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Old Photo of Jeep Amusement Ride on eBay

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This is another good example of a kid’s jeep amusement ride.

“This listing is for one old photo of a cute boy on a merry go round Jeep. Photo is approximately 3.3 x 3.3 inches.”

View all the information on eBay

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Juan’s Jeep Collection and Story

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Juan wrote to me the other day. He wanted to share his life long passion with jeeps that started when he was a young boy in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. Juan doesn’t speak English and my Spanish isn’t much better, so I have done my best to translate his email (and any mistakes are my fault).  Thanks for sharing Juan!

DAVE good afternoon.

I am a 60 year old retired Veterinarian. My Father was born and lived in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, land of the best coffee. My father always used Willys jeeps or trucks to access our ranch because they were the only vehicles that could make it. When I was eighteen months of age he gave me Kings Pedal Jeep as a gift and I treasured it.

In 1969 I left my country and moved to the port of Veracruz to study veterinary and animal science. I went to work at the state of Oaxaca. Each week or two back I returned home to help my father in his old age. When I retired, I return to Coatepec to launch a small veterinary pharmacy. My parents had both passed away by that time. After returning home, I found that many friends asked about my father and whether he had any jeep parts for sale. After enough requests, I got the idea to buy some jeeps and rebuild them or part them out.

In 2007 one of my children taught me to use the computer and showed me lots of different willys sites. After seeing the Willys clubs in Colombia, I got the idea to form a Coatepec Willys clubs with some friends. We changed the name to Jeeperos Coatepec, because we have many friends that had 4×4 vehicles other than Willys. We hung out every month, attended cultural events, sports exhibitions, and were invited to participate in events on the beaches of Veracruz chachalacas, where every year all the republic clubs totaling more than 200 jeeps gathered. We have participated in movies of Che Guevara Arnold, in a French movie, in some commercials, and more.

Unfortunately, one of my children died eight months ago. This depressed me to the point where I stopped wheeling and being active in the group. However, I have slowly been overcoming this tragedy with help from my friends. And, thanks to websites like yours, I feel more motivated to keep up with my jeeps. We hope some day you can make it down here [editor’s note . . . so do I!]. If you do, you can enjoy a jeep ride through the plantation, canals and farms of these places .

In the first three photos below show the small collection I have. A 1947 CJ-2A, 1953 CJ-3B, a CJ-5, a CJ-7 and more.

Many Thanks. 

Juan Lopez Badillo


From these first three pictures you can see that Juan has a nice variety of complete and incomplete jeeps.

This has the potential for a Colorado Tour Rig!

There are some other photos that Juan included:

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The Package Van Arrives at Jesse’s

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UPDATE: Jesse forwarded a few more pics showing the floor removed.

This is an update on the 1948 Package Delivery Van, the only one we know of in existence.  When we last saw it, the van was on it’s way to Jesse’s place in Phoenix for a complete overhaul.

You can read the full story of the package van in an article I wrote and published for JeepTruck.com.

Below is the latest picture I have. The body has been stripped and cleaned a bit.

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1948 CJ-2A “Tugger” Movie Promotional Mascot Cleveland, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

(08/18/2012) The movie Tugger, the Jeep 4×4 Who Wanted to Fly is based on the book by the same name.

“This is a CJ2A that was used as a Movie Promotional Mascott. The Movie “TUGGER, THE JEEP 4X4 WHO WANTED TO FLY” was released in 2005. I bought this CJ2A from the man that owned the Rights to Movie and the Promotional Items. It is titled and runs great. It has been entered in Car Shows and has won Trophies and “Best of Show”. The paint Scheme is of the Air Force Thunderbirds. It has the Insignia of the Thunderbirds and was rebuilt along with the engine by the Sponsers; The Air Force, Jeep, Shell Oil, Orlando Genesis and Arnald Palmer Hospital for Children and Women. KIDS LOVE IT! Many comments at traffic lights. Beautiful eye catcher! It can be used for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Parades and Funerals (or just plain enjoyable driving). Not many miles since rebuild according to the tires. I fly the American Flag and Air Force Flag on special occasions.”

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Carved Pumpkin Jeeps

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For those who haven’t carved your pumpkins yet, I found a few ideas below.  We (and by we I mean Ann did all the work) grew our own pumpkins this year, so if we make time for carving them we will try something with a jeep flair.

Kaiser Willys is having a Jeep Pumpkin Carving contest with a $25 gift certificate as the prize.  Go to their facebook page to learn more.  The pic below is from the Kaiser Willys Facebook page.

Here’s another carved pumpkin for those that can’t identify what the shapes represent:


Here is a different take on a jeep pumpkin that I found here.

