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PNW4WDA Racing Videos

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The PNW4WDA racing year is almost over. Here are a couple videos from past years. The first is a great overhead view of some the tracks, which are changed slightly for every race.

Here are a few clips from the 2017 season.

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BestLok and EasyLok Hubs

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UPDATE: Information about Husky and Dualmatic has been updated and more closely examined here.

Maury and I have been trying to determine how BestLok and EasyLok hubs are connected and how they are connected to Warn, Husky, and Dualmatic. The short answer is that we don’t quite know yet. But, below is what we do know. (Note, while Husky and Dualmatic are mentioned, it’s not a full history of either hub, histories I do need to address at some point).

In January of 1972, Richard Williams filed a patent, assigned to Warn-Belleview, for a new type of hub. Below is the image of that hub.


What’s curious is that there’s no documentation that Warn ever sold these hubs.

Even more curious, by July of 1972 this exact hub was produced and sold under the brand EasyLok, as advertised here, in the July issue of Four Wheeler Magazine:


Why these hubs weren’t sold nor branded under any traditional seller of the time is a mystery to us.

Earlier this year, Maury spotted a set of hubs with the Warn patented design that were manufactured in 1982. Maury managed to get ahold of photos that show the hubs were manufactured and warranteed by BestopDualmatic (a joined company formed when Wynn industries combined the companies around 1974).


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1948? Price List For Various Jeeps

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This price list came from Willys Overland Sales book. Given it mentions the Jeepster, but not a CJ-3A, my guess is that this was produced sometime in 1948.


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UPDATE: Aftermarket Parts Provider On The Rox Fabrication

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UPDATE: Seth alert me to  On The Rox Fabrication  and their Facebook page.  The business creates custom parts for the Roxor that make it look more jeep-like. Here’s a pic showing a Jeep and a Roxor. At a quick glance, can you spot the Roxor?


The answer is that neither are jeeps (okay, so it was a misleading question). Both are Roxors.

Below are some of the parts made by On the Rox. I will be interested to see Jeep’s reaction one its legal staff becomes aware of the On The Rox products.

roxor-parts2 roxor-parts


Original Post August 7, 2018: This post covered Jeep’s Filing with the FTC against Mahindra, the creator of the Roxor.


As many of you know, the Roxor is Mahindra’s newest jeep-like vehicle. It’s a non-highway vehicle capable of a max speed of 45 mph. It’s best thought of as a hybrid jeep/atv(aka side by side). When they were first introduced, many folks wondered how Mahindra could build and sell these in the US. And, furthermore, why wasn’t FCA (Jeep’s parent company) fighting this.

It seems FCA was simply biding it’s time and thinking about how to respond, because just the other day FCA filed a complaint with the FTC regarding the sale of the Roxor in the US. The core of the complaint rests on two principles.

  1. According to the filing, “Most significantly, [Mahindra & Mahindra] exacerbate likely confusion by promoting their vehicle as bearing the Jeep-IP that FCA owns, touting their vehicle as being ‘modeled’ on the … Jeep”. In other words, Jeep is claiming the Roxor looks too jeep-like. With this argument, FCA is relying on the concept of Trade Dress, though I’ve found no evidence that FCA ever trademarked a specific ‘dress’. Of course, FCA has trademarked JEEP and the 7 slot grille, but the Roxor circumvents those. I suspect the argument will come down to whether a judge or the FTC believe that the Roxor dilutes the Jeep brand. Given the number of news outlets that have described the Roxor as a jeep-like vehicle, there may be a solid case for that.
  2. While Mahindra is one of the oldest licensees (since 1947), that license doesn’t give Mahindra the right to sell jeep-like vehicles in the US. Since Mahindra doesn’t own the Jeep IP (some folks on Facebook have made, surprise-surprise, many erroneous claims regarding the Mahindra-Jeep contract, such as that Mahindra “owns” the rights to build and sell jeeps … a license does not equal ownership … in the end, having no access to the contract, we don’t really know the specific details),Jeep feels it is within its rights to put a stop to the Roxors. No doubt this argument will come down to the specifics of the contract(s). Is Mahindra limited from selling only highway vehicles in the US that look like jeeps or are they banned from selling anything jeep-like in the US? Time will tell ….

It’s interesting to me that Jeep didn’t file a lawsuit against Mahindra for violating the terms of its contract. So, either it doesn’t violate those terms OR starting with the FTC is a simpler, cheaper option for now.

