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Green River Valley Jeepers Club Plaque **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500 (best offer accepted).

The Green River Valley Jeep Club launched in 1965. It was a well-known club, especially since the Brooks were heavily involved in the PNW4WDA. I vividly remember the last Green River Valley Jeepers playday I attended (likely due to the kissing of a girl). I was a newly temp-licensed driver, so was 15 years old (so 1980). It was held just north of Enumclaw along some power lines; No doubt the area is surrounded by homes now. But, back then, it was rocks and mud and water holes.

“Old & Original. We believe this to be one (1) of only two (2) known signs handmade by the club’s founder 50yrs ago (circa 1970s).”

green-river-valley-jeepers-jeep-club-plaque4 green-river-valley-jeepers-jeep-club-plaque3 green-river-valley-jeepers-jeep-club-plaque2

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1943 MB(?) Philipsburg, MT **STOLEN**

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Phil’s father’s 1943 MB(?) was stolen from his father’s property in Philipsburg, MT, around October 1st.

“This Jeep was stolen from my Dad’s property in the Philipsburg area on or around October 1st. The Jeep is a 1943 Willy’s Military Jeep. It is a unique custom build with a lifetime’s worth of work done to it. One of the most notable features it has a 3.3 Cummings diesel motor. Reward if found!”

Here are two pics. Other features not mentioned by Phil include the CJ-2A windshield, a replacement body with an M-38 fuel tank, CJ rims, a slat grille and a square-tubed roll bar.



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AMC Jeep Sign on eBay

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Chris has this Jeep sign up for auction on eBay.

View all the information on eBay


“Vintage AMC Jeep Dealership Sign 10ft X 2ft Good Color Displays Well No Reserve.

This sign is an original dealership piece. It has been repurposed. If you look closely at pictures you will notice older letters that once spelled out “Shafers Exxon PH 392-5646 Jeep”. Obviously it was used once as this advertisement but was repurposed to what you see now. As you can see it displays well either outside or inside. The photo of it on top of white table is backlit and displays good. It does not have a lightning element. I simply placed a flashlight behind it for photo. The ghost letters do appear in direct sunlight as shown by photos. Also the aluminum frame around the sign is in good condition but is missing an end cap on the left end. Please look closely at the pictures and if you need to see more please let me know. This is a rare one off for any Jeep sign collection!

As for the history, it came out of rural WV and was on display at a dealership near Rupert WV according to previous owner. I have attempted to do research on the phone number and dealership with no success. This is a local pickup only auction. Sign is located approximately six miles off of I-81 in SW Virginia. No reserve auction. Please do not ask me to end the auction for some ridiculous offer. If you’re that interested in the sign simply place your max bid and let the auction play out.”

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1955 CJ-5 Fire Engine Brochure

In 1954, as part of the newly developed marketing campaign following Kaiser’s purchase of the Willys assets in 1953, Willys Motors created  ‘Jeep’ Fire engine brochure SX-229-4, the front page of which is seen below (thanks to the CJ-3B page):


This is the front page of brochure Form SX-229-4. The other pages can be found on the CJ-3B Page.

I was able to finally purchase the subsequent version of the ‘Fire Engine’ brochure, Form # W-229-5. It’s essentially the same brochure as the 1954 version, accept they’ve replaced the 3B with a CJ-5 Fire Jeep. The rest of the art work uses the same CJ-3B images from the 1954 brochure.

1955-cj5-firejeep-brochure-form-w-229-5-1-lores 1955-cj5-firejeep-brochure-form-w-229-5-2-lores 1955-cj5-firejeep-brochure-form-w-229-5-3-lores

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Jeep Swap Meet and Get Together Deering, NH Oct 30th

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This weekend Bill Falconer and NEWJO will be hosting a swap meet and get together in Deering, NH on Saturday October 30th. There’s more information available on their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/808459766507203/ … 134 Deering Center Rd, Deering, NH.


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Throwback Four Corners Photo

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My son spotted this throwback photo posted on Utah’s DOT (aka UDOT) twitter page. It shows 9 jeeps parked in a circle around the Four Corners area of the southwest. He correctly noted that one of the vehicles was an FC (he’s learning, lol). There is no date associated with the image.

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1954 CJ-3B SD-201-4 Brochure

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I finally obtained a 1954 CJ-3B brochure, Form # SD-201-4. There is also a version of this brochure with showing a CJ-3B fire engine, but I haven’t gotten that one yet.

1954-cj3b-sd-201-4-brochure1-lores 1954-cj3b-sd-201-4-brochure2-lores 1954-cj3b-sd-201-4-brochure3-lores


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Print Block For Agrijeep

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UPDATE: This was relisted on eBay and ended up selling yesterday for $26.95.

