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CJ-2A Fire Jeep Walk Around Photos at Primeportal

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Marc forwarded a website called Primeportal. It offers photographic walk-arounds of all types of vehicles. Here’s one of a CJ-2A Fire Jeep (though it is listed as a CJ38 fire truck.


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Jeep Station Wagon Ambulances

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UPDATE: Note this toy jeep I found at the Snook Museum.

I just ran across this neat little story from According to the story, in 1950 the Army bought 1000 Jeep Station Wagons and outfitted them for testing at Army Hospitals all over the country. The were painted Olive Drab and given government data plates. You can read the entire history and see all the pics here.

The 1951 Wagon below ended up at Camp Atterbury. It was sold in 1954 and then used and parked until it was restored. It sell has the original government data plate.


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Amerio Refridgerated Body Option

Amerio Refrigerating Equipment Company was based in Union City, New Jersey. They made a variety of different truck bodies for different vehicles. As the brochure below demonstrates, they also made them for CJ-2As. I’ve yet to come across one that still exists.



As a side note, a New Jersey Company called Delicious Ice Cream is creating a business around restored ice cream trucks. They will bring them to corporate parties, birthday parties, etc.

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1957 Truck Sweden $3800

Oscar forwarded this from a Swedish site. He tried to get some better pictures, but didn’t have any luck. It’s an interesting truck.

“It’s a modified wagon for fire fighting original from 1957 which was used in southern Sweden. Has all hoses and controls, 125,000 miles. Price is 25,000 kronor which is $3,800.”

willys-utility-truck-sweden1 willys-utility-truck-sweden2 willys-utility-truck-sweden3 willys-utility-truck-sweden4

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1946 CJ-2A Fire Jeep Baldwinsville, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a project.

“1946 CJ2A Fire Jeep Up for auction is an unfinished restoration on a CJ2A Fire Jeep. See pictures at www (dot) s-scapes (dot) com/jeep.htm – the chassis has been sandblasted and painted – many new parts (wheel cylinders, knuckle seals, etc) – boxes & boxes of accumulated parts through the years from many other jeeps – has the ORIGINAL Champion Fire Pump *** EXTRA PARTS INCLUDED IN AUCTION – CLEANING OUT SHOP *** – extra axles (front & rear) – 5 transmissions – 6 transfer cases The body tub is in very rough shape. The engine has not been run in years.”


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1957 Reprint of a Mosquito Control FC-150

Here’s another reprint of this Mosquito Control FC

“Jeep 1957 Photo Reprint Louisville Health Department Mosquito Control
Literature type: Photo
Dimensions: 10 x 8 inches
Notes: Identifying info on back.
Condition: Good”

View all the information on eBay

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Provincetown, MA, Fire Department’s CJ-3A and Trailer

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In 1950 Provincetown added this CJ-3A and pumper trailer to their equipment.

The caption under this page reads: Provincetown Engine No.6 – c.1950, Willy’s Jeep with Maxim 500 gpm trailer served as Engine 6 from c.1950 into the 1970’s. The pump trailer may have been made by Maxim, as they made many during WWII, probably 500 gpm.


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1947 CJ-2A Fire Jeep East Haddam, CT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“A true barn find. 1947 CJ2A with 2305 original miles. This Fire Jeep is complete with fire extinguishers, nozzles, ladders, suction and discharge hose, original ax, and the list goes on and on. Super, original condition. If you are looking for a fire jeep don’t pass this one up. I am selling this for a friend so if you have any questions please give me enough time to get the answer for you. Also if you are interested in having this jeep restored please contact me so we can discuss it. Many of the worlds finest Willys have been restored in my shop. Winning bidder will be responsible for all transportation of this vehicle. I can help with loading and securing for transport. Check out my other auctions.”


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Images from the National Archives of Canada

I stumbled upon the National Archives of Canada the other day, discovering a variety of WWII Jeep images related to Canadian forces.  Here are a few ambulance shots:

1945 in GermanyPersonnel of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) loading a casualty into a Willys MB ambulance jeep, Sonsbeck, Germany, 6 March 1945.

1945 in Germany: Private F.J. Dunn resting on his ambulance jeep while evacuating casualties south of Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, 29 April 1945.

1945 in France: An ambulance jeep of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.), Vaucelles, France, 20 July 1944.

1943 in Italy: A jeep ambulance of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) bringing in two wounded Canadian soldiers on the Moro River front south of San Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, 10 December 1943.