Here is a stencil you can use to carve your own pumpkin.  Well, it’s a small size version of the stencil. The original stencil seems to be gone.  If you click here, you can use a version of this pic that I have blown up (maybe it will work?).


And then there is this painting of a jeep amongst pumpkins by Daphne Wynne Nixon.

Here are a few other links to carvings:

– http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1013337

Google images “Jeep Pumpkin Carvings”

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2013 Jeep Calendar $13.99

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Bob forwarded a beautiful photograph of his CJ-3B and Trailer that will be appearing in Bill Norris’ Holy Toledo Slot Grill Classics 2013 Jeep Calendar.

You can find the calendar for sale on eBay


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The Incredible Jeep by Clarence Budington Kelland

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Clarence Budington Kelland published an one of four parts of a novel called “The Incredible Jeep” in the American Magazine in November of 1941. It appears he followed that by publishing the entire novel in 1942. Is anyone familiar with the story?

Here’s a reference to the Magazine on eBay

Incredible Jeep, The (Gold Seal Novel, presented by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, November 22nd, 1942)

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Custom Mini Jeep Bridgeport, NJ on eBay

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I’m not sure what this is good for, but it’s a neat little mini jeep.

“Built from the ground up.  All steel components to include the drive train and axles.  Durable 3/4″ plywood body finished with automotive paint.  Honda GZ series gas engine (200cc) for great performance and efficiency.  Rechargeable AGM battery for the headlights.  Padded leather bench seat with automotive carpeting on interior surfaces and the under carriage finished with undercoating.  Cashiers check or cash.  Buyer responsible for pick up and/or shipping.”

View all the information on eBay

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Electric Jeep out of Colombia $3700 (Plus Shipping)

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Sebastian forwarded this to me today.  This is great!

“While driving in Antioquia Colombia my dad found this electric Jeep. It is smaller than normal size and the owner (see picture) is asking for about $3700 US dollars. It is a pure home-made Willys. Only in Colombia!!”

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Art of the Jeep by Jerome Hadacek

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The Art of the Jeep:  From Propoganda to Advertising was published recently.  I spotted this on eBay, but the best price on this appears to be through Amazon.com.  Has anyone purchased this?

ART OF THE JEEP, THE: From Propaganda to Advertising

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Case Trapper Knife with Color Scrimshaw

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UPDATE: Was listed on eBay.

(10/24/2012) This is a new knife, not a vintage knife. I’m a bit surprised at the price, which is $142 as of this post. But then, I am no knife expert.

“A NEW In The Box Case XX Amber Bone Trapper Knife with A Color Scrimshaw Scene that I have just finished of an old Willys Jeep and a fisherman sitting on his Canoe. I signed and dated this knife on the bottom right. A Certificate of Authenticity that I will sign and date will be sent with the knife.

Please Note: When I do Color Scrimshaw, I do NOT paint the color on top of the design. I re-cut every line where each color is to go and apply those colors down into the cuts. This is a very time consuming process, but one in which I feel the results are well worth the added effort.

I have, in my opinion, a very low starting bid with NO RESERVE, so you collectors can decide what this knife is worth.

The knife measures: 4 1/8″ closed”

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Our Weekend Trip to Idaho

• CATEGORIES: Features

Ann and I drove to Spokane last Thursday for a doc appointment, then returned via the Idaho panhandle.  We made it as far east as Fernwood, Idaho, a small town in the mountains to visit Ann’s relatives, before heading south to Moscow and back.  While in Fernwood, we ran across a couple jeeps.  So, we took photographs.

Here’s a photograph of us at the barn built by my great grandfather at Fighting Creek.  This will mean something to those that have read my book.  The barn is 100 years old, but still looks good (from this angle anyway).

Here’s an old plow jeep we spotted.  We also spotted a jeep across the street, but it was too far back to photograph.

This was located in the town of Santa, Idaho, at the bridge.

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United Airlines Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE:  MIke has a toy that looks similar to the ones below, only it is branded differently (shown at the bottom)

Does anyone know if United Airlines had any real jeeps that looked anything like these in terms of coloring/branding?


Here is a Japanese tin friction toy United Airlines Jeep


This is a Cragston Friction tin jeep with KO trademark

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Old Coloring Book

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Dennis purchased this coloring book at a local swap meet.  I’ve never seen one for sale.  The title is “Things That Go” and was published in 1955.

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Old Sedona Jeep-Trip Business Card

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a neat old Sedona, Arizona, business card for Jeep Trips.

