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1963 Slide of Hawaii Gala DJ-3A on eBay

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This Hawaiian rental DJ-3A Gala looks great shape.

View all the information on eBay

“You are looking at an original Kodachrome slide featuring a young woman posing for a picture with a pink Willys Jeep tour vehicle while on a trip to Hawaii in 1963.”


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November 1953 Willys Motors Ad on eBay

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This understated 1953 post-Kaiser-purchase ad was published in the November issue of The American City Magazine.

View all the information on ebay



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Early 1960s Anglo-African Trans-World Safari

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The March 1963 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine included an article by Brian L. Pinn about the Anglo-African Trans-World Safari, the pics and text of which can be found at The FC Connection.

It turns out there’s a bit more information out there, though not as much as I’d hoped to find, especially given that the group of travelers that made up the trip had access to cameras and film and also given that in January 1963 American Television script-writer John Hicken was supposed to join the group to film the around-the-world adventure.

Without that storehouse of info, or a book, or a movie, we only have the following scraps to better understand the adventure.

South African Derek Linton came up with the idea to travel the world in 1958. At some point, in order to gather equipment, Derek travelled to the United States in 1959. He was photographed at a Ham Radio station in Burlington, Kentucky, a visit later reported in the January issue of Short Wave Magazine:

This map shows the proposed route:


On September 19, 1961, a photo of Derek Linton and Gerald Cubitt (unsure who he is) was taken by Henry Bush. It’s part of the Henry Bush collection at Shutter Stock:

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Henry Bush/ANL/Shutterstock (5693954a) Anglo-african 1st Expedition Adventurers Derek Linton (left) And Gerald Cubitt. Box 634 413101543 A.jpg. Anglo-african 1st Expedition Adventurers Derek Linton (left) And Gerald Cubitt. Box 634 413101543 A.jpg.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Henry Bush/ANL/Shutterstock (5693954a)
Anglo-african 1st Expedition Adventurers Derek Linton (left) And Gerald Cubitt. Box 634 413101543 A.jpg.

In the July 27, 1962, issue of the Warren County Observer, a syndicated article appeared by John P. Callahan that shared the news of how the idea for the trip originated and the progress the travelers had made:


Finally, on January 05, 1963, the Evening Standard (London, England) reported that John Hicken was going to join the crew:


In March 1963, the Four Wheeler article appeared.

There is also a mention in a 1963 issue of Business Week about the travelers, but I’ve been unable to determine which issue.

After that, I have been unable to learn more about the journey.



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Jeep Sign Prices

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Ann and I have been taking about transforming the two rooms in the shop (one which would have been my office and the other the wood shop) into a large single room that would contain all my jeep stuff, plus an area for a pool table. Essentially, it would be more of an entertaining space where I could host visitors who might drop by for a visit.

With that in mind, I was looking around at some potential jeep-related signage, a couple things that would be focal pieces. I know prices are hefty on signage, but I wasn’t prepared for the price I found on this 94 1/2″ by 46 1/2″ late 1950s sign. It sold in February of 2020 for $20,000 (before shipping and buyers fees)!!



I guess it’s posters and banners for me! lol.

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A Creative Hardtop Made During WWII

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David M. Barlow posted this photo of a jeep top his father made while serving in the Pacific on the island of Peleliu during WWII. Now we know where George Barris got the idea for the Model “T” Buggy top, lol.

George Barris’ Model “T” Buggy:


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1948 Truck Zimmerman, MN $3300

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This could be a good find.


1948-truck-zimmerman-mn2 1948-truck-zimmerman-mn3 1948-truck-zimmerman-mn4

“1948 Willys pickup with an f-head 4 cylinder engine. Not a Jeep, but Willys is not an option. I have too many vehicles and need to clear some things out. I bought the truck last winter and have only driven it around the yard. It’s cooling truck in pretty good shape for its year. It was originally a flatbed model. I have the factory flatbed but it needs new wood and some metal work. The current bed is pretty good though. The truck is not mint/concourse condition. I bought some new mud tires, wiring harness, and all new glass for it but they are not installed. I also have an alternator, 12v coil, and 6v converter so it can be run on 12v if you want.”

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Creeper’s Jeep by Hardie Gramatky on eBay

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UPDATE: I found this article that highlights the inspiration behind the book Creeper’s Jeep. It was published in the Bridgeport Post on August 22, 1948:


The book is still available on eBay, but they aren’t cheap: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=%22creeper%27s+jeep%22&_sacat=0


Originally published May 18, 2016: This book was listed on eBay.

“This listing is for a vintage book entitled “Creeper’s Jeep” by Hardie Gramatky. It is a cute story about a guy who owns this jeep that wants to share it with his family. They do not take to the idea at first but after a few incidents decide to give it a try. Great illustrations: see pictures. Former library copy with some of the usual markings.”

creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky1 creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky2 creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky3

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Newest Toy: Sahara Recherches Petroliferes

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UPDATE: After Joe’s comment I examined what I believe was the dash. It was then I noticed that inside the “engine bay” was printed “Hotul”. Here’s the best pic I could get of that. My assumption is that at least part of this jeep was made from recycled material.


