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Unusual Jeep-Parts Bench Nappanee, IN $250

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Rick shared this unusual jeep-military-themed bench.


“One of a kind bench. Shirts came from early 70s, Nom era.”


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Testimonial: Davis Farm Contracting

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UPDATE: This was previously published August 25, 2013.

This and other testimonials are from 1946 and were combined into a sales binder used by Willys Overland salesman.

This particular testimonial is by Davis Farm Contracting, Company, of Albany, Georgia.



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1956 DJ-3A Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, DJ-3A, Features

This is a pretty good price on this rare DJ-3A brochure from no W-301-6. I thought I had posted the version of the form that I have, but apparently I didn’t. So, I’ll include the pics from this eBay auction and update them with better pics from my brochure at a later date.

View all the information on eBay

“This is an ORIGINAL brochure, NOT a reprint

It is in GOOD condition with some very light shelf wear to the covers. Interior pages are CLEAN

It is a 4 PAGE color FOLDER that measures 8 3/4″ x 10 1/2″”




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Meanwhile In Italy

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

Valerio sent me some updates from Italy. He was able to get his 1975 CJ-5 vm 2.5L diesel racer into good enough shape to compete in a regional trial championship. He’s only got this one photo, but will share more if he receives more.


Let month Valerio and his friend Fabio trailers home two FCs. One is an FC-150 and the other is a Zanzi. They plan on restoring both vehicles. Those look like some good projects!


fabio-fcs-italy7 fabio-fcs-italy8fabio-fcs-italy6fabio-fcs-italy5

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1959 Surrey/Gala Press Release on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, DJ-3A, Documents, Features, Old Images

This press release package is currently at $29.50 with three days to go. It’s unclear if this is a complete press kit or a partial one (seems partial to me given there is only one photo). The date on the photo suggests this kit may have been release September 16, 1959.

What’s interesting to me is that the 2-page document on the left is one of the few documents create by Willys Motors that explains that the new Surrey is the name of the model released domestically and that the Gala is the export name, though no explanation is given for the difference.

View all the information on eBay


Here is the document I mentioned. See the last sentence on the second page for the link between the Surreys and Galas>


1959-09-16-surrey-press-release7This is caption for the photo. Note the date at the lower left hand corner 9 16 59.

1959-09-16-surrey-press-release8 1959-09-16-surrey-press-release9

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1950s(?) Scenic Jeep Tour Postcard

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UPDATE: Grant thinks this jeep may have been owned by the Grand Imperial Hotel out of Silverton. That does make sense given the logo on the side.

This looks to be an early Scenic Jeep Tour postcard. I don’t *think* this was the San Juan Scenic Jeep Tour company. Maybe it was the Davis Scenic Jeep Tours? Here is where I found the photos.

scenic-jeep-tour-cj6-postcard1 scenic-jeep-tour-cj6-postcard2

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Jeep Changes Iconic Grille for 2024?

• CATEGORIES: Features

Brian shared this odd headline and article. You can never be sure whether the author is responsible for the headline, and it may just be pure clickbait, but the title reads, “2024 Jeep Wrangler Risks It All with Change to Iconic Grille, But It Works

Seems like hyperbole to me, especially given the number of times the “iconic” grille has already been changed.

Here’s the link to the article: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a43509572/2024-jeep-wrangler-revealed/


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Half-Size Jeep Monroe, WA $2500

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2500. 


“This is a hand built 1952 half size Willys jeep. It was constructed for my old neighbor by her father when she was a little kid. It has a wooden frame with the tires are original and the seats are the original canvas. It has a 18 hp Wisconsin air cooled motor out of an old washing machine. I reassembled it with the intention of it being a stationary display. It has functioning LED headlights and tail light that function from a 110 volt standard outlet.

This would be ideal in a restaurant, office, or museum. We decided to restore it as if it were to be for display and not for drive ability. Everything is still as it was when it was running and driving. While my neighbor was tiny when she drove it with the intent to drive around in parades next to her dad in the full-size Jeep. I would be reluctant to make it operational due to its antique nature. When she was younger she and all the neighbor kids what get together every Sunday and ride in it at 5 mph all day long so it has 141 miles on the odometer. it is 66 inches long by 33 inches wide sitting on 15 inch fire stone tires. while I would prefer cash I would consider trading it for”

toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa3 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa4 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa5 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa6 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa7 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa8 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa9


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FC Rides and Planters

• CATEGORIES: Features

It’s been a busy week and a half. Mitch Carter stopped by for a ride around the property in the tour jeep early last week, then Marty Tilford came by for a ride yesterday. We sure can’t wait to get this on the road so we can give proper rides!