PHONE 7184 OR 3622

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Andy Gard Gee-I-Jeep Remote Control Toy **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“Andy Gard Toys are rare to begin with. Gee-I-Jeep with Box. One of the first remote control cars on the market. Orginial box. The later models had a steering wheel on the controller. I tried a couple of D batteries but could not get it to work. It may be a simple wire fix? The windshield has broken off but is included and maybe able to be glued back on? This is a very rare plastic toy in this condition and the box makes it so collectable.”

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FC-170 Tests a Chute

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Craig spotted this at the Life Magazine Archives.  You can go here to see more archives:

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T.N. Nomura Fire Jeep Toy in Germany

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Here’s a cool jeep toy from Japan.

“60er Jahre Blechspielzeug

1960s Police Patrol Jeep Tin Toy Car with Battery Operated Actions (Bump-and-Go; Driver manipulates steering wheel; Light on hood is on while Jeep runs; As Jeep stops, buzzer sounds and policeman picks up reveiver).

Polizei Jeep mit batteriebetriebenen Aktionen. & Original Box

T.N Nomura
Made in Japan

Größe/ measurements: 28 cm long/ lang ;”

View all the information on eBay

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Willys 2-sided “Courtesy Service” Sign on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE:  Starting Bid Price dropped to $750.

“If you’re into collectable automotive signs, then you know just how difficult it is to find anything for Willys.

This item is an original two-sided Swinger sign from the Willys / Jeep Company. Just the simple wording brings you to an earlier time when buying a car was an exciting time for most folks. What makes this sign so special is the die-cut design and further complimented with the vivid red and yellow colors that Willys was know for. This sign is two-sided with side one in super condition. This sign would be a great contribution to anyone’s sign collection. The sign measures 27′ x 25″ . If you even think you would like to own a Willys / Jeep sign then don’t miss this rear opportunity to own this piece of history.

The images speak for themselves with regard to the quality of this item. I have included some close-up and sun shot images to show the details of the sign. This sign has vibrant colors and would make a great collection piece for any collector.  This price includes Ebay / Paypal fees on item and shipping – Shipping cost include special packing and insurance.”

View all the information on eBay

Here is side one of the sign:

Here is side two of the sign:


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Postcard of Jeep Tourists in Fantastic Caverns

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I’ll have to see if more pics of these trains exist.

“For The Collector We Feature This Unused Standard Size Vintage Chrome Postcard Showing Jeep Drawn Vehicle, Fantasic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri. Back of card reads: FANTASTIC CAVERNS, the only cave that is large enough and level enough to drive through. You can see this cavern from the comfortable seats in a jeep drawn vehicle. Old postcard does have some corner/edge wear.”

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Can of Willys Anti-Freeze

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Here’s a rare can of Antifreeze for auction on eBay

“WOW! WOW! WOW! Up for bids is a super rare WILLY’S MOTORS ANTI-FREEZE Can. This beauty is a 1 quart can and has had the lid removed. This would be a great addition to any oil or Jeep collection! Feel free to email me with any questions!”

View all the information on eBay

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Sebastian and Falls Leaves

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Sebastian took a drive among the fall leaves and shared this beautiful pic!  Winter is on its way. Brrrrr

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Connie and Kids in Australia by Constance Helmericks

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Published in 1971, this is supposed to involve a jeep.  I will purchase and let you know.

“This is one of the last books in a series that started with “Connie and Bud” discovering Alaska in the late 40’s. True pioneers and adventurous in nature, after years of Artic living they both went their separate ways. Bud deciding on becoming a Bush Pilot, hunting guide, explorer, and expert on the Alaska outback. Connie, with her two teenage daughters, continued on in life’s many adventures by heading to Australia for an extended “walk about.

With her usual in depth observations about life, she visits all that Australia has to offer. From the small outback villages to the “Big” cities. Her observations on the aborigines has proven, by history, to be quite concise and accurate. Her observations on the lifestyles of the Aussies is most interesting when compared with observations of todays visitor.

A book worth reading more so if one is contemplating a visit or has been on one and wishes to compare.
Mrs. Helmericks has lived a lifetime in adventure. Anyone reading this book will find the earlier ones most interesting and will simply wonder: “How did they do that?””

Another review from Kirkus Reviews.

View more information from eBay.  This book ships from Australia.



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Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers History

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Here is the story of George Adler and the launching of Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers in 1961. Starting at the kitchen table making catalogs, the company grew into an off-road parts empire.


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The Four Wheel Steer Bantam in Pop Mechanics

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I spotted this brief note about the four-wheel-steer Bantam BRC-40 on page 167 of the May 1946 issue of Popular Mechanics.  Why it appeared five years after it was built seems a little strange.  I can’t imagine the army keeping this model top secret for any reason.  Maybe they needed some filler for the issue?

Here is a link to the Google page that shows the whole article