This well-loved toy jeep popped up on eBay. The lettering refers to a French/African oil refining company? I thought it was unique enough that I put a low bid in and one it. Anyone know more about this toy? It’s about 4″ long, so it’s not a large toy.

sahara-jeep-1 sahara-jeep-2 sahara-jeep-3 sahara-jeep-4

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Dave’s Unknown Seats … FJ-40 Seats

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UPDATE: Thanks to folks smarter than me, I believe these are FJ-40 seats, though the hand rails may have been added.

The guy who sold them to Dave claimed they came from off the wheel house of an M-38A1 (also known as the wheel well), but when Dave tried them on his M-38A1, they didn’t fit.



Here’s how well the fit (or didn’t fit) on the M-38A1:



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The Meyer’s 1949 Jeep Trip From Panama

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In 1949, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meyer drove in a CJ-2A from the Panama Canal to Decatur, Illinois. The article below provide the only records I could find related to their trip. This first article summarizes the adventure and shows a great photo of “DOPEY”. It was published in the Decatur Review, June 16, 1949:


This second article is a pictorial of the trip that was published June 18, 1949, in Bloomington, Illinois’ “The Pantagraph”:


This is a different summary of the trip, but contains no photos. It was published in the Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, Louisiana) on May 13, 1949:


This last article was published June 17, 1949, in the Herald and Review out of Decatur, Illinois:

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Article on the British “X Troop”

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Mark spotted this interesting article on a secret group of fighters, all with Jewish backgrounds, that undertook some bold missions. The article included a photo of a jeep that has a roll-bar-like contraption, though maybe it was used to carry stretchers or supplies?



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Jeep in the 1963 Episode “I’ll Be Judge — I’ll Be Jury”

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Blaine share this brief look at the February 13th, 1963, episode of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, where in the first 30 seconds of the show, a jeep almost runs over one of the main characters. The jeep has an odd windshield; it looks a little wider than normal.

Here’s the full episode: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7anysc

This clip was taken at the 1:58 mark.



The jeep briefly, and only partially, appears again at the 31:46 mark.

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Tom and Jerry Comic Car Sells for $290

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This Tom and Jerry Comic Car sold recently for $290! It included the original box. It looks in pristine shape. Thanks to Blaine for spotting it.



tom-and-jerry-comic-car8 tom-and-jerry-comic-car3

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Just A Few Updates Tuesday

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Just a few updates today. Regular updates resume Tuesday morning.

This poor CJ-3A …

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1969 Article on the Jeep Camper

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This October 21, 1969, article from the Daily News-Post (Monrovia, California) included some great photos. It’s quite a spread! The review of the unit was very positive, almost a little too positive.



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Jeep Camper Ads

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Since we are on the topic, here are a few different jeep-camper ads from 1969/1970.

The ad below was published in the May 21, 1969, issue of the Courier Journal out of Louisville, Kentucky. This ad included Jeep’s 2-Car Cars ad campaign:



This third-of-a-page ad appeared in the August 7, 1969, issue of the Napa Valley Register out of California:


This much smaller ad appeared in multiple newspapers across the country. This screen shot is from the August 13, 1969, issue of the The Times Recorder out of Zanesville, Ohio:

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Circa mid-1940s Photos of Jeep Dealership **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on Ebay.

Given the lack of other models and the early signage, these early jeep dealership photos were likely taken between 1945 and 1947. At first I thought the dealer has signs in the window, but I think the “signage” is actually window paint images (note the different fonts used for ‘JEEP’ in the window images). There is a nice early OFFICIAL 1946 “J” signage on the front of the building.

“I believe upsate new york, love the mobil oil gargoyle sign as well.”



5-jeep-dealership-images2 5-jeep-dealership-images1 5-jeep-dealership-images3

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Willys Jeep Wood Bar Canton, GA $2450

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The wood grille looks well done.


“Custom oak and walnut bar with replica of 1953 Willys truck front end. Back cabinet includes black granite counter top. Comes in four pieces and needs some assembly. Can be modified to replicate a different car or truck front end, or none. Wired with GFCI outlet for lights, fridge or microwave. Needs to get out of my shop to make room for my next project. Make me an offer.”

willys-jeep-bar-canton-ga2 willys-jeep-bar-canton-ga3 willys-jeep-bar-canton-ga4

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1946 Willys-Overland Semi-Annual Report

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It’s been a crazy couple months. Somewhere along the line I obtained copies of the March 1946 Semi-Annual Willys-Overland Report. I think this came from Barry’s Farmjeep site, but I couldn’t find it yesterday.

This report demonstrates that Willys-Overland was trying to lay the groundwork for two basic product lines: A Utility Line of vehicles and a Passenger Line of vehicles. The company also claimed that the passenger line vehicles would be introduced in 1947.

1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-01 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-02 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-03 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-04 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-05 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-06 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-07 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-08 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-09 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-10 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-11 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-12 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-13 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-14 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-15 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-16 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-17 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-18 1946-03-willys-overland-semi-annual-report-19

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1944 “Invasion Cuts” Video

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This video has clips showing captured equipment, surrenders, demolitions, and more. At the end there’s a look at several first aid jeeps bearing four stretchers at a time.