Mahindra did offer a response, claiming its “actions, products and product distribution (including Roxor) both honor the legacy of the relationship and the terms of our agreements with FCA.” This is a pretty boilerplate response. To me, it also suggests they didn’t try to work with FCA when planning the Roxor, but instead were hoping for forgiveness or expected protection vis-a-vis it’s license. Still, I’d be surprised if there were terms that allowed Mahindra to sell jeeps or jeep-like vehicles in the US.


  1. Law360 article (have to sign up to view): https://www.law360.com/automotive/articles/1070073/fiat-chrysler-says-indian-look-alike-is-ripping-off-jeep
  2. Jalopnik article on filing: https://jalopnik.com/jeep-is-trying-to-keep-the-mahindra-roxor-from-going-on-1828080605
  3. Australian Take on the Issue: https://www.motoring.com.au/fca-wants-indian-jeep-knock-off-banned-113947/
  4. Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-02/fiat-chrysler-looking-to-block-mahindra-jeep-knock-off-in-u-s
  5. Jalopnik article from the spring of 2018: https://jalopnik.com/this-is-why-mahindra-can-build-tiny-jeeps-1823472625


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Photo of Bantam T2E1 on eBay

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UPDATE: Another version of this press photo is on eBay. See similars one posted on eBay in the past below.

View all the information on eBay

“1941 Press Photo John McCloy & C.M. Drury inspect a new gun mounted on a jeep. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “Tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting technique today, John McCloy (left) assistant secretary of way, and C.M. Drury, assistant special weapons–A 37m. anti-tank gun mounted on the famed “jeep” reconnaissance car. U.S. Army land vehiclesPhoto measures 9.5 x 6.5inches. Photo is dated 08-27-1941.”




#2: Originally posted 05/08/2018

“1941 Press Photo The Army’s fast “jeep car” with anti-tank gun at Fort Meade. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting techniques at Fort Meade, Maryland, Wednesday, John McCloy, assistant secretary of war, and C.M. Drury, assistant military attache in the Canadian legation, inspected one of the unit’s special weapons. It is the Army’s fast “jeep car,” now equipped with a 37 mm anti-tank gun. United States Army – Equipment – Guns Photo measures 10.25 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 8-28-1941.



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Terry’s CJ-3B

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Terry bought this running late model CJ-3B for a great price, then doubled his investment in the jeep by fixing it up and adding some fun extras like rear duallies, a hardtop, and rope (just for kicks). Despite the additions, almost none of it altered the original jeep he bought. He says the changes made the jeep popular with folks and 99% of people didn’t realize it was not a military jeep.

The other day he went into a dealership and the dealer offered to buy it. Though not planning to sell the jeep, the amount offered by the dealer, double Terry’s entire investment in the jeep, was too good to refuse, so he sold the jeep. With his new found cash, he picked up a wagon that he plans to restore. Here are a few pics of the CJ-3B.

Before his changes:

cj3b-3 cj3b-4

After his updates, including the purchase of a hardtop:cj3b-5 cj3b-6 cj3b-7 cj3b-8 cj3b-9

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1946 Jeep Herder Movie Pics **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: Here are pics of the Ford Pygmy and Ford Budd to use for comparison with the jeep in the movie. To me it looks like the film makers built a custom vehicle based on the Ford Budd, which Maury points out, in the comments section below, was in Hollywood at the time.



FORD PYGMY:ford-pygmy-budd-comparision

Note the differences between the two above and the “jeep” below: Angle of the steering wheel, position of the front fenders vis-a-vis the hood, length of cowl at the step, the rolled edges of the body (same as Budd, Pygmy didn’t have them), short rear handle of the Pygmy (Budd had long hand), incorrect hubs ..  I wonder if that is a Bantam chassis?



ORIGINAL POST … these photos were sold on eBay: Thanks to Maury for spotting these pics from the Jeep Herders movie. There are a couple Ford GPs pictured. I’m not sure what’s going on with the side of the Ford GP. Looks like it is similar to the original Pygmy GP.

“Originally by Planet Productions, 1946, re-released by Astor Pictures in 1949. Story is returning vets use Jeeps to herd cattle.”



