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1961 Traveller? Wagon Edgewood, WA $20,000

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The seller listed this as a 1961, but then in the description as a 1963. Looks like a possible Traveller to me.

“63 Willys wagon, ex forest service
‘64 Buick nailhead, T18, updated rear end, tilt steering wheel, power steering, runs and drives See Less”

1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa0 1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa1 1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa2

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1963 Traveller(?) Wagon Lacey, WA $1000

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I can’t tell for sure if it is/was a Traveller or not.

“Willy High Wagon
350 Chevy V8
4-speed tranny with over drive.
Rear axle 1972 Jeep Wrangler.
Front axle 1973 CJ7.
Front brakes and tires need to be assembled.
Need trailer to haul.”

1963-wagon-lacey-wa2 1963-wagon-lacey-wa3 1963-wagon-lacey-wa4

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1964? Traveller and Year? Truck Houston, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

Seller has the truck (listed as a ’65) pictured below for sale and a traveller.

year-truck-jeeprod-tx1 year-truck-jeeprod-tx2

“also have a 1964 willys jeep traveler for sale ( it has the barn doors in back ) for $2000 very rare also has 302 v8 with bell housing trans. and transfer case. not looking to sell parts want to sell complete units. thank you for looking have title for all. the last picture is of my 65 jeep truck. runs drives registered title in my name 383 stroker 400 turbo ect.ect. hot rod not for the faint of heart. bare bones rat rod $10,000 SELLING COMPLETE VEHICLES FOR PARTS OR WHAT NOT it is up to you have titles for them. I don’t speak or read Spanish. any e-mail in Spanish will be deleted. than you! not wanting to I am also putting my 1967 Plymouth wagon for sale $1000 as is or I can get it running and sell it for two times that”



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Year? Traveller Ad

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This ad appears to have been on eBay for sale, but has since been sold. It popped up during a google search. The quality is poor as it wasn’t a smaller image, but I suspect this is a full page ad.



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Year? Wagon Traveller? Houston, TX $1500

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This looks like it could be a Traveller to me. It’s listed as a 1968. There’s no title.

“Interior in good condition, original seats, without title, has V8”

year-wagon-traveler-houston-tx-1 year-wagon-traveler-houston-tx-12 year-wagon-traveler-houston-tx-2 year-wagon-traveler-houston-tx-3 year-wagon-traveler-houston-tx-4



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Moonshiner Swap Meet Sunday March 10th

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Tomorrow is the Moonshiner’s Swap Meet at the Puyallup Fair Grounds in Puyallup, Washington.

TJ is there today (Saturday .. vendors get in early) and spotted what I believe to be Jim’s restored (by Willys America I think) Traveller. It’s a beaut! It looks to be located in the main hall, so if you are there, be sure to check it out.


traveler-moonshiners0 traveler-moonshiners1 traveler-moonshiners3 traveler-moonshiners4



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1964 Wagon (Traveller?) WV $7400

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Craig shared this one. Possibly a Traveller?

“4wd, 4 cyl 3 speed, hi/low. Hi/Low transfer case. extra trans and transfer cases, v6 motor , included very clean interior , pics are current as of today 8/17/17.”

1964-wagon-traveler-wv0 1964-wagon-traveler-wv1 1964-wagon-traveler-wv2 1964-wagon-traveler-wv3 1964-wagon-traveler-wv4

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1964 Traveller Wagon Snohomish, WA $1200

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/06/2017) It’s a bit rough, but could have some hard-to-find Traveller parts.

“Rare Willy’s wagon, 4 wheel drive, body only, no motor, no transmission. Jeep wagoneer. Paid $900 for it and then another $600 for front and rear axles, so no low balls. Project for sure but distinctive Americana.”



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‘Jeep’ Traveller Ads

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Scramboleer Dan took the time to assemble these vintage newspapers ads for the Traveller (sorry it took me so long to get these posted!).

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  02

October 1, 1959, pg 15 of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  05

October 24, 1960, pg. 12 of The Honolulu Advertiser

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  06

October 25, 1960, pg. 13 of Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  03

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

A few years later we have some used Willys prices:

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii

Some prices from the December 18, 1963, pg. 35 of the Honolulu Advertiser

Willys ad - Salem, Oregon

This Capitol Chevy ad is from the Salem Statesman-Journal circa 1965-1966.

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3 Wagons & 1 Truck Kalispell, MT $10,000

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UPDATE: The Wagon is a Parkway and not a Traveller.

Seller includes a phone number in the ad on Craigslist.