View more from the Canadian Archives here

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Schenecker Demonstration Jeep w/ Hydraulic Lift

This Schenecker Demonstration Jeep shows off the hydraulic lift bucket. Really great photo that was just on eBay.


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Fumigator on the back of Flattie

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This short blurb about a fumigator on the back of a jeep was published in the January, 1948, issue of Popular Mechanics and available for free at Google. It doesn’t indicate whether this is a custom unit or an aftermarket fumigator available for the jeep.  I see no indication it is powered by the jeep; it may be self contained.


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Article about ACF Brill Model C-10 Bus built on Willys Chassis

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UPDATE: Guy found some great links regarding this Bus, which was also known as Jitney (see Steve’s links in the comments).  According to a New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center report dated September, 2010, there is no known C-10 in any collection.  The ATHS society believes at least 25 buses were built.  The Chassis is Willys, the Body is from ACF-Brill, and the model is C-10.  


This picture from Flickr shows the bus was branded Willys on the front. I was surprised to see that.


From 02/07/2013: This 1947article shows an example of ACF Brill Model C-10 Bus built on a Willys Chassis. Anyone heard or seen one of these? At least a few went to Atlantic City. These were designed as small, inexpensive buses for marginal lines.

View all the information on eBay


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1954 M-38A1 Phoenicia, NY eBay

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Andy has this ex Sheriff Jeep for sale.

“Nice original A1 that was used by the Sheriff’s dept. All original 24v. waterproof ignition, and carburetor. Runs and drives excellent. Needs master cylinder.

Body is in very nice condition, has all the seats. Toolbox is in nice condition, just surface rust. Sold as is, no warranty express or implied.. please email with questions.. Thanks”

View all the information on eBay


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Jeep in Industry Brochure on eBay

UPDATE:  I bought one of these from this seller. It was in great shape.

Here is another “Jeep in Industry” Brochure for sale.  The picture below is from a previous auction. (the one for sale does NOT have the writing on it like the pic below).

View all the information on eBay

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1951 Ringling Barnum Circus Jeeps 3, 4 & 5

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The Milner Library at Illinois State University has a collection of Circus Memorabilia, including a nice digital archive. I’ve selected a couple of images that show jeeps Numbers 3, 4, and 5 from the Ringling Barnum Circus.

As you can see below, No 3 is working hard holding up Carmen Barrigon, while No. 4 lazily watches.


Meanwhile, No. 5 is doing all the heavily lifting. The photographer, Sverre O. Braathen, calls this a Ford Jeep, but it looks like a CJ-3A the way the bumper is bolted onto the frame, though it also has a CJ-2A windshield. The rear PTO is raising the platforms for seating. My circus book has a good shot of the PTO setup from the rear, but I haven’t had a chance to scan that.


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Backhoe for Sale Brook Park, MN

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Dave spotted this unit. He says the guy has been trying to sell it for a couple years. Dave doesn’t have the seller’s name nor number at the moment, but was able to get some pictures of it.

schenecker-back-hoe-brookpark-mn1 schenecker-back-hoe-brookpark-mn2 schenecker-back-hoe-brookpark-mn3


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1972 CJ-5 Brush Truck Youngstown, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD* Was  on eBay.

(12/19/2012) This looks good.

“For sale is a 1972 jeep cj5. It was purchased new by the canfield fire department in ohio and was used as a brush truck. It has a 304 V8 in it with a 3 speed, runs and drives perfect choke and everything still works fires right up. has like new tires on it with probably less than 200 miles on them. it has a warn 8000lb planetary drive type winch on the front of it which cost 2000 alone and it is still equipped with the light on top the radio the siren, and tank and pump in the back that runs perfect. it is 100% rust free and original minus the paint it was originally yellow the fire department had it painted red when they bought it and it still looks great, still even has windshield washer bag, and a working e-brake also still has the original brakelines too. i have the original service manual for it as well as all the maintnence records, overall a very nicely kept jeep that would make a collector a fine addition. or restore, keep in mind that this was used for brush fires and such therefore it has minor dings and dents mostly just the front fenders it isnt perfect but it is nice for its age. if you need any more details about it just ask so you know 100% what you are bidding on… (odometer shows 4370 miles and i was told this is accurate by the fire department and that is what the title says however the speedo quit on me while on my way to work about a week ago so it will need fixed i even found someone that does it, but you can tell just from driving it that it is extremely tight (even the manual steering that is known to always be sloppy on these jeeps and the transfer case is almost silent when in 4wd so i 100 percent believe the mileage.”


