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Plastic CJ-2ish Toy on eBay

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This plastic toy is priced at $25. This is the closest toy I’ve seen to a CJ-2 (grille, windshield, mid-mounted tire, tailgate, no glovebox.

View all the information on eBay

“In decent condition for the age. They have signs of use. Please refer to pictures and use the zoom to see more details. I’m not antique dealer, collector or expert. The pictures describe the item along with any flaws and markings we can find the best we can.show Sold As Is.  No returns.”

plastic-cj2a-jeep0 plastic-cj2a-jeep1 plastic-cj2a-jeep2 plastic-cj2a-jeep3 plastic-cj2a-jeep4

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Kaiser Willys Dealer Accounting Manual on eBay

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Can’t be many of these around, but I suppose there are many folks around who want them.

View all the information on eBay

“Probably uncommon Vintage Kaiser Willys Dealer Accounting Manual In used condition. .A 3 ring binder made especially for them. Comes with some ledger paper. From the Reynolds & Reynolds Co. of Celina Ohio.”



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Wyoming Digital Collection Photos

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I found a few jeep-related photos in Wyoming’s Digital Collection.

  1. This first one is most interesting, as it might be a stretched CJ-2A. this might have a rare Porter & Reed half top:

Wyoming State Archives, Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Caption: “PLATTE COUNTY WEED & PEST CONTROL DISTRICT JEEP MOUNTED SPRAY RIG”

2) This CJ-2A might have a Beck hardtop:



3) Photo of soldier jumping a horse near a jeep:


Wyoming State Archives, Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Caption: “WYOMING NATIONAL GUARD, GEORGE GUY ON HORSEBACK JUMPING JEEP

4)  May 1, 1945, photo of infantryman fighting in Austria.

5) Jeeps at Casper Army Air Base:


yoming State Archives, Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Caption: “BRAKE COLLECTION–WWII–ARMY AIR BASE–CASPER, WYO-2 OF 4, CASPER AIR BASE, WY“.

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2019 Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together Oct 5

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

This Saturday (Oct 5) is the Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together in Asheville, North Carolina.



Learn more or register at the website: http://www.southeastwillysjeepgettogether.com. Will also has a group on Facebook.


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1943 Photo of Jeep Stuck in Alaskan Mud on eBay

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Hard to get far in that type of soft mud.

View all the information on eBay

“1943 Press Photo US Army jeep stuck in the mud, World War II, Amchitka island. This is an original press photo. World War II – Alaska. U.S. Army jeeps can negotiate most terrain, but this one came a cropper in the mud of Amchitka island in the Aleutians, which was occupied by the Americans in January, and required a tow. Amchitka island is only 73 land miles from Japanese-held Kiska. Photo measures 9.5 x 7.75 inches. Photo is dated 5-8-1943. ”





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1944 Photo of Crossing Mayenne River on eBay

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I wonder if the raft’s rowers had to do that all day, row vehicles and men back and forth across the river?

View all the information on eBay

“1944 Press Photo US soldiers ferry their jeep across the Mayenne River. This is an original press photo. Jeep crossing Mayenne River — American infantrymen ferry their Jeep across the Mayenne River using expedient raft constructed from 2 half boats by members of an engineer unit.Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 08-09-1944.”



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1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 43-96

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Catalogs, Features

These are the final pages for the Con-Ferr catalog.

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
View pages 20-42:
View pages 42-96:

1970-conferr-catalog-pg42 1970-conferr-catalog-pg43 1970-conferr-catalog-pg44 1970-conferr-catalog-pg45 1970-conferr-catalog-pg46

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1942 Photo of Jeep Test Driven into Fuselage on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

To me, what’s most interesting about this photo is that the men are using a test fuselage.

View all the information on eBay

“1942 Press Photo Airborne Infantry handling Jeeps via aeroplane, Washington, DC. This is an original press photo. Trucks – United State. Washington, D.C. Members of The Airborne Infantry acquire great skill in handling of “Jeeps” via aeroplane. Here are men of The Airborne Infantry practicing placing a “Jeep” in an aeroplane and removing it. The aeroplane fuselage “Mockup” is exact scale of an actual aeroplane. Sent A and O list Chicago to west coast. Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Photo is dated 2-28-1942.”