“ok here we have 4 jeeps 1 pickup 3 station wagons and one of the 3 has baker rear doors kind of rare,
they are all in different stages of repair and different ages the pickup is especially cool i want 10 k for all 4 no i won’t split them up no i wont sell parts off them all or nothing deal. call if email mention flathead lake or i will not respond no exceptions.”
wagons-trucks-montana3 wagons-trucks-montana2 wagons-trucks-montana1


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Las Brisas Parkway or Traveller Wagon

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This undated postcard is for sale on eBay. Note the wagon in the right lower corner. At first I thought that was a Parkway Conversion, but given the setup on the truck behind the wagon (the bend seats) I think this could be a Traveller. I’d have to guess this photo was taken in the early 1960s. It’s only photo I know of that shows a wagon at the Las Brisas Resort in Mexico.

The fact the wagon isn’t quite pink, kind of more purplish, might mean it didn’t belong to the resort, but just ferried visitors to/from it. Hertz Rentals did a similar thing by renting blue colored surrey-looking DJ-3As to visitors (see bottom of post).

View all the information on eBay



Back of card:


Hertz Rental Jeeps in Mexico:


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1962 Traveller Brochure

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I just picked up this Traveller Brochure off of eBay.

1962-traveller-brochure3 1962-traveller-brochure2 1962-traveller-brochure1

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Wagon (Parkway or Traveller) Whistler, Canada **SOLD**

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Marlo spotted this find. Can anyone tell if this is a Parkway or a Traveller?

“This 1940s collectible Willys Jeep could be restored or can be used for parts or even decor. You would need to tow it away. This is part of an estate and the paperwork is missing.”

year-wagon-traveller-parkway-canada1 year-wagon-traveller-parkway-canada2

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1964 Wagon Traveller(?) Phoenix, AZ $6500

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Has some upgrades. Note the government plate. Maybe old border patrol vehicle?

Very rare 1964 Jeep Willys wagon, the original SUV! The last year these were made. This one has the rare ambulance/barn style back doors instead of a tailgate. I bought it in 1998 and it had already been converted to a 350 Chevy V8 engine, it was my daily driver for years. It runs great. Of course it rattles and squeaks like any old vintage vehicle. I have all receipts and original vehicle service manual. License and registration are current.
Here’s a list of other upgrades done since I bought it.
Muncie granny 4 speed transmission
Dana 44
205 transfer case
MD44 3.54 R/P
Wagoneer type brake upgrade
rear hubs
Heavy duty custom radiator
Recent work:
wheel cylinders
valve cover gaskets
brake shoes
brake lines
Has some rust here and there, but all in all a great old 4 wheel drive vehicle that can get you practically anywhere and is super fun to drive!”

1964-wagon-traveler-phoenix-az0 1964-wagon-traveler-phoenix-az1 1964-wagon-traveler-phoenix-az2 1964-wagon-traveler-phoenix-az3 1964-wagon-traveler-phoenix-az4

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1964 Wagon Clute, TX $3000

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This was a government vehicle. Was this a traveller? Maybe a border patrol vehicle.

“This is a kool truck the first SUV. Has a chevy V8 engine that runs great.body needs some work so if you dont work on dont look starts and runs has rust.floors are good.lots of potential and petina.its being sold due to my health so bring cash and a trailer.price negotiable”

1964-wagon-clute-tx1 1964-wagon-clute-tx2 1964-wagon-clute-tx3 1964-wagon-clute-tx4


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1961 Traveller Brochure

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Dan shared scans of a Traveller brochure he spotted on eBay.

1961 Willys Traveller brochure-4 1961 Willys Traveller brochure-1 1961 Willys Traveller brochure-2 1961 Willys Traveller brochure-3


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1963 Traveller Wagon Tacoma, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Dan let me know this Traveller is for sale.

“One owner 1963 Willy’s Traveller with the 230 tornado engine. It has the rare roof mounted spare tire rack, the high roof with the outer rounded fender wells. Also has the inner cut fender wells for the fold down seats and a PTO winch. The only major rust on the rig is the driver floor boards will have to be replaced.”





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1962 Wagon Traveller Parkland, WA $1000

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Dan spotted this Traveller for sale. It’s rough. The Seller believes this to be a Parkway, but it is actually a Traveller.

1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 01 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 02 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 03 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 04

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Update on Todd’s 1963 Traveler Wagon

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Idaho Todd’s 1963 Traveler update (see the before photos at the bottom of the post). Todd wrote the following about arriving at the seller’s place to purchase the jeep:


The Traveler headed to Idaho from Oregon.

