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Free-Lock Hubs and a Tool

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Two different eBay ads here, one for a set of Free-Lock hubs and another for the sale of a reproduction Free-Lock hub tool.

  1. Free Lock Hubs Roseville, CA $50 on eBay
    “Willie’s free lock hubs one is missing internal gear one is complete both spin free”
  2. Free-Lock Reproduction Hub Tool $35 on eBay:
    “This auction is for 1 each exact reproduction of the very rare Free Lock Wrench that came with Denver brand Free Lock locking hubs as used on various 4 wheel drive vehicles of the late 50’s and 60’s. Denver Free Lock hubs were high end locking hubs that were available as aftermarket accessories to fit many 4X4 trucks including Dodge Power Wagons. I had these wrenches cast for me many years ago using one of the only original wrenches I have ever seen as a pattern. This is an exact copy of the original cast in zinc as the original. It is approx. 7″ long and has the nubs to turn and lock or unlock the hubs. You may never see another one of these and I won’t be making a second run.” free-lock-tool-remake
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Willys Jeep Clock Toledo, OH $200

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Not sure what these are worth, but a cool piece.


“Vintage Willys Jeep Clock.
Works great.
Maumee Pick up.”


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Chocolate CJ-5

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My son spotted the Chocolate jeep shown below at Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction, Colorado. If it is cool enough on his return trip, he’ll bring it home, then ship it to me.


Here’s a similar (or the same one) at Uncle Sam’s Chocolates.


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Epic Willys Adventure

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The Epic Willys Adventure is underway. It seems they’ve reached Green River, Wyoming. A couple folks have asked if I’ve been following it, but I haven’t been (I’ve mostly been resting this summer).

The adventure bills itself as having no GPS or cell phones, but the downside of that is that it is hard to report on the daily adventures (whether via FB, Instagram, or the web), so that can make it difficult for readers to follow.

You can visit the website here: https://www.epicwillysadventure.com …. and here is a realtime GPS map. The Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/epicwillysadventure

Below is a rough map outlining their drive. The route looks to be a pretty one, something Ann and I might consider driving next year on our return from the FC Roundup.


If I were to do a return trip to Washington along this route, it might be something like this. However, I’m not sure if it would be late enough in the year to complete the northern section. I’d have to do more research.


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Newgren Hi-Speed Weeder

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The documents come from to late 1940s binders. Both refer to the Newgren Hi-Speed Weeder.

Scan10096-newgren-high-speed-weeder Sca-10095-newgren-high-speed-weeder1


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Roberto’s Newest T-shirts

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Roberto Flores has some new G503 related t-shirts for sale. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL. Price: 13 €uros, shipping costs to Europe 10.15 euros, USA 13.75 euros. Payment can be made through bank account or Pay Pal to robflores@robertoflores.com. Contact Roberto at robflores@robertoflores.com for more info.


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Photos From the 2018 FC Gathering in Ohio

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Roger Martin shared pics from his FC event last weekend. it sounds like everyone had a good time.



2018-fc-gathering-rogers10 2018-fc-gathering-rogers4

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Willys Wagon in a Steak n Shake photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Brandon spotted a Willys Wagon in a photo hanging on the wall of a Bowling Green, Kentucky, Steak N’ Shake.


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1953 Wagon 8×8 Kingman, Az

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UPDATE: John spotted this video. This 8×8 was last listed on eBay and sold for $11,100. It was relisted in 2014, at which time the video below was posted. I believe this sold, as it is no longer listed on the seller’s website.