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1949 Article on the Bountiful Jeep Posse

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I took a chance on eBay and bought a 1949 issue of the Goodyear’s Magazine for Men off of ebay that mentioned, in the ebay ad, about having an article on a Jeep Posse. The magazine turned out to be a sort-of marketing piece by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company focused on men and with several interesting articles. Below you’ll find two articles from the magazine and a quiz.

The first article is a pretty early article on Utah’s Bountiful Jeep Posse. The other article covers a man named John Fordon and his business in New York City called “Beck ‘n Call”. Finally, the Fordon article includes a quiz on streets from around the country, names as relevant to day as they were back in 1949.


1949-goodyears-magazine-for-men-vol-3-number-3-jeep-posse1 1949-goodyears-magazine-for-men-vol-3-number-3-jeep-posse2And now, the article on Fordon. Also, note the “Where are they” quiz.

1949-goodyears-magazine-for-men-vol-3-number-3-jeep-dream-it1 1949-goodyears-magazine-for-men-vol-3-number-3-jeep-dream-it2 Continue reading

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Article Highlights Success of Mahindra Roxors

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This article from the Detroit Free Press highlights the successful introduction of Roxors, to the point that the company can’t keep up with demand. Unfortunately for Jeep, there’s some real branding problems, as I’ve seen countless people on Craigslist advertising these as “jeeps”. Moreover, do a Google search for “Jeep ATV” and Roxors pop up on the results page.



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1967 Four Wheel Drive Rocky Mountain Test Article

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The May 1967 issue of Popular Mechanics includes the article “Four-Wheel Safari Test In the Rugged Rockies”. The article covers a two-day test in the high mountains of Colorado from Telluride to Ouray. The main goal was to see if the Ford Bronco and/or the International Scout could compete with a V-6 equipped CJ-5. The conclusion was interesting.


1967-05-pop-mech-four-wheel-safari1 1967-05-pop-mech-four-wheel-safari2 1967-05-pop-mech-four-wheel-safari3

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Jeep Parts Catalog Holder on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Seems a bit on the pricey side (currently $145), but I don’t know what these are worth.  A neat piece though.

View all the information on eBay

“Used Jeep Dealership parts book holder, vintage not known but likely 50’s or 60’s. missing one rubber foot insert. Original condition.”


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Jeep Posse Article in May 1948 Issue of Outdoor Life Magazine

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The May 1948 Outdoor Life magazine has an article called “Jeep Posse Fights Fire & Flood”, but I can’t find a reasonable priced issue. If anyone happens to have that article or  the magazine, I’d be interested in sharing the story.


Cover of the May 1948 issue of Outdoor Life with the Jeep Posse article.

This issue includes (from a worthpoint auction),  “Jeep Posse Fights Fire & Flood”, ” Turkeys of the Tall Peaks” and ” This Happened to Me”. There is also a print suitable for framing titled ” The Battle with the Wolves” by Fred R. Zepp. There are to many vintage ads such as Champion Outboards, Remington, Dupont, Heddon, Dipsy Doodle Wood Manufacturing Co., True Temper The Rod of Champion, Calvert, and more to mention, there is a color ad for Old Thompson Brand Blended Whiskey on the back cover.

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Mexican Monument to First Jeep to the San Javier Mission in Mexico

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I ran across information about the above monument by Guillermo De Lara when he posted it to the Facebook page of Jeep CJ Mexico. There’s more history about this posted to this Baja thread: http://forums.bajanomad.com/viewthread.php?tid=31087. However, according to a book by Ann O’Neil, the actual jeep was a pickup and not an MB/GPW like that pictured. I’ve purchased the book and will update this post with the actual vehicle and the broader story.