This print block depicting a Willys-Overland jeep with attached sprayer was on eBay. It’s pretty small, but the grille and tool indents suggest it’s an Agrijeep to me. This and similar small blocks were used to create newspaper ads illustrations. Below the block is an example of it used in an October 03, 1945, advertisement.

1945-cj2a-printing-block-wood-ebay1 1945-cj2a-printing-block-wood-ebay2 1945-cj2a-printing-block-wood-ebay3 1945-cj2a-printing-block-wood-ebay4

Here’s the ad example:

Evening Star. (Washington, D.C.). 1945-10-03 [p A-17].

Evening Star. (Washington, D.C.). 1945-10-03 [p A-17].

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Porter & Reed Hardtops & One for sale in FL $450

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Doug has a Porter & Reed Hardtop for sale. He’s taken some great detail photos of it and it represents a classic example of the Full Econo-Body-Type “E” model, so I’ve included them all in case someone tries to restore one of these (I have higher res photos, too). For example, in Doug’s photos you can see the pull down sunshade and bracket on the driver’s side and just the bracket on the passenger side.

I’ve also included both brochures from the 10/1/1948 First Supplement of the Willys-Overland Special Equipment book (Besides full and half tops, Porter & Reed also manufactured bed extenders). (Learn additional info about the tops on the CJ-3B site)

The odd thing about Porter & Reed tops is that there were a multitude of variations, from no small side windows, to small side windows to larger side windows, or from a single back door window to dual back windows, and from rear doors that opened up vertically, to a couple that opened sideways, to a set of barn doors (custom)? There may have been a change in the doors as well, as a couple tops have angled bends at the lower front edge rather than the standard vertical bend where the body bends. What was factory and what was customized is likely lost to time ….

Some of these variations are evident in the Deluxe (Type “A”)  vs. Econo Body (Type “E”) full top models, but others are not. For example, the Deluxe model had a rear door that swung sideways, rectangular side windows with rounded corners, while the Econo model had a rear door that swung upwards and square side windows. Meanwhile, the deluxe half top (Half body — Type “B”) had a rear door that swung upwards, while the econo half top’s (Half Econo-Body–Type “H”) rear didn’t open at all.

You can see all the full and half top examples I have here: http://www.ewillys.com/?s=Porter+%26+Reed … I’ve also included a few at the end of this post.

Here’s the basic hardtop brochure:

1948-porter-reed-brochure-spec-equp-supplt1-2-lores 1948-porter-reed-brochure-spec-equp-supplt1-lores

Now for Doug’s ad:


“I have a full hard top for a CJ2A for sale. It’s in pretty good shape. It needs glass or plexiglass. $450, I am coming north on the east coast November 3rd, from Florida to New York, can help deliver”

porter-reed-hardtop-fl-0-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-1-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-lores

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S & B Corporation Panel Modification for Flatfenders

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UPDATE: Here’s a rare example of the S&B Corp’s All-Steel ‘Jeep’ Panel Body. This Buck & Sons Tractor & Implement Company MB/GPW had a cargo-wagon-like setup added to it. The company was out of Tacoma (where I lived for four years). 


This photo was posted to Flatfendering Aficionado Monthly’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/502884336980336/permalink/780325609236206


Originally Posted April 6th, 2013: This rare brochure details a panel wagon modification for the CJ-2A. It was created and sold through the S & B Corporation.

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Extended Jeeps in India (?)

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This International Flatfender Facebook post from India(?) shows two extended jeeps. Both looks like interesting builds.


extended-jeeps-india1 extended-jeeps-india2 extended-jeeps-india3 extended-jeeps-india4

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Willys StorDor Vans

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UPDATE: Here’s another Willys StorDor Van. This one sold recently for $2300.

Ad text: Late 1940’s Willys-Overland StorDor step-van. Body is complete. Engine is complete; turns over but have not attempted to start. Tires hold air and vehicle rolls smoothly. Vehicle does not have paperwork.

year-stordor-van-Colfax-ca2 year-stordor-van-Colfax-ca3 year-stordor-van-Colfax-ca4 year-stordor-van-Colfax-ca5 year-stordor-van-Colfax-ca6


Originally posted Jan 26, 2019: Adam sold this rare 1948 Willys StorDor Van. Here’s another example. I assume this one has some kind of custom top?