Somehow, I never got photos of them in the FC (probably because I was driving). However, I did find a photo of what I think is our FC on eBay (I bought the slide).


I took a break from the race jeep to build these three 8′ planters for Ann. The sides are built from 60-year-old cedar that my parents used to wall their kitchen in the mid-1960s. They pulled it down during a remodel circa 1995 and kept it until I grabbed it after mom passed. I know she’d be happy we were able to put the wood to good use.



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VW Producing a “Scout” EV Under Scout Motors

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I managed to lose the original I had about the folks that own the rights to the IH Scout brand, which was interesting, but the nut of the article was about the revival of the “Scout” as an EV vehicle under the Volkswagen brand. Here’s an article that explains the EV company:



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New L-Head Engine Blocks From Sudest.com

• CATEGORIES: Features

Scott forwarded this link to Sudest.com (in southern France). The company is offering new L-head blocks (likely from China) for sale. They are priced at 3995 Euro ($4310)



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1965 Jeep News Vol 11 Num 3

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Lots of dealer news in this issue and less human interest stories.

1965-jeep-news-vol-11-num-3-page-2-3 1965-jeep-news-vol-11-num-3-page-4-5 1965-jeep-news-vol-11-num-3-page-6-7 1965-jeep-news-vol-11-num-3-page-8

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Jeep’s 2023 Concept Vehicles at Moab

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bill shared this link showing some concept jeeps being displayed in Moab this years.


1978-jeep-sj-cherokee-4xe-concept jeep-magneto-3-0-concept jeep-scrambler-392-concept

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Buddy L Jeep and Space Shuttle

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Somehow I hadn’t seen this combo of a jeep and space shuttle, with transport setup, from Buddy L. I found it for a good price on eBay. Ann will like the space shuttle.


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1960s? Postcard Of Jeep Tram Fishing on eBay

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This Oceanside, California, CJ-5 pulled a tram that transported fishing enthusiasts onto the wharf.  My guess would be that is was owned by San Diego County.

View all the information on eBay

“Rare original postcard.”

year-postcard-jeep-train-fishing-oceanside-ca1 year-postcard-jeep-train-fishing-oceanside-ca2

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1945 Photo of Jeep w/ Custom Cargo Bed

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This photo was posted back in 2011 by Bill Grist. I can’t tell if the rear portion is a connected via pivot point (aka trailer) or if it is one solid six-wheeler. It’s a unique setup for sure.

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Misfits Club Jacket

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

This jacket was spotted in a Yakima (WA) store by a PNW4WDA member (I just missed out on purchasing it). The club was from my home town of Renton.

There was a family a couple blocks from us that belonged to this club (something I remember as they had a cute girl my age … we both went to the same elementary school). I don’t recall this ever being a very big club, so this is a pretty rare find.



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Firewall Progress

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The warming weather has got me busy, but I was still able to get some progress on the firewall covers. Between a small sledge hammer and my big vice, I was able to bend the steel into shape.

Here are my templates.


Here’s an example of the steel. I was able to cut this out using my plasma cutter (Yeswelder 55DS). It was my first attempt at using it, but it worked pretty well.


Here’s it after bending.


The tabs need some adjusting.  Otherwise ,these two covers should work fine.


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Fall 1942 College Humor Article Ford GP

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Magazine

This article popped up in a Fall 1942 issue of College Humor. I was able to find a copy on eBAY. As you can see, this features a Ford GP.  We’ve seen a few of these pics in other magazines.

1942-fall-college-humor-2 1942-fall-college-humor-1

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Reshaping The Firewall

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I spent the last couple of days working on the firewall. This is obviously a key element for assembling other items, such as the steering, brake/clutch pedals, gas pedal, etc.

I should begin by noting that we have a new name and theme for the jeep: LEFTOVERS. It’s a food-ish theme that kind of goes with Lost Biscuit. I like that it isn’t a particularly serious name. And, it seems appropriate given I am scavenging two former racing jeeps, but a few parts off of Biscuit, as well as some other random parts.