According to Guillermo’s explanation, “This is a monument to a willys. It was the first vehicle that entered the San Javier Mission to the Sierra de la giganta with an altitude of 1,668 m above sea level in 1952. helped rebuild the mission and saved many lives. Loreto Peninsula of B.C.S. Mexico”

Original text of plaque:
“junio 26 de 1997 de Jesucristo
Este jeep pertenecio al Sr. Cura Dn. Modesto Sanchez Mayon,
llego a Loreto el 29 de nov. de 1947.
Este veiculo fue un instrumento util en la
reconstruccion de la Mission de Loreto B.C.S.
Quedando terminada el ano 1955.
Fue el primer veiculo que entro por este
camino a la Mision de San Javier, el 26 de nov. de 1952.
Como un homenaje del Pueblo de Loreto a los
10 anos de su fallecimiento el 26-6-1987.
Loreto B.C.S. 300 anos de evangelizacion y cultura.”

monument-to-jeep-mexico1 monument-to-jeep-mexico2 monument-to-jeep-mexico4

monument-to-jeep-mexico5 monument-to-jeep-mexico6

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1960s Australian CJ-6 Brochure

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This brochure was on eBay. It sold for $20.52 (I lost out on it). Unfortunately, the photos on the ebay ad only showed a few pages.

“This is a listing for an AUSTRALIAN WILLYS JEEP CJ-6 sales brochure from the 1960s. This brochure was printed in Australia for the domestic Australian market. This brochure has 8 pages of illustrations, specifications and other information. See photos for details.”

cj6-brochure-australia1 cj6-brochure-australia2 cj6-brochure-australia3

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1943 Postcard of a BRC-60 **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Great image.

1943-01-01-jeep-is-a-small-scout-car-bantam1 1943-01-01-jeep-is-a-small-scout-car-bantam2

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1951 Photo of Jeeps in Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Photo shows at least four jeeps.

View all the information on eBay

“1951 Press Photo American Troops ride jeep to advance in the Korean Front. This is an original press photo. An American convoy,part of reinforcements being rushed to the front to stem advance of tank led North Korean forces, prepares to move forward Photo measures 7.25 x 8.5 inches. Photo is dated 3-2-1951.”



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1962 May/June Issue of Carbogram Featuring Willys

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This Carbogram was published six times a year by the Holley Carburetor Company of Warren, Michigan. The below issue features the announcement that Willys would be using Holley’s 2300 Carb in conjunction with the new Tornado-OHC engine.

View all the information on eBay

1962-may-june-carbogram-holley-willys4 1962-may-june-carbogram-holley-willys5 1962-may-june-carbogram-holley-willys6 1962-may-june-carbogram-holley-willys7

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Carnival Ride Jeep Dewey, AZ $350

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

A fun bit of history.


“1950s Jeep Carnival ride. This this is in great condition for it’s age! Size 22” x 48” front wheel do steer!”

carnival-ride-jeep3 carnival-ride-jeep31 carnival-ride-jeep32

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5ft x 7ft Print Introducing the Jeep to Mexico @ Auction

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: This was up for auction last year. Starting price dropped to $1600 with the auction scheduled for Sept 27, 2019.

I’m surprised to see no bow holders. Looks like the dash plate in a long, single one, and I see no column shift. I’d say this was a mid 1946 or later photo.


Description: Hugo Brehme (German/Mexican, 1882 – 1954). “Willys Jeep”. Super grand mammoth vintage silver gelatin print. c1945. Printed c1945. Photographer credit on verso. Two photographic sheets joined together and mounted. Fair to good condition; some staining and surface scuffs and scratches, most of which can be mitigated or eliminated with conservation. Frame size: 64 x 86 in. (1626 x 2184 mm). Image size: 60 1/2 x 81 1/2 in. (1537 x 2070 mm). A huge photograph, approximaely 5 feet high by 7 feet wide. An advertisement for Willys Jeep in Mexico. The sign next to the Jeep reads “New or old you can always rely on your Willys Jeep [Nuevo o viejo ud. siempre puede confiar en su jeep Willys]”. PLEASE NOTE this photograph is mounted on board and is very heavy”


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Circumventing a Crater with Harry & David

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David & Ann overlooking Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

We split the remainder of our drive home from Conord into two days. I had a few plans to meet folks, but had to give up on them as we simply didn’t have much time on our return trip (Ann had a doc appt on Tuesday morning).