After some visiting, we struck a deal that I think we were all comfortable with. The fella helped us load the traveler and we were off. Boy, you would of thought we were hauling a shelby mustang by all the attention we were attracting! Plenty of on lookers at fill-ups and bathroom breaks.

Made it back to Sandpoint and the next morning we were going to back it off the trailer when I hit the key and she fired (after a jump start)! I had bought it as a non-runner so this was delightful! To my amazement, the speedometer, both gauges and most of the lights worked! I drained and filled the boxes, checked the brakes and we were off.

When I got back to the shop, I soaked it with a degreaser and power washed it. It turned out stunning! I sure like the patina but I think it’s headed for a full resto on of these next winters. It needs front foot pans and some investigating around the top. Other than that, I am very pleased. In the meantime, I think I will enjoy it for a while. She runs great. Thanks everyone for sharing this experience with us! More to follow soon…





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1960 Wagon Millbury, OH **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: ** Status Unknown** Was $6900.

Seller believes this is a Traveller, but split window suggests otherwise to me.

Moving to florida and selling my 1960 willys Traveler Station Wagon. partially restored. converted to 12 volt, new wheels and tires, gas tanks, generator. three speed with overdrive, high low range, four wheel drive, and pto”


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1960 Wagon Traveller? and Truck Hilt, OR $800

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Dan believes the wagon might be a traveller. It looks to have sliding side windows, while the Parkway Conversion’s side windows were always fixed flush mount whereas the Traveller could have either.

“I have too many projects and must part with these. The wagon is a 1960. It does not have a motor or transmission. The pickup is a 1957, runs, and has a working PTO winch. Both vehicles would come with a bill of sale. Thanks for looking”

wagon-traveller-truck-oregon1 wagon-traveller-truck-oregon2 wagon-traveller-truck-oregon3

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1957 Wagon Lexington, KY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000.

The consensus is that this wagon is the same one as this 1956 single-door Florida wagon. The only difference we can spot are the license plates.

“Restored 1957 Jeep Willys, finished in blue and white. Mechanically sound: runs great, starts right up (it has a Buick V8 under the hood). Transfer case has been rebuilt. Tires are like new.

Cosmetically: It has never seen snow since being restored, and it has won multiple shows. No bondo, this Willys was restored properly. Very clean inside and out. Has single delivery door on the rear.

Clean Kentucky title, 2 sets of keys.”





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1956 Custom Wagon Deerfield Beach, Fl **SOLD*

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8200. Check out near identical wagon that’s a 1957.

(06/12/2012) The seller believes this might be a Traveller, but Dan points out the following:
1. It’s a ’56 and Travellers were made 1960-1964 (to the best of his knowledge).
2. It has the polygon rear fender openings of a wagon, not the curved of a Delviery that Travellers and Parkways were made from.
3. It has the low roof, not the high roof.

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1962 Wagon Parkway Westville, OK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $16,000

(11/15/2013) This looks fine. Check out the back of this wagon. Is it possibly a traveller?

“1962 willys hot rod on a chevy blazer chassis with a chevy 350 engine and trans lots of chrome and aluminum on the engine has a/c and heating custom interior VERY NICE…$16,000.00 OR TRADE FOR NICE TOW TRUCK”


1962-wagon-panel-westville-ok1 1962-wagon-panel-westville-ok2 1962-wagon-panel-westville-ok3 1962-wagon-panel-westville-ok4

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1961 Traveller Wagon Little Rock, AR $2300

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UPDATE: Still Available. Was on eBay. Now $2300. Contact MIke via email for more info:

Dan spotted this rare Traveler. It’s rough, but complete.


“Willys 1961 Traveler, if you’re looking you may already know the rarity of the Willys Traveler. If you are not I would suggest a good search of the internet, try “Willys production numbers” for a start. As if it wasn’t rare enough it has all the Civilian model Traveler specific parts in tact. I have been fooling with old Willys stuff since 1972 and have never seen one with all the pieces intact. It has the factory fold up rear bench seats, it has the roof mounted spare tire carrier, it has the rear sliding side windows, it has the step plate between rear bumper and the body all still attached. These ultra rare pieces are one of the things that makes it an ideal restoration candidate. The numbers are all correct for a 1961 Traveler and it comes with a good, clean title in my name. It’s 4 wheel drive with the desirable straight “6” 226 cubic inch flathead motor. The motor spins over by hand. the transmission and transfer case are in place.

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