(08/11/2012) “Built by legendary fabricator Dick Cook out of California be sure this rig was was put together the correct way! Known for his collaboration on the mechanical side of cars built with legendary 70’s car builder “Big Daddy Ross” his name is synonymous with multi-axle vehicles. This build includes the following:

-2 Overland wagons and 1 Jeep used to build this amazing Overland Custom
-Rebuilt 327 Corvette engine powers ALL 8 Wheels!
-Fuel Cell inside
-2 Leather Bucket Seats
-White face gusges
-Working emaergency sirens and lights

In full disclosure, the items that are not 100% show quality as follows:

-There is a bit of overspray on the drivers side
-The interior could use some TLC to get to show quality

This Willys will literally go anywhere, and it has. Dick Cook personally drove this rig with his daughter from Crested Butte Colorado all the way over the pass to Aspen only a few years ago for a road trip. With the option of locking out the rear 4 wheels this rig will motor down the highway at 65 mph. Also has one of the best turning capabilities of any auto out there. It will “crab” down the road in a parade or 8 wheel steer itself out of any trail corner. Bid now and be the owner of this one of a kind WIllys 8X8 Overland before it makes its way to Barrett Jackson Las Vegas and goes for who know how much!”

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Willys Wagon at an Early In & Out Burger

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Packrat shared this neat photo of a wagon at an In & Out Burger. I didn’t know In & Out featured Kentucky Fried Chicken (maybe for a short time .. I can’t find any history about that).


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August 1945 Photo of First(?) CJ-2A on eBay

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UPDATE III: Another version of this press photo is on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

“1945 Press Photo First Civilian Jeep Tourer Sarah Elizabeth Rodger, New York
This is an original press photo. Sarah Elizabeth Rodger makes local history as she starts tour of the city in first civilian jeep on the streets of New York. A writer, who in private life is the wife of Dr. L. Patrick Moore, has always wanted “to do a new thing first” and, this she did, by jeepers! Photo measures 9 x 7 inches. Photo is dated 09-03-1945.”

1945-09-03-sarah-elizabeth-roger-cj2a-1 1945-09-03-sarah-elizabeth-roger-cj2a-2


(05/20/2016) UPDATE II: Another version of this press photo is available on eBay.

“1945 Press Photo New York Sara Roger drives civilian jeep NYC -”

1945-08-30-cj2a-vec-sara-rogers1 1945-08-30-cj2a-vec-sara-rogers2

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The Story of Walt’s CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mark at Sellajeep published this neat video.

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Guy Seal’s Himself in Kaiser DeLuxe to Drive 50 States

• CATEGORIES: Features

Scott shared a link to this crazy story on Jalopnik about Don Haynes and his attempt to drive to all 50 states while sealed in a Kaiser DeLuxe.



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1950s Photo From Norwich, NY

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Joe saw yesterday’s photo from Seattle, which made him think of a similar period photograph. It hangs on the wall inside the offices at the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York, showing a portion of Broad Street in Norwich. (Broad Street is the main street).


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Cool Photo From Hemmings

• CATEGORIES: Features

Ted spotted this story. Daniel Strohl at Hemmings shared this vintage 1950s photo that features a wagon, among many other vehicles. My two Seattle experts (my aunt and her boyfriend who have 150 years of combined Seattle living experience) think it is either University Village or Holman Road Center. My aunt also informed me that she and I are related to “Ray”, the man who started Ray’s Thriftway, a grocery chain in the Northwest (grandma’s aunt’s sisters’ mother … or something like that). I wonder if I can get a family discount?


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SW Ohio Jeep FC Gathering & Swap Meet in Waynesville

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

This weekend is Roger’s FC Gathering In Waynesville, Ohio.

Call him anytime at 937-477-5270 or email: rogerjm55@gmail.com
His address is: Roger Martin
1905 Roxanna New Burlington Road
Waynesville, Oh 4506

There is plenty of room for trucks, trailers, and RV’s (no RV hook-ups). There is an RV Campground and one-room cabins about a mile away.

These are the nearest places to stay:
-Frontier Campground. Waynesville, OH 45068 937-488-1127
-Creekwood Motel of Waynesville 513-897-1000
-Ramada Inn Xenia 937-372-9921

Bring your FC’s and FJ Step Vans, whether they’re cleaned or still have on their “work clothes” right out of the field. Let’s see what you have…running or not. Bring your extra parts for sale or trade. It would be nice to see photos of your project, in progress or completed.


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Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collector Rally This Weekend

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Tim wanted us to know that the Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collector Rally is happening this weekend in Weare, NH. The show features vendors with jeep parts and military surplus, etc. along with a wide variety of very interesting military vehicles both old and new, including a number of beautiful jeeps, WWII-Vietnam. The show is open to the public Friday and Saturday, 7/27 & 7/28.

Learn more here: http://mvmvc.org/weare-rally/


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Dan’s Trip to Packwood and Mud Lake

• CATEGORIES: Features

Dan, his boys, and a friend drove from Auburn to Packwood, Washington, in Dan’s CJ-2A and GPW the other day. The weather was perfect for their trip (It has been beautiful here all week). As you can see, they had a great time!


jeeping-0 jeeping-1 jeeping-3

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Willys Motors Bulletin About Illuminating Jeep Signs

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An anonymous reader we shall call “Mr. Packrat” has offered to share from time to time a collection of documents he’s gathered. So, many thanks to him for his ‘donation’ to our collective educational efforts!

This is the first item, an interesting look at the selling of signs to dealers by Willys Motors.

1957-06-07-illuminating-jeep-sign1 1957-06-07-illuminating-jeep-sign2 1957-06-07-illuminating-jeep-sign3

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1943 Photo of Jeep in Glider on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: This is really interesting. Here’s a photo op from the same day, but from slightly different angles. I’m wondering if it is the work of two separate photographers. The top one is for sale on eBay and the bottom one sold back in 2014. 

View all the information on eBay

1943-03-13-glider-photo2Note that I darkened the caption page, as it was hard to read in its existing lighter format.


eBay pics from 2014.



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Pics from the Pennsylvania All Breeds Jeep Show

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Don shared these pics from this weekend’s all breeds jeep show in York, Pennsylvania. Apparently, it poured on Saturday; Sunday, when these pics were taken, was much nicer.





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1956 Photo of Shriners in Seattle Parade on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Since we were in Seattle today, this photo seems appropriate. Downtown has changed a little bit since this was taken.

View all the information on eBay

“1966 Press Photo Shriners Ride in Jeep Parade 1960s Downtown Seattle Washington”




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23rd Fall Willys Reunion Sept 7&8 in Fulton, MO

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Art shared this announcement regarding this year’s Fall Willys reunion in Fulton, Missouri, at the Auto World Museum.

“This is our 23rd year of the Reunion, and it is open to the public, and all makes, models, and years of Jeep are welcome.  If you register for the Reunion, entrance to the Auto World Museum is free.  We hold a wonderful banquet on Saturday evening with door and raffle prizes.  There are also vendors attending to sell new and used Jeep parts.  There is also the Off-road trail rides.”


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Photo of Henry J Kaiser in an Aluminum Jeep

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UPDATE II (July 20, 2018) : Keith provided portions of a document that show the agreement between Karl Probst / R.N. Harger and KAISER.

Probst-Harger-jeep-junior1 Probst-Harger-jeep-junior2

UPDATE (July 1, 2018) : Barry found a set of specs that could be a match to this prototype. Also, Keith noted that there were 6 different designs from the Probst-Harger” collaboration.

Original Post June 26th: Barry spotted this photo on the Kaiser Permanente history site. The jeep is listed as a 1943 Model 1160 “Kaiser Lightweight Jeep”. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be an Airborne prototype or just a concept lightweight jeep. Henry J. Kaiser is on the right. I think that’s Karl Probst on the far left; Rollin N. Harger might be seated in the middle.

Henry-Kaiser-in-Jeep 2

large spec sheet hkf950

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Miami-Dade County Transportation Building Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Steve reports that this jeep can be seen inside the Miami-Dade County (Florida) Transportation Building. It appears to be a militarized CJ-2A with some MB parts (frame could be MB) with some diamond plating added to the rear cargo area.

As you can see in this pic, it is claimed the jeep is a 1945 WWII jeep. But, the CJ parts suggest otherwise. It appears the jeep is on loan form the Miami Military Museum at Zoo Miami.


This pic is from Yelp and shows the sign on the jeep and more of the display.




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