land and the house, while the other parcel was just a piece of land. The land’s title wasn’t filed correctly, so we have to fix that (and of course everyone related to the title purchase and payments has died).

Among the items I brought home on this trip was a surprising collection of dad’s baby congratulations, cards, letters, and wester union cables, from 1933. Also in the mix were condolence letters from the death of my aunt Anita (apparently, my grandfather said Anita was shorthand for ‘little Ann’ (Ann was my grandmother’s name, which I thought was a sweet reference) when she was only 13 in 1944.

Some of the more surprising letters and postcards were from my great grandmother (Leonie Wurlitzer Eilers), who sent my father letters, whom she addressed as Master Karl E. Eilers, II. This rather weighty title for someone under 10 years old partly reflects the fact that Dad was named after his grandfather (and Leonie’s husband) of the same name.

Another surprise was that my grandfather wrote a letter to dad in 1971 a month before he passed. In the letter he discussed his prostate cancer and the pain of urination. He still had three weeks to go before he expected to be done with his treatment (unfortunately, he didn’t last much longer).


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Dutch’s High Hood to Low Hood Project

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Bill shared this post about a rough CJ-3B that was rebuilt into a CJ-2A-looking jeep. The result looks good, but it is also a good reminder that what appears to be a particular model may not be so thanks to the interchangeability of parts.


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FC-150 Ashtray Sold on eBay

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This R.B. Macbride Ashtray sold on eBay for just over $20. R.B. Macbride was a long time vehicle dealer in Modesto, California, that didn’t get a jeep dealer agreement until early 1957. Here are photos of the ashtray.



This January 17th, 1957, article in the Modesto Bee shares the news about Macbride’s Willys Jeep dealership:


Later that same year, on July 17th, the Modesto Bee ran an ad for Macbride touting the new FC-170:1957-07-13-modesto-bee-macbride-dealership