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Pinto 4 Cyl Engine Lewisberry, PA $750

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Ricky is selling this Ford Pinton engine. The sale includes Novak conversion kit to attach to a T-90.

“Includes a Pinto motor with approx 15k miles from a Ford Shay kit car and is on a motor stand and just needs to be wired to run. No documentation but motor spins freely, has good compression, and is in really nice shape. Have the rare bellhousing that bolts up to the Willys T90. Comes with a new Novak conversion kit to bolt to the T90. Comes with a brand new Summit oil filter conversion kit if you need to relocate the oil filter. $750 for the package, I wanted to install this in my Willys but realize I will never get to it since my original motor runs great and I’m well, to lazy to do it”

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3 Comments on “Pinto 4 Cyl Engine Lewisberry, PA $750

  1. John

    don’t sleep on a pinto engine in a flat fender! my second favorite choice of for a swap if not going V8

  2. JohnB

    In the UK, they use Pinto engines for racing. In proper tune, they are very capable. And certainly more modern than the Go Devil.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Back in the early 1980s there was a bunch of experimenting with Pinto and Chevy 4 cal engines in race jeeps at the PNW4DA Races. I always found them fascinating. Guys were experimenting with all kinds of HP mods. Of course, some were more successful than others.

    Dad put a 2L pinto engine in his CJ-5 when I started driving it in 1982. It was no super power, but when matched up to a T-98 and its granny gear, that Pinto engine in stock form powered me up some difficult trails. The combo was just so much more dependable and easy to jeep than the Chev 350/Ford Toploader combo he had in it before.

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