I saved the original firewall from the yellow-bodied jeep, but it wasn’t in the best shape. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it anyone, because my firewall area includes several rollbar tubes that aren’t present in the yellow-bodied build. Here are some pics of it on the old jeep (btw, I’ve been terrible at taking pics during this build):



I felt the deciding factor would be how well a template I planned to create for the firewall would overlay the old firewall. If close enough, I’d make the old firewall work (again, leftover theme).

Below is my really fancy paper template (I won’t be using the aluminum cover over the gear box .. I was just experimenting with that).


The first thing I realized was that I would need to split the old firewall in two halves in order to install it and have it fit over the roll bars. Once I was reasonably happy with the template, I laid if over the firewall (no pics of that), only to learn that I would need to flatten most of the existing firewall and rebend it; not an easy task!

Fortunately, the other day I bought a 20-ton press from Harbor Freight (I needed it to fix a neighbor’s plow). I used the press to press the bends relatively flat. Then, I cut the firewall in half and began the process of re-bending the firewall to the specs I needed, then cutting out areas to fit one over the roll bars.

Here’s an example of the passenger side after the top part was was bent flat:


Another obstacle I had to consider was the distributor at the rear of the engine. I needed room to be able to remove that if necessary. Here’s a pic of the two haves bolted to the crossmember I made from spare square tubing. It’s not perfect, but it will look alright once I get the paint off of it and clean up everything else. Besides, it will be hidden under the cowl.


With the cowl in place, I began playing with the steering column. I never liked the way the steering column in the original green-black jeep wiggled. The yellow jeep had a much more solid setup, so I  will try to use it. It will need a new steering wheel, as that was damaged when the yellow jeep was wrecked.

2023-03-23-firewall-4 2023-03-23-firewall-3

Next up will be getting the clutch/brake assembly attached, build the bracket for the clutch slave cylinder, build the covers that go over the center portion of the firewall, and add a few attach points along the side for the firewall. Still plenty to do!

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Warn Brochure Form WC-1060

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I was surprised to find I didn’t own this brochure when I saw it on eBay, so I bought it. It highlights the Locking mub and the Lock-O-matic hub.

warn-brochure-form-wc-1060-1 warn-brochure-form-wc-1060-2 warn-brochure-form-wc-1060-3

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Jeep Lighter From the UK on eBay

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Here’s another jeep lighter from Great Britain. As you can see in the first pic, one of the cats was a BIG help with this post.

View all the information on eBay

110mm x 60mm x 50mm






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Dorothy and Louise: The New Kittens

• CATEGORIES: Features

Updates are limited today. I spent much of today repairing a plow for a neighbor, so no jeep work got done. Then, we picked up the new kittens today, which have kept Betty Page and Lizzy very busy this afternoon and evening (which means they will sleep hard tonight).

The 2-month-old kittens are sisters and rescued cats. We discovered that a neighbor fosters cats, though she mostly ships them to the Seattle area as folks over on this side of the state don’t adopt them too much apparently. We formally named them Dorothy and Louise, after these two jeep explorers (because we were told the cats were pretty curious about their surroundings). We can attest that the kittens have wasted no time in exploring their room (they will have more run of the house later).

However, we are having difficulties telling them apart, so they may end up just as Thing One and Thing Two.

In the two pics below, you can see how happy Lizzy is! The good news is that the cats have had lots of dog time, so they aren’t scared of our dogs at all.



Betty Page is enjoying the new kitties, too.

2023-03-21-cats10 2023-03-21-cats9

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NOS Free-Lock 27-spline Hubs

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Thanks to Chris for selling me these NOS Free-Lock 27-spline hubs he got from a friend. He also included copies of the original documents that were included with the hubs. Since I have a Dana 30 on Biscuit, these will got on it once I start working on it.

This doc is one I posted last week:


I’m guessing the warranty is no longer any good, lol?


As I mentioned last week, this doc is the first evidence I’ve seen that Free-Lock became a “division” (whether actual or virtual) within Dualmatic. It is my belief that Selectro was another division:


Here is one look at the hubs:


And, a second look:


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Jeep Jamboree Game Ad for the Gameboy on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

There was a Jeep Jamboree game for the Gameboy? I remember having a gameboy shortly after they hit the market. I mostly played Tetris and Scrabble, though I had a few others. I don’t remember hearing about the Jamboree game. Anyway, this ad is on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

“Jeep Jamboree Vintage Gameboy Original Print Ad / Poster Game Gift Art”