“Offered here is a 1948 Willys StorDor step van. It has been converted to a Chevrolet 6 cyl and the roof has been extended. The inside is wired for 110v, fully insulated, and has a sleeping loft. This would make a great tiny home, food truck, or RV! It has been sitting for many years and will need reviving. It is not currently running, but the engine turns over. Asking $2200 or best offer. Registration is paid, title is clean, tags are current. Please reply with your phone number if interested and I will contact you.”


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Camp Ritchie Museum Looking For a Jeep

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Landon Grove, the historian and curator for the Fort Ritchie Museum (Cascade, Maryland), reached out and asked about obtaining a WWII era jeep. The goal is to obtain a running, driving WWII jeep, but if necessary, he may consider a non-runner.

Landon wrote, “I have been Directed to see if we can locate a WWII era Jeep to display for our museum. I am hoping you can create a post for this purpose. We are a 501C3 non-profit and can offer someone a letter of appraisal for tax purposes. The Jeep does not have to be pristine, although the nicer the better. We would greatly appreciate any help your members can offer. As a 501c3, we can offer forms for tax incentives based on our valuation of a vehicle”

If you’d like to contact Landon, you can email him here: ritchiemuseum @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces around the @).

If you aren’t familiar with Fort Ritchie or the Ritchie boys, I would highly recommend watching this 60 minutes video (or click here if player below doesn’t work):

Here’s a pic of author J.D. Salinger, John Keenan, Jack Altaras, and Paul Fitzgerald (The Four Musketeers) in front of a jeep. All four survived the war and remained tight friends:


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1943 Article School Gets to See Their Jeep

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This March 30, 1943, article describes the kids reactions to seeing a Navy jeep they helped purchase through war bond sales. It was published in the Kansas City, Star.



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Semi-Regular Updates Going Forward

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Good news. I hope to begin semi-regular updates until late spring(?). With summer behind us, more darkness, Rose’s passing, and most of my work on the guest “bunk house” completed, I have more time to devote to eWillys. The updates won’t always be as comprehensive as before, but it’s better than nothing?

Because of the infrequent updates this summer and semi-regular updates going forward, all advertising this summer has been and will continue to be free, going forward, as a thanks to those advertisers who have supported eWillys over the years.

As for the bunk house work, the last resident was a bachelor with a dog. The result was that the place smelled pretty strongly (and not in a good way, lol), especially the carpet. So, we pulled all of that, put down new floors, replaced the plastic moulding trim with larger, better trim, righted the crooked doors (front door was so out of level it wouldn’t shut), and fixed or removed kitchen cabinets (to open up the space … we don’t need all those cabinets).

Currently, I’ve painted everything white, but we hope to add some accent colors to reduce the ‘snow blindness’ of the white. Next spring, we’ll fix up the outside by adding missing trim, redoing the ramp and deck, and painting the building red and white (after all, it looks a bit like a barn).


Some friends have expressed interest in renting it, but technically we can’t rent it because of some county rules (long story). Our intent is to make a place folks can stay if they want. Here are some pics.

Ann will be decorating in a barn theme, so that will add some color and texture. We expect it will sleep up to six (queen in the back, futon in the front, and possible bunk beds in an unpictured nook).

Before pic of the kitchen (I am hoping Ann has some better before pics of the interior):


After pic (this was before I painted the trim and made a few other additions … and cleaned up):






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Late 1960s Video of Robot Pushing VEC CJ-2A

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Carl shared this video of a General Electric test robot (seems like a forerunner of the Boston Dynamics robots) pushing a VEC CJ-2A (which had seen better days — has the f-head bump, side damage, etc) out of a ‘ditch’. The Jeep portion begins at the 6:07 mark.

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Photo of a Ford Vanette Pulling CJ-2A

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Blaine shared this classic photo of a Ford Vanette pulling a CJ-2A. The photo appeared at the end of this post with a series of photos:



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1964 Gladiator Camper Poster on eBay

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This 1964 2’x3′ poster might interest a Gladiator collector. It is form number 64-05.

View all the information on ebay


“Item: Very Rare, Vintage, Original “Jeep Gladiator Camper” Automobile Dealer Sales Brochures Window/Wall Poster. 24″ x 36″ in Size. Rare Saved Paper History… Must have for the Serious Car Collectors! Does have some Fold/Edge Separations.

Year: 1960s Era

Condition: Vintage, Original, Used with Signs of Age and Wear, Please Review Photos for more Details. Lot Rated 8/10 for Condition. See Photos.”

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1967 Photo of a 1943 Ford GPA

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This photo of an unusual Ford GPA/jeep build has appeared in several places on Facebook, but appears to have been originally posted to the Forgotten Oregon Facebook Group. The photo was taken in Vernonia, Oregon, in 1967. The 1943 Ford GPA was modified by Brad Garner’s father. The shop next to The Jeep is the Vernonia Eagle newspaper office.