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“Of Metal and Earth”, A book by Jennifer M. Lane

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Jennifer recently finished a book about a CJ-5 called “Of Metal and Earth”. She wrote me a short note announcing her book. “I am the co-owner of a 1964 CJ-5 and author of a new book titled Of Metal and Earth. The story follows a 1964 Jeep CJ-5 as it passes through seven owners on their way to restoration and redemption.” I ordered, but have not read the book yet. Currently, the online book is free for Kindle readers.

 You can learn more about her book on Amazon.


She also include a pic of here CJ-5:


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The Mutant Jeep “Big Willy” is Going to Burning Man

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Vernon was right. The Mutant jeep named Big Willy is heading to Burning Man. Thanks to TJ for pointing it out the article.



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Dave’s 1948 Dually CJ-2A

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Dave just scored a Dually adapter kit off of eBay. He’s also got a set of fenders. I really like those Free-Lock hubs, too.





dave-cj2a-dually3 dave-cj2a-dually7

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WWII Vet Don Foran and his 1942 MB

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Just a couple updates for Wednesday …

This article is from last year’s Wall Street Journal. Photo by Della Moyer.



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Lewis and Clark Cavern Jeep Railway Postcards on eBay

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UPDATE: This was last published in 2012. A couple of the postcards are back on eBay.

Originally published November 10, 2012: The Lewis and Clark Cavern was Montana’s first State Park and is located here. You can read about the history of the caves here.  In 1947 the Montana Standard published an article about the cavern accompanied by the photo and caption below. You can view the entire article in this PDF file.

Here are three postcards related to this Jeep Railway.

1. View all the information on eBay

2. I haven’t seen this one on eBay in a while …

3. View all the information on eBay

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Butch’s 1949 CJ-3A on Farmforum.net

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Vern Parker wrote this article that was published on farmfum.net about Butch Soetenga’s CJ-3A.



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GPW/Truck From Indonesia

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Rahadian Dhian of Badung, Indonesia, shared on Facebook this custom jeep made from a GPW and a 1950’s Truck. The top really finishes it off nicely.

IMG_8390 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8393 IMG_8394

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2018 Jeep Jam in Wilmington, OH

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The Jeep Jam was this past weekend in Wilmington, Ohio. Roger Martin was there with his CJ-2A and FC backhoe and shared these photos via his girlfriend Sharon, who wrote about the event:

“Friday night, Roger Martin, had his 1947 CJ2a parked in the prime location at the Show and Shine Cruise-in. On the way down the street to park, his Jeep was one of several tagged by THE JEEP MAFIA.COM, and he was koozied with a cold drink cover that said “Nice Rig!”

The event took up 4 blocks of downtown Wilmington, from Spring Street to North South Street, and there were hundreds of jeeps and thousands of people. His Jeep was on one corner of Main and Spring Street ad Greg Houk’s Jeep FC150 was on the other corner of the street. Most other Jeeps were newer and many were showing off before the “muddy” events this weekend.

There are trail rides, obstacle courses, mud pits and many other events at the fairground and in other local locations. Also at the fairground, there is overnight camping, and there are Jeep vendors, food concessions, live music, a Show & Shine competition, and a Jeep “Museum.” Roger’s FC170 DRW with a rare Factory Mounted Ottawa Backhoe is on display in the event’s historical display along with his CJ2a.”

muddy-buddy3 muddy-buddy4

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1978 DJ-5 Safari-Kar Westminster, CO $6000

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Gayland spotted this great example of a Safari-Kar (more Safari-Kars and brochures).


1978-dj5-safari-kar-westminster-co2 1978-dj5-safari-kar-westminster-co3 1978-dj5-safari-kar-westminster-co4

“This is a 1978 DJ5. Used to be a postal service jeep that was converted in 1995 by a company named Safari-Kar. There was less than 1000 of these build. As the company was only in business for 3 years. The jeep has 5,276 miles on the complete rebuild. Inline 6, automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive. I just put 3200 dollars in it to replace or repair the following (battery, all the belts, brakes gone thru, the tires have less then 500 miles on them (and there is 5 of them), the gas tank and all the line have been cleaned (the tank was dropped cleaned and reinstalled. This is a very clean jeep at a good price.

If you want to know more about this unique jeep then google the company ( Safari-Kar ) .It will tell you more about what they have done.”

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Big Willy Mutant Jeep

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Chad reminded me that I hadn’t done a post yet on the Big Willy Mutant Jeep, a project meant to be a supersized, trail capable, jeep. The build is being documented on Facebook using both video and photos: https://www.facebook.com/BigWillyJeep/

Here are some pics:

large-mutant-jeep3 large-mutant-jeep2 large-mutant-jeep

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1947 CJ-2A Rebuild in Minnesota

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This article in the Chanhassen Villager, out of Minnesota, highlights Steve Knigge’s rebuild of a 1947 CJ-2A.



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Cutlas Wheel Cover Brochure on eBay

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I can’t remember seeing this ad for a Cutlas Wheel cover that included an FC-170.

View all the information on eBay

“ORIGINAL RARE 1960 JEEP Cutlas Wheel Covers Fact Spec Sheet Folder Brochure, 8-1/2′ x 11″, one page”


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The RC FC-170 (and Other RC Videos)

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UPDATE: Well, there was supposed to be a post above this one (hence the “mutant supersized jeep” comment), but the post scheduler did not automatically post it. That’s a tech fail!

From a mutant supersized jeep, we turn to the Mini FC. Scott reminded me that I hadn’t shared this video of Headquake’s FC-170 RC jeep. A couple years ago I featured another of HQ’s projects, the RC MB. You can see other projects (200 videos) on Headquake’s Youtube channel, including a CJ-5, a Jeep Rural, a Cherokee, and a Wagoneer,

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1944 Photo of Jeeps on Guadacanal on ebay

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Eight inches of rain in twenty-four hours sounds miserable!

View all the information on eBay



“This is an original press photo. Guadalcanal has two seasons, the rainy, between November and May and the wet. The only difference is that during the wet season there are no floods or as the natives put in when the rainy season comes “White men leaves the island, and the native die.

American Marine soldiers and sailors couldn’t leave the island and when the rainy season reached peak recently they were amazed at the vast quantities of water that poured continuously from the clouds. As much as eight inches of rain fall in 24 hours and river rose as high as seven feet above normal in two hours, Frantically everything was under water and most transportation was by boat. Flood Bridged – Two jeeps make their perilous way across a temporary bridge that was constructed over a low spot on Guadalcanal to prevent disruption of traffic. The swirling waters undermined this bridge before it was even completed but the floods caused such a major problems to transportation that anything above water was considered safe.

Photo measures 8.25 x 10.25 inches. Photo is dated 04-30-1944.”

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Willys MB/GPW From Transformers “Bumblebee” Movie @ Auction

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On August 25th, the jeep (GPW frame with MB body?) used in the upcoming Transformers “Bumblebee” movie (scheduled to arrive in theaters in Dec 2018)  will be auctioned at https://bid.screenused.com/Bumblebee-Bumblebee-Willys-Jeep_i31014225. The current bid is $19,000. As you can see in the pics, this MB isn’t all stock. It appears to have a GPW front crossmember. Another pic, from the top rear, suggests it has MB toolboxes.

In the movie, the Bumblebee character starts off as a jeep, but soon becomes a VW, remaining a VW for the remainder of the movie.




Clip (probably from early in the movie, showing Bumblebee with a jeep grille on his chest.


Movie Trailer for “Bumblebee”:

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T-Shirts and Hats From Roger’s FC Event For Sale

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Roger’s hoping to sell some of his leftover t-shirts and hats from the 2018 SouthWest Ohio Forward Control Gathering. Here’s the information. All prices INCLUDE shipping/handling.

ITEMS Available:

M, L….. $27 includes s/h
XL,XXL,XXXL……$32 includes s/h
HATS….$15 includes s/h.
(Multiple items will have a reduced rate for
shipping…total amount due will be included in the package.)
To order…email: rogerjm55@gmail.com or FB Messenger for Roger Martin.

Let Roger know:

1) What size or sizes
2) How many
3) Your email address and phone number (for
questions regarding this order)
4) Your complete mailing address: street, city, state, zip
Shirts will be mailed when the order is received. A pre-stamped, return addressed envelope will be included with the order for checks or a money order.


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Throwing Wrenches Episode 3 — Saving the CJ-3A-Truck

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As Merlins explains at the beginning of this video, This crazy CJ-3A truck was something he saw listed on eWillys. It proved useful into it broke down a couple years ago. In this newest episode of Throwing Wrenches, the crew gets it running again.

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1943 Photo of Infantry Troops in Tunisia on eBay

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Not a great photo of the jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“1943 Press Photo Jeep & US Servicemen Walking in El Guettar Valley Tunisia WWII”