Our total mileage came in at just over 2000 miles, so it wasn’t too long of trip by our standards. We drove through four states, into three national parks, by two ordnance depots (Hawthorne, NV, and Concord, CA), and picked up one hood (thanks again Chuck). Best of all, we got to hang with my daughter Kasia! All-in-all a fine, if quick, trip.

I wish I could report on a thousand adventures from California to Washington, but apart from driving (without anything hitting us while driving), our only two adventures worth noting on our return home was our visit to the Harry and David store in Medford and our stop at Crater Lake National Park.


On Sunday we went out to breakfast with Kasia, then began our trek north. When we reached Medford, we were surprised to find out that there was a Harry and David Store right around the corner from our hotel. If you’ve never ordered food from Harry and David (they ship all over the word), you are missing out, especially with their pears. As my son put it, BEST PEARS EVER! Even a couple pears we bought from their store were excellent!


Naturally, we didn’t stop at pears. We also bought some cheese, some crackers and some unusual sausages made from ham and cheese (delicious). I can’t find them online, but they are really good. We munched on our food haul for dinner Sunday night.

On Monday morning, we left early, heading east for Crater Lake National Park. I’d never been there and Ann couldn’t remember being there, so it was a new experience for us both. The morning was beautiful and we made good time driving, until we ran up behind a couple school buses. After that, the going was slow, but the tree-lined two-land road was very relaxing none-the-less.

Our first stop at the National Park was the visitor’s center, where we learned there were three separate entrances to the park (we can in on the west side). We also learned we could circumvent Crater Lake using a national park road that had several beautiful vistas of the lake.

Soon, we were driving around the lake (while snacking on Harry & David food).


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1944 Photo of Patton on Pontoon Bridge on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I’m not sure how clear this picture is, but it purports to be a photo fo Patton crossing the Seine over a pontoon bridge.

View all the information on eBay

“WW2 PRESS PHOTO ” Patton stays up front ” Patton jeeps across Seine 8/30/44″

1944-08-30-patton-photo1 1944-08-30-patton-photo2

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Newgren Row-Crop Cultivator Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

When your crops need cultivating, look no further than Newgren! This brochure appeared in a late 1940’s Special Equipment Book.

newgren-row-crop-cultivator-brochure1-lores newgren-row-crop-cultivator-brochure2-lores

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Newgren Soil Pulverizer Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

And, it only weights 1221 lbs! This was featured in a late 1940s Special Equipment Book.

newgren-soil-pulverizer-sheet1-lores newgren-soil-pulverizer-sheet2-lores

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Big Trees and Jelly Belly Beans

• CATEGORIES: Features

Me, Ann, and Kasia at the Jelly Belly Factory tour in Fairfield, California.

On Friday we drove through two National Parks, then headed for Concord, California. On Saturday, we let Roadside America be our guide.


Friday’s trip from Tulare to Clayton, California.

Late Thursday night we had planned to stay in Exeter, but the lower prices in Tulare (plus my sudden realization that I was tired) convinced us to find a close motel after our visit with Chuck. The downside of this plan meant that we had to wake up at 5am if we wanted to reach Sequoia National Park at a reasonable time.

Thus, before the sun broke over the Sierra’s on Friday, we left for a 90 minute trip to see the largest organism (by volume), the mighty General Sherman Tree (a Sequoia). By the time we reached the park’s entrance, we had enough light to take a photo:


From that point, we climbed 7,000 ft on a tight, twisting road that never got over 35 mph. It’s a slow grind uphill that even caused our jeep to get slightly warm; yet it’s also a very pretty drive and, better, there were no vehicles in front of us. By the time we reached the top of the hill, the temperature had dropped to 39 degrees, which was chilly for two people dressed for 80 degree weather.

But, no matter the temperature, we were going to see that tree! So, we put on a couple layers and began a short walk to the tree. Part of the trail went through a fallen Sequoia. As you can see, they are pretty thick!


Finally, we reached the General Sherman Tree. I’ve seen taller Redwoods, but this tree was quite thick and stubby all the way up it.  Continue reading