“A look at captured vehicles and weapons. Dark interior shots of German officers. M/S German soldiers and officers outside. M/S tents. M/S bombed street in town, American soldier looks at wrecked tank. Various shots as soldiers and civilians walk along street and talk to each other. M/S soldiers looking at dead body. C/U dead German soldier on ground.

Various shots of parents looking at their new baby in hospital. M/S Germans and Americans. M/S mother and baby in hospital. Germans come out from building with white flag of surrender and hand over their weapons. More soldiers come out with their hands up. Various shots of Americans with German prisoners, they search their uniforms and disarm them. M/S as American soldiers run up road. C/U sign ‘Cherbourg’. C/U’s soldiers firing. Various shots of wounded soldiers. Various shots as Americans march columns of German prisoners up road, including women. Various shots as the German soldiers are disarmed. M/S field hospital. M/S of jeep with injured on stretchers on front and back it drives along. Various shots as injured are carried onto landing craft. The camera pans across them. M/S as one man is handed a cup and takes a drink. C/U of him. C/U men looking at nazi armband. Various shots troops boarding landing craft. “

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Warren Harber Photo Under N.A.A.F.I-E.F.I Sign

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This is a neat photo of Warren Harber taken under a National Army and Air Force – Expeditionary Forces Institute sign in France: https://cdm17228.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/wwii/id/25

Warren only recently passed away in 2019 at the age of 96. There’s an excerpt about Warren at the Standard Democrat. There’s supposed to be a longer story on the paper’s e-edition, but I couldn’t find it: https://standard-democrat.com/story/2116511.html

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Highways Across the Horizon by Dorothy Rogers

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UPDATE: This ad published in the Los Angeles Times, June 15, 1962, by the Alaskan Camper Factory, welcomed Dorothy and Louise back into the United States after their trip around the world in an FC-170 (with an Alaskan camper, of course).



Originally Published October 06, 2012: Highways Across the Horizon was written by Dorothy Rogers, who previous wrote Jeopardy in the Jeep.  I received a copy of it in the mail last week.  I knew the book was about traveling through Asia, but there were two things I didn’t know.  The first think I learned was that she and her travel partner Louise, traveled all the way around the world, starting and ending in New York.  The second surprise was their vehicle of choice:  a FC-170 with a camper.   Craig confirmed today that Dorothy and Louise piloted only the third known FC to make it around the world.  I can’t wait to read about their adventure.

Here are FC related pics:

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1962 Article on a CJ-5 Build

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This May 1962 article in Four Wheeler magazine highlighted a few things. First, it’s a really clean build. I wish the pics were in color, as it’s deserving of some great photos.

Second, if I understand correctly, the rear bumper is actually a gas tank. I’m not sure I like that plan so much.

Third, given this jeep is near Colorado Springs, it probably has the Thor Electro-matic hubs, which allow a push button engaging of the front hubs. And, because they are short hubs, the front wheel covers can be placed over them.

Fourth, this has an early vacuum brake assist. Herm carries a newer version of this.

Fifth, the White top on this jeep is beautifully styled in my opinion.


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Altoy Jeepster Ione, CA eBay

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Thanks to Roger Martin for spotting this altoy on eBay.

View all the information on ebay

altoy-jeepster-1900-dollars-0 altoy-jeepster-1900-dollars-1 altoy-jeepster-1900-dollars-2 altoy-jeepster-1900-dollars-3 altoy-jeepster-1900-dollars-4

“Luzon Red 1948 VJ Jeepster. Willy’s dealerships would have these on display in the showrooms. Because the level of detail is so perfect, only 150 are known to have been made.

They were made by a company called Al-Toy in the ’40s, right after WWII. The Jeepster Touring Car is considered the last American touring car, and so it has a following all on its own as a collectible.

This particular toy in this condition is hard to come by. Most have broken or missing parts (front bumper, steering wheel, vent window frames, missing hubcaps). This toy is in great shape with no broken or missing pieces. Hand painted Jeepster decals on the fenders and the painted dash gauges.The hand painted white wall tires finish out the incredible detail that went into this toy.

Jeep measures about 15” long 5” wide and 5 ½” high at the windshield. It weighs a whopping 6 lbs. All four rubber tires move freely.

Also included are 3 dealership service pins (10, 15, and 20 years of service). Ships to the lower 48 states only.”

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1960s Harris Manufacturing Top and Doors

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UPDATE: The October 1962 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine included an ad for the Harris top and doors, along with an article.

1962-10-fourwheelermag-dura-harris-article-lores 1962-10-fourwheelermag-dura-harris-ad


Originally Posted October 07, 2017: Here’s a rare Harris Dura-Door one-page brochure on eBay. This fiberglass half door produced out of Bakersfield, California, for CJ-5s was also advertised in Four Wheel Magazine (see ad at bottom).

1960s-harris-dura-door-brochure1 1960s-harris-dura-door-brochure2

This ad appeared in several Four Wheeler issues, including the June 1966 issue. I’d have to guess that by 1966, Harris had dropped its soft top product and focused on the dura-doors for jeeps.