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More on Circus Jeeps

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Yesterday I received a book I purchased earlier this month called “Circus and Carnival Trucks 1923-2000″.  Though mostly about trucks, the book includes several pictures of jeeps.  One of the pictures shows a jeep modified into a performance  prop called the “Little Red School House”.  Essentially, it’s a mobile school house that can be brought into a performance and then quickly driven away.

Trying to find other examples of this, I discovered a great thread from the CJ-2A Page about a jeep ownerwho managed to track down the history of a early CJ-2A his father bought from the Ringling Brothers Circus.  After some help from the forum and some research, he discovered several photos of his jeep all dressed up as “Lilliput”.

The Illinois State University has some pictures of Lilliput.  Here are a couple.  You can view more pics and the entire thread related to the re-discovery of Lilliput at the CJ-2A Page.



2) (you can just see the pto bar sticking out from the rear of the jeep).


Here’s another example of a performance jeep.  This is the “Little Red School House”. The picture is from the side.  The second looks more like a jeep.



4) This picture is on page 50 of the book I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


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1940s CJ-2A Howe Fire Truck Brochure on eBay

I would imagine this is an early Howe brochure.

“This auction is for a rare vintage dealer brochure for the CJ2A fire jeep conversion. Was from Cutler Motors in Mora MN. The brochure comes with a matching envelope.”

View all the information on eBay

1940s-jeep-howe-firetruck-brochure1 1940s-jeep-howe-firetruck-brochure3 1940s-jeep-howe-firetruck-brochure2

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Craig’s Pic of the Week

Craig from the FCConnection has offered to send a few non-FC pics our way from old editions of Jeep News and Willys News. After a minute of great deliberation and exhaustive thinking, I decided to call his weekly feature ‘Craig’s Pic of the Week’. Brilliant, yeah? Today’s pic comes from a 1964 issue of Jeep News.

In March of 2012, Mike was trying to track down the one pictured here.  It sure looks like it could have been one of the trucks shown above.

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Los Angeles Life Guard CJ-2A

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Buz unearthed this CJ-2A Life Guard Jeep used by the city of Los Angeles (see others here).  Though the caption accompanying the jeep suggests this was war surplus, it’s clear this is a civilian rig. The rear extension is interesting, though doesn’t look neatly done.

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Ringling Barnum Circus Uses PTO to Build Grandstands

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I spotted this 1950 picture on the Buckles Blog, a blog that presents circus history from all over the world.  I with this picture was bigger.  According the blog post, “Here we see a Jeep with a power take-off in the process of raising the sides of each seat wagon. The outer corners were supported with long braces and then the front end of each vehicle would be lowered to form a grand stand.”


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China MS-884 windup Fire Jeep on eBay

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This is located in the Netherlands.

“Herewith we offer you a Very Rare and Hard to find, vintage mid to late `60ties produced Chinese Tin Wind-Up Toy Car, which was made after the famous Willys Jeep of WWII. This version depicts an wonderful, bright colored Fire Chief Support car!. Its an odd and very sought after model. The model is Wind Up operated! It has been tested and it works great! Like if it was made yesterday! The driver has a medium soft vinyl head. The Bell at the back really rings when the car moves! A lovely and cute looking collectible! An awesome addition within any Jeep, Tin Toy, Or vintage Chinese Toy collection!. Be keen on this treasure! The model comes in Top Mint Condition! Very clean, bright and shining, as if it was made yesterday! No wear at all!. The bottom is like new too!.”

View all the information on eBay

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More Video from Iceland

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Robin forwarded this video from those wild Icelandic vehicles.

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1968 M-715 Yale, OK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was eBay

This sports custom Yale Fire Department seats.  It’s just a nice little extra on a M-715 Fire truck that needs restoration.

“1 & 1/4 ton Jeep Kaiser with a Mercury 350 engine (yes it is a converted boat motor with headers). It was in running condition when parked two years ago. 1968 model. Originally purchased new by an Oklahoma Fire department and has been in their possession ever since then. Was still used periodically until two years ago when parked (indoors). Will likely need a battery, new fuel, some brake work…..not really sure what else. Tires have a lot of tread and are holding air just fine. I heard the engine turn over with a jump just the other day but it wouldn’t stay running. Needs maintenance before running well on it’s own again. It was said that this could compete with the best rock crawlers around. I haven’t personally seen it in action or driven it myself, just re-selling it to pay some bills. I’m sorry in advance, I don’t have any historical mechanical maintenance information for it and won’t be able to answer any technical questions. You’re basically buying what you see in the photos. You likely know more about these than I do….”