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Watson Hub Variant or Modified?

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This hub appeared in a Facebook photo posted by Josh. It appears to be a Watson hub (may have been private labeled through Sears), but part of its case was either 1) cast differently or 2) modified. Given The Jeep has spent its life in California, it’s likely some form of the Watson hub, but I’ve not seen one quite like this.


The odd hub is on the left and the Watson hub is on the right, itself a derivation of a Dualmatic hub (and having the same patent number as a Dualmatic).

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Willys-Overland Ads in Collier’s Magazine 1941-1946

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: This ad shows one of those odd instances when an ad appears in Collier’s that I have yet to find in the Saturday Evening Post. This happened a few times during the 1940s. Here’s a color version fo the ad, published May 04, 1946 (note that the ad continues the ‘Get a Jeep’ Campaign):



Originally Published 03/10/2019: I spent some time searching for and assembling these Collier ads into two directory graphics, similar to the Saturday Evening Post graphics (updated in the post below). Unfortunately, the only archive I could find scanned them in black and white. And, the archive was missing some issues, so I suspect there were a few more published than shown below. Still, there are some differences between the ads, sometimes as small as changes in a few words of text, make these images useful for research.



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1968 Article on Baja Race Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles, Racing

This race jeep was modified with one-ton axles. Note the wider rear axle with an added fender well. The racers note the Jeep has 24-forward speeds. Maybe that means a six speed with an overdrive and transfercase? The article appeared in Roseville’s (CA) Press Tribune on October 23, 1968.



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Lost Biscuit Is Finally Here

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Biscuit on its way home

Lost biscuit finally arrived in Prosser, though The Jeep is a shadow of its former self. The original 3.8L V-6 was burning oil badly out of cylinder one, so while replacing the engine I also replaced the transmission, switching from an TH350 automatic to a T-18 with a low first. But, I could never find the time to complete that transition. Engine placement, driveline angle, and  header angles seemed to fight me the entire transition. However, now that Biscuit is here, I’ll eventually have some time to devote to it (first, the race jeep’s seat will get adjusted for my height, then I will deal with Patterson’s generator and with the brake-clutch pedals, then Lost Biscuit).

To get Biscuit home, first I had to install a winch onto the tilt bed. After thinking through various ideas, I came up with a trial system that secured a winch frame to the tilt deck, but used a vertical angle against the from of the tilt deck as added leverage for the winch.

Here are some of the pieces I started with:


This shows the underside of the tilt deck. The square tubing in the pic above this one was drilled and bolted to the deck, with the bolts going through the wood and into angled pieces on either side of the hydraulic arm. I figured that was the least invasive way of mounting a winch (for now).


This shows the completed platform bolted onto the deck. Note how the front angle piece on the left sits down in front of the tilt bed. This allows the tilt bed to open and shut:


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1946 CJ-2A Prineville, OR $15,000

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UPDATE: Thanks to Claus and his brilliant memory, we have another example of a Capstan winch on the back of a Raymond Concrete Jeep. In this case, I had posted it back in 2010.  Raymond Concrete was formed in 1897, but went bankrupt in 1989.

Here’s the image:

A seller on eBay recently had one of these rear mounted PTO winches for sale. It, too, was from the Raymond Concrete company.



Originally Posted October 7, 2021: David shared this CJ-2A for sale in Prineville. He asked if I had ever seen a capstan winch mounted on a rear PTO gearbox like this one. I said I hadn’t. Moreover, the special equipment brochure for the capstan only shows it being used on the front (see brochure below). So, does anyone know whether the capstan was marketed for the rear PTO gearbox? Or was this more likely a custom setup?



Anyway, here’s the jeep in Prineville:


“Paint original(faded) No rust, No dents, No body repairs. Good top and doors. Runs and drives good. PTO winch, PTO rear capistan(very rare) Tow bar & hubs. All running gear original and operational.”

1946-cj2a-prineville-or44 1946-cj2a-prineville-or55 1946-cj2a-prineville-or66

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1950 Photo of a Holden(?) Ambulance Jeep in Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This 1950 photo shows what appears to be a Holden Ambulance used during the Korean War. Anyone know widely used (or not) these were during the Korean War?

View all the information on eBay


“1950 Press Photo Wounded Marines are loaded on an ambulance jeep, Naktong River. This is an original press photo. South Korea: Wounded US Marines are loaded aboard double decker ambulance jeeps for evacuation to a hospital after being wounded in the fighting on the Naktong River bulge.Photo measures 9 x 7inches. Photo is dated 